Mr. Oxygen Ed McCabe, stroke prevention, polluted kids diabetes, vaccine dangers, Mother’s Day, Liam Scheff grow food message & more

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Hour 1 Mr. Oxygen Ed McCabe, Stroke Prevention, Polluted Kids Diabetes, Respiratory Relief and More!

It’s time to go beyond respiration to discuss the many healing powers of oxygen! Ed McCabe is the only person in history who has interviewed thousands of oxygen therapy using patients & doctors worldwide. Ed McCabe sold over 250,000 copies of his first book, Oxygen Therapies because of the incredible word-of-mouth testimonials as to the effectiveness of Oxygen/Ozone Therapies. Ed has dedicated his life to this mission, appearing on over 1,500 media and speaking events in 8 countries over 10 years, in order to assist all those ready for healing. He’s on The RSB Show to help overcome the public’s lack of knowledge about the proven safe oxygen/ozone solutions available to everyone. Even better, after 22+ more years of intensive international researching, visiting clinics, lecturing to huge crowds, and interviewing thousands of successful oxy-therapy users, Mr. Oxygen, has compiled it all in book and video format, resulting in the most comprehensive Oxygen Therapy book and DVD in history, The Flood Your Body with Oxygen Series. RSB Show listeners can get the 4-DVD set for free with purchase of one bottle of Oxylift! RSB interviewed Ed on May 7 and also at the Natural Products Association SE Expo last December and you can listen to it by clicking this link: Ed McCabe’s Oxygen and More! Show notes for that appearance are here.

Government stops study on stroke prevention – USA Today – USA TODAY The government has halted a study testing treatments for a condition in the brain that can cause strokes. Early results suggest invasive therapies are riskier than previously thought.

Pollution may increase kids’ risk for diabetes Living in a highly polluted area could increase a child’s risk for developing insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

France confirms 2nd case of SARS-related virus The French Health Ministry says a second case of a deadly new respiratory virus related to SARS has been confirmed.

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Vaccine dangers

Hour 2 Vaccine Dangers, Mother’s Day Super Mom, Liam Scheff Grow Food Not Lawns & more!

ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated – Every Last One of Them “The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination” – Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital…

Study Finds an Increase in Arsenic Levels in Chicken Though the amount was below danger levels, researchers warned of a small increased risk of cancers in humans.

Opinion: Why the Fuss Over the D.S.M.-5? The new handbook of diagnoses won’t matter much to practicing psychiatrists.

FDA warns pregnant women of risk from migraine drug Federal health regulators are warning doctors and women of child-bearing age that a half-dozen medications used to treat migraine headaches can decrease children’s intelligence if taken while their mothers are pregnant.

Study Sees Link Between Mom’s Flu, Bipolar Risk for Children But the risk is small and the connection hasn’t been proven, researchers say

Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

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