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Hillary claims that see feels the pain of the Trayvon Martin family, but how does she feel defending Monsanto as a member of the Rose Law firm? What about the 22 kids who died eating government supplied lunch in India? They forgot to mention the government subsidy give to pesticide manufacturers. How many more children must die due to corporatism and the defense of an unconscionable chemical monopoly? Children are no longer allowed to be kids, as they suffer an increasing percentage of chronic, adult diseases. Even adults should not suffer from adult diseases. What percentage of American children regularly visit state licensed pediatricians? 90%? 95%? 99%? It happened under their watch. Listen as RSB calls out kid docs for iatrogenic (doctor caused) disease in children. Vaccines? Antibiotics? Pesticides? You bet. What else might we cover today?

  • Estrogen for stress – in men?
  • Normalizing endocrine function without HRT and even bio-identicals…
  • More reasons why children have diseases of old age…
  • Getting beyond race and time…
  • Fat-free muscle heads…
  • And much more…
Suzy Griswold

Ty and RSB welcome Suzy Griswold, MPH, Conference Coordinator, to The RSB Show! Join us for a weekend of Healing Strong (September 13-15, 2013 Atlanta) messages by world renown speakers, researchers, authors, and cancer survivors who each have a beautiful story of faith, hope and healing. HealingStrong Conference and Retreat is designed to provide vital information and support to those facing cancer or other life threatening diagnoses and are seeking wisdom about holistic and alternative treatment options. We are bringing together our favorite practitioners, authors, nutritionists, and other holistic thrivers for a power packed weekend. In our general sessions, speakers and guest panelists will be sharing foundational principles that support healing. And our small group interactive sessions are designed for you to ask hard questions and learn from others who have successfully implemented these strategies. This event is 100% driven by volunteers, all of whom have been impacted personally by cancer and know the importance of seeking knowledge from credible resources and connecting in person with others who have succeeded. From the kitchen angels who will be working with the retreat center to prepare healthy, delicious meals to the dozens of volunteers who are working behind the scenes to ensure that the weekend runs smoothly, the hope of the HealingStrong team is that each participant will walk away knowing they have been empowered in a manner that was loving and hope-filled.

Questions/Comments of the Day: 1) Hey there, RSB! You’ve encouraged women not to use bioidentical hormones but to find the source of the problem and address it. What about those women who have been taking them (through lotions, mostly)? What do we need to address to get off of them and help our bodies restore itself to a normal state? I have yet to pursue the menopause show (to which my husband lovingly directed me) but this is also an issue in this case. What do you recommend? Already have the kingbio remedy, thank goodness! Thanks and blessings to you all! ~ Cathi

2) Robert, Thanks a million for discussing my Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease question on the air last week. I didn’t mention silver in my question, but we were certainly using it aggressively as always when we are sick. Using the silver and homeopathy we were able to completely rid both boys of nearly all symptoms in just over 24 hours. In case it will help anyone else, I want to note that I believe Rhus Tox and Merc Sol were the two remedies that were most effective in this case.  My sister’s 1-1/2 year old was a different story when she came down with the same illness the following day. She was reluctant to use the homeopathy I gave her and she won’t use silver because she doesn’t understand the difference between Sovereign Silver and other colloidal silvers that you can read negative warnings about on the internet. Her daughter had one of the worst rashes I have ever seen. I guess seeing the healing power with your own eyes isn’t enough for some people. Anyway, thanks for your passionate and relentless efforts to help those of us that want to heal ourselves. You are THE reason I know about homeopathy and I am forever grateful for it because it is the most powerful healing tool I have ever found.  Thanks, Brandon J, Warrior Dad, Baton Rouge


OK, now it’s time for Outside the Box Wednesday with Ty Bollinger!! First up, what is Milk and Cookie Disease? When children are in the hospital, they need Vitamin L, yes, but not mass market pizza. We’ll explain. Are we opening with culinary delights? Sweets, fast food, fizzy drinks do not a happy bowel make, not even in children! What about fat-free muscle heads? Ty says he used to be one. How did he recover? The FBI/NSA social network known as FaceBook does not mind if you set up pages to “kill Zimmerman” but will censor you if you post anything about natural cancer cures such as Vitamin B17 (laetrile). What gives? Have you invested in adult diapers? Maybe you should. What’s a smart diaper? Can it replace stupid parents? Would you accept RFID chips for your kids at school? We have news of parents fighting back against Orwellian tracking and winning. What about hypoglycemic cops? Donuts can be dangerous, except when Ty makes them. But do they cause orthopedic ghetto booty? Will we see you at the next Advanced Medicine Seminar in Charlotte this weekend? What happens if demand for organic food outpaces demand? Will you go hungry? Did you pick a bad time to give up smokin’ and drinkin’? Enjoy a little health freedom and healing liberty, it’s Outside the Box with TMB and RSB! Ty’s websites include www.CancerTruth.net and www.SurvivalHerbs.com. Also, “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley!

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