NIH cancer kids, Harry Reid foot in mouth disease, U.S. collapse, raw food cures, Chipotle upsets Big Agra, probiotics, FDA poo, retro-RSB & more!

Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now. October 3, 2013 on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EDT: How does the unaffordable Affordable Care Act and the Federal slim-down portend the collapse of the U.S. government? Is there a homeopathic remedy for an ailment this bad? Maybe not, but we’ve got some for gum disease and heart issues. Call 1-866-939-2355 with your questions or comments!  What else is on tap today? Politicians concerned about kids with cancer – or are they? NIH experimental cancer drug studies on children – are they a negative casualty of the government shutdown? Can raw food cure cancer? What are vanilla beaver butts? Why is Big Agra upset with a Chipotle stop-motion animation short? What is it about probiotics that the patent-medicine companies not want you to know? We’ll also go retro-RSB Show in hour two! What does that sound like? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Unconfirmed reports claim that non-compliance with Obamacare participatory mandates could result in seizing your assets. Is your bank account secure from such governmental forfeiture? Ask the people of Cyprus and those who held accounts there denominated in paper backed by nothing very tangible.

Will defunding the NIH really result in a disaster for kids diagnosed with cancer? Those who do still believe that the 40 year old War on Cancer is really trying to find a cure. Enough with this chemotoxic gene-manipulating allopathic nonsense. It matters not their party affiliation, as they are all equally clueless as to the cause, much less the many cures that already exist for cancer! Whether scary Harry Reid said that he did or did not care about one kid with cancer, his ignorant actions in support of the pharmaceutical industrial complex with Obamacare make him unworthy to govern, except those who wish to remain medical slaves.

The agriculture industry fears that Chipotle, more than just influencing consumer behavior, could ultimately help drive policy either by bolstering the grass-roots good-food movement or by having the ear of members of Congress.” The irony here is that big agribusiness is complaining about a stop motion animation short that predicts a future based on the unbridled growth of current CAFO agricultural practices. Chipotle is not lobbying Congress or the president. They do not have a PAC supporting hippie farmers. They hardly even advertise.

Obamacare architect leaves White House for pharmaceutical industry job Few people embody the corporatist revolving door greasing Washington as purely as Elizabeth Fowler

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