Omega 3 Fats for Troops, Coast Guard Corey Thrives, John Dennis Liberty Candidate Takes on NDAA’s Nancy Pelosi, Withdrawal of Consent, Komen Cure Outrageous Pre-emptive War on Mammaries, Jon Rappoport Dismantles Flu Shot Schmutz, Hide Fido, Food Porn and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show October 9, 2012

RSB with Coast Guard Corey

How many suicides must occur before we change our foreign policy? Perhaps we can send establishment Democrats and Republicans off to foreign, undeclared war zones? See how fast the troops would come home then! There may be a bit of news on the Essential Fat front, however, as the Army looks to nutrition instead of drugs to reduce Armed Forces soldier self-termination. We’ve got news on that. Also, Coast Guard Corey is back to help us all thrive! Do you have someone mentoring you? Are you mentoring someone in need? What else is in the news? Komen Race for Ionizing Radiation? Preventive pre-emptive body part removal? Food porn? Unreal, but we must cover it… Check out The RSB Show Pinterest page as well

John Dennis returns for some political healing as he runs against Nancy Pelosi in California’s 12th District. How easy it should be if the old media would actually cover Pelosi’s ineffective economic stimulus programs that have added over one trillion dollars to America’s growing debt and have done little to lower high unemployment in San Francisco and around the country. John opposes the aimless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have resulted in thousands of casualties and a total cost of over one trillion dollars. He proposes reductions including foreign military spending, especially by ending the wars and returning the troops to the U.S. He advocates protecting personal liberties and privacy as it applies to orientation, drug consumption, and domestic intelligence surveillance. John Dennis has garnered support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents, has been endorsed by former Vice Presidential candidate Matt Gonzalez and activist groups like the Log Cabin Republicans. RSB is glad to endorse him as well. Check out his latest hilarious YouTube video Night of the Living Pelosi:

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Is the flu shot really over and done for? Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport joins RSB to go deeper on the Cochrane Collaboration that seemingly ends the flu shot. Or, will we fall prey to more vaccine propaganda? Will this provide the ammo necessary to stop mandatory shots for hospital staff? No longer will you have to comply. What will pharmaceutical PR firms do now that herd immunity has been discarded as a legitimate theory? The flu shot does not prevent viral transmission, nor does it reduce complications from actually having the flu. Should we feel sorry for it? Nope. Enjoy the transformation of consciousness, but get ready to hide Fido. Jon and RSB will explain… Please join us on our pathway back to freedom. and

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High troop suicide rate? Army looking to Omega 3 essential fats – finally!

Komen Race for the Cure for what? Awareness? Of what? RSB might get a little politically incorrect on this one…

Drive through body part removal service? Is that what Komen is raising money for? Radical preventive mastectomy?

Guess what! The flu shot is a pharmaceutical phantasy! It never worked! The Cochrane Collaboration Study reveled it 2 years ago and it’s just now getting out! Warn grandma!

Food porn?

Is there really a food porn problem? What about pharmaceutical porn?

Mandatory flu shots for hospital staff? Even if it does not do anything that they say it does?

The Flu Shot has failed. Forever. Permanently. Long live the flu shot. What is the Cochrane Collaboration? Jon Rappoport explains…

If the human flu shot is a failure, maybe we can use it on your pets…

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