NC Dietetics Board Backpedaling, Unlicensed Persons, Michael Badnarik Dismantles Government Licensure, Top 10 GMO’s, Busting Beer Bellies, Amethios S.S.R.Lies, Unruly Psychiatrists, Pesticide Brains, Darren Craddock, Detoxification and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 2, 2012

For what do you need a license? Are you engaged in privileged activity by virtue of your birth and breathing government air? The dietetic licensure controversy is not just confined to North Carolina – the entire medical profession is stained with the Twinkies and diet sodas coming from dunderheads funded by multinational chemical food manufacturers. Dietitians are merely the symptom. If you do not wish to be a victim of government-approved non-edibles, it might be time to abandon all licenses. RSB will explain the inexplicable for those who desire to take the red pill (no artificial colorings in this one, though). What else shall we discuss today?

  • What are the Top 10 GMO foods to avoid?
  • Decommissioning state dietetics boards
  • More on the difference between rights and privileges
  • Smart(?) beer, beer bellies and non-alcoholic “beer”
  • SSRI Lies? The new rap song from Amethios debuts!
  • Do unruly kids have a mental disorder? Or could it be the pychiatrists?
  • Pesticide impact on baby brains
  • All kinds of things unapproved by government…

Constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik, 2004 Libertarian presidential candidate and author of “Good To Be King,” returns to discuss the dangerous concept of licensure! Do you still trust state and federal bureaucracies to tell you what is good for you? Although it is “sold” as way to protect the public from dangerous people without licenses, it’s really just a monopoly protection racket concerned about the health of a trade group, not the people. Michael explains how taking responsibility away from government is the healthiest thing any of us can do. You can download Chapter 2 on Rights vs. Privileges for free (link follows). and

Darren Craddock, from EnerFood, returns to discuss the importance of going organic and growing your own food! Did you know that there is scientific evidence linking pesticide exposure to brain abnormalities in children? What you eat matters.” Darren will also discuss with RSB the Top 10 GMO foods to avoid. You may be surprised by some of the “foods” on the list. Maybe we could bind some of the bad guys out with Spirulina and Chlorella? We’ll talk detoxification and superfoods for preparedness as well! If you have additional questions, call 1-866-762-9238. and

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Other stories we might cover on The RSB Show today:

What are the Top 10 genetically modified foods to avoid?

Pesticide exposure during pregnancy is linked to brain changes. Need any more reasons to go organic?

Is your kid unruly? He may have a mental disorder. At least that’s what the psychiatric drug companies want you to think…

Can the Health Ranger Rock? Amethios raps on S.S.R.Lies… Hear the song here:

Setting the record straight? The North Carolina Board of Dietetics is on the run…

Decommission dietetic licensing boards? Good news for health and nutrition freedom out of Michigan…

Does being a parent make you eat healthier? Since this study comes through dietitians, those who wrote it probably eat Twinkies…

Does beer really make men smarter? Do you know of an organic, non-alcoholic beer? If so, call 1-866-939-BELL (2355) and you might earn a free RSB Show T-shirt! Seriously.

What must you do to lose your beer belly? Could it be today’s Moment of Duh…

The FDA speaks with forked tongue.

The Ron Paul r3VOLution is growing and collecting delegates galore!

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