Obamacare IRS problem, grow food not lawns, Liam Scheff, Joni Abbott, antibiotic back pain, Obama’s AP, fecal donor, mercury Autism & more!

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Get ready to trust the IRS with your medical records, because they will be managing them come 2014. You can trust them. They would never use them against you for political purposes. “Give us an extra grand or we’ll go public about your erectile dysfunction!” Ever had to speak to a licensed professional about those lingering emotional traumas from long ago? “Turn in the neighbor doing lawns for cash or we’ll reveal your of childhood sexual abuse.” Obamacare was bad enough, but now that you realize who (or what) will be managing it, not only will it destroy your faith in the medical system; it will take all licensed health care providers down with it. Why? Because they are required to make records available to governmental authorities (who we can trust). See the picture? If you are awake, you do not want bureaucrats anywhere near your personal information. They have a penchant for removing your rights based on any information they can (and will) use against you. What else is on tap today?

  • Hospitals are losing 500 million in Federal funds because of Obamacare – RSB will explain why and what this means…
  • More about the IRS targeting your health records for illicit purposes…
  • Why is Obama’s Justice Department tapping the phones of AP reporters?
  • Autism as mercury poisoning – what the homeopaths knew 200 years ago that stupid doctors still don’t…
  • Fecal transplants or probiotics – what you need to know!
  • The U.N. wants us to eat what? What will the vegetarian communists say?
  • More options for back pain that do not include antibiotics. Really!
  • Plus, I refuse to talk about the stupidity of Angelina Jolie (at least for today).

Also, Liam is a doomer! We’re talking doom and gloom and the end of an economic era – and Liam Scheff is down in the dumps! We’ll help cheer him up a little as we talk about…food! You’ve got to be growing food, is the message, and if you’re not, you’re eating Monsanto snot! Joni Abbott of Home Grown Health jumps in to spice up the proceedings as we talk about civilizations that have come and gone. What’s the future of our economy? What are questions you have to be asking yourself about food, water and future sustainability?

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Saturday, May 25, 2013, Marches are already planned in hundreds of cities across the planet. Click here to find the march nearest you. Or, if you wish, start your own March Against Monsanto in your local town. Click here to get started. The official page of this event is:

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What else is in the news?

Hospitals stand to lose $500 million in Federal funds…

Gov’t obtains wide AP phone records in probe The Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press in what the news cooperative’s top executive called a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into how news organizations gather the news.

“Every television newscast is a staged event” by Jon Rappoport

Let them eat bugs! So says the United Nations…

Who is the universal fecal donor? Like we really wanted to know…

Here’s a new back pain remedy that creates super bugs in your body!

I don’t want to talk about the stupidity of Angelina Jolie…

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