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RSB is back, the jet lag is fading and he needs to catch up with all of your questions! Shall we start with homeopathy? Why not? You’ve got dosage questions as they relate to children. Stand by as RSB parses the FDA regulations on label dosing instructions versus the practical, clinical realities of using homeopathic remedies for children. What about those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)? This is something rarely discussed in any media forum, but it will be revealed today!

RSB & Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown, from Consumers for Dental Choice, is back from his global tour promoting the ban of dental mercury around the world. What is the latest to come out of the international treaty negotiations on mercury use in industry and environment? RSB will ask Charlie to detail the triumphs, compromises and failings of the movement to remove the 2nd most toxic substance from the mouths of the innocent on planet earth. Is there a road map to phase out, phase down, or status quo? The draft treaty is out so now is the time to assess the progress and learn what need to be done next! Did you know that the 8th largest country in the world did vote to phase out dental mercury? What about thimerosal in vaccinations? Did Big Pharma really win an exemption for medically injectable forms of mercury? Where did the mercury-vaccine community go wrong in their efforts? This promises to be a candid discussion with one of the heroes of the movement to undo a terrible mistake first made by dentists nearly 200 years ago! Read about the environmental threat of dental mercury and tell your loved ones! We’ve still got some work to do, but thanks to Consumers for Dental Choice and many others, the path to mercury-free dentistry has just gotten clearer!

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams (NaturalNews) returns to discuss his latest infographic about the real dangers facing every American. This danger never gets reported in proper context by the mainstream media. Instead, talking heads with global conflicts of corporate interest will attempt to convince you that there is no greater danger than guns. Today, we put that into context. Mike writes:

Everyone agrees the Sandy Hook shooting was a tragedy. Lots of people subsequently exploited the deaths of those children to push a political agenda of disarming Americans by claiming “guns kill people.”

But compared to what? Swimming pools kill people. Horseback riding kills people. And yes, even childbirth kills people. (Does that mean we should criminalize getting pregnant?)

To make any sense of death statistics, we have to ask, “Compared to what?” Because if we compare deaths by firearms to other causes of death, the picture is very, very different from the doomsday fear mongering scenarios CNN and other gun control pushers have whipped up into a nationwide frenzy. In fact, as the [left] infographic shows, doctors kill 2,450% more Americans than all gun-related deaths combined.

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Come see RSB, Liam Scheff and many others at The Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, California March 1-3, 2013!

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