No Shots, No School, NOT TRUE, Consent of the Governed, Farmer’s Markets, DNA Patents, SSRI’s and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 9, 2011

No Shots, No School, Not True!

Have you seen the billboard campaign to raise awareness of the fact that vaccines are not a true prerequisite to attend school? Marcella Piper-Terry drops by to share her story of how she came to warn parents about the danger of back-to-school vaccinations and more!!/media/set/?set=a.2266780476839.135806.1468367643 and

What percentage of the American public believes that the U.S. government is operating with the consent of the governed? The percentage is so shockingly low that I wonder if the government is aware of how tenuous its grip on power actually is…

U.S. Farmer’s Markets are on the rise! Is this what has the FDA worried? You are eating more local fresh food and must be stopped!

Should drug companies be allowed to patent DNA? Apparently, Judge Alan Lourie thinks so. RSB may have to give him a piece of his mind, as long as it cannot be patented…

Patients on chemotherapy are often given expensive adjunctive drugs to combat the side effects of the treatment. The problem is – these drugs have side effects that may be worse than the side effects hat they are purported to treat.

Can you believe that exercise is actually good for cancer survivors? This could almost be a Moment of Duh.

Doctor's Prescription for Healthy Living

Where can you read the Dr.’s Prescription for Healthy Living?

Do you remember back to grade school when Wednesday might mean mystery meat in the cafeteria? Well, now, make way for mystery vegetable paste…

Do you need to see a psychiatrist to be put on SSRI anti-depressant drugs?  Apparently not.

Do we really need to recruit for a study about dietary intervention in prostate cancer patients?

Can monkeys really help you sleep better?

Here’s the email message of the day:

Hi Robert – I’ve been listening to your show for a few months now.  I’m a photographer, so I listen to replays via Natural News when I’m processing orders at night.  I’m only through mid-May, so I don’t get to listen live, but am learning so much and so thankful for your show!

One thing that’s been on my mind as I’ve listened is “Where do I go when I need “doctor” care?”.  I have four kids ages 6 and under, and we have been seeing our homeopath for most things, but she obviously doesn’t test for strep (which has been through our house multiple times) or look in ears for ear infections (another recurrence) – just a couple of small examples.  I have a 2.5 year old daughter who has been complaining of stomach pain for months – which I initially thought was because her older sisters were getting remedies from our homeopath (and the kids think it is sooooo special to get to take a remedy!) but am now wondering if we have gluten sensitivities or potentially something else more serious going on (she also has had very loose, sandy, foul stools for months).  So, long story short – as I’ve continued to learn more about health and natural health, I feel like I need someone in my network that is a “doctor” but it’s very obvious that our pediatrician is not a match for our family for all the reasons you talk about.  And, now I’ve also got the fear that if my daughter has something seriously wrong, heaven forbid, that I’m going to get in some war with the state of MN as we would not be a family that would do any chemo, etc. and I’ve heard about kids getting taken away by the state.  So, where does someone like me go?  I hear Dr. King talking about manipulating the odi and gall bladder all of these things – as a complete layperson, even though the descriptions are detailed on your show, I’m overwhelmed on checking this on myself much less my family!  I want to make sure we are doing preventative care, but confused as to the “person” we would see if our homeopath doesn’t actually do “hands on” things and a family practitioner or pediatrician is completely oblivious to any natural health questions I ask.  Would be so appreciative if you could give some pointers to those of us who are newer in our health journey.  I actually thought I was mildly knowledgeable as we’ve been an organic eating, toxin avoiding, non-microwaving, raw-milk drinking, gmo-avoiding, fluoride-avoiding, non-vaccinating, homeopath-visiting family for a few years – but I see how this is really baby steps in the bigger picture.  It weighs on my heart when I think about all of the families that have no idea that there are other sources of information on health but think they are doing everything right for their family because they’re following pediatrician advice – the hearts of these parents are truly in the right place, and they are harming their kids with food and toxins and microwaves without even knowing it.  I know you’ve been immersed in this world for years, but to someone newer like me, the things I learn almost sound like they can’t even be true (e.g., FDA as a big huge example).  And, I spend hours listening to your show / reading Natural News / etc. every week – and it’s still very overwhelming.

If you have any thoughts, or could even talk on your show about who families should have in their network (e.g., homeopath, naturopath, etc.) it would be very helpful.  I feel like this is a missing piece for our family, as I don’t have the aptitude to become our stand-in dr!!!


Jen from MN

RSB answers this on-the-air…including homeopathic Nux vomica, Baptisia, Arsenicum and probiotics…

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