Preventing birth defects, pesticide, intestinal infections, ulcers, sunscreen, statins, Debunking GMOs, colloidal gold, gut health recovery & more!

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Hour 1 Preventing birth defects, pesticide dangers, intestinal infections, ulcers, sunscreen burns, statins suck & more!

Questions of the Day: 1) Hey Robert! It’s been awhile since I’ve asked a question. This one is for a friend. I was wondering if you could do a segment on ulcers or if you could give some good suggestions on healing or strengthening them and avoiding medicine to deal with the symptoms. ~ Daniel

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Hour 2 Debunking GMO myths, Afghanistan afterthoughts, colloidal gold, gut health recovery & more!

2) I saw this article on yesterday, , and looked into getting some colloidal gold to try out. There are not very many manufacturers of colloidal gold, so I was wondering if you happened to know of a good brand to try out? I currently take Sovereign Silver, it would be nice if they made a Sovereign Gold. A few months or so ago, I used your aloe/silver protocol, and it helped greatly in healing up my flare up of UC. Thank you for your help. ~ Zachary

3) Dr. Bell, I’m in week 2 of the silver/aloe protocol for a host of gut symptoms, including leaky gut and possibly more. I was also told I might have silent reflux as well, which may involve the stomach not completely emptying after meals. I’m wondering if this is the case for me, and therefore wondered if that would affect my taking the silver/aloe on an “empty stomach,” before lunches and dinners? If there is still food in my stomach, am I not allowing the silver to “do it’s thing” properly? Do you have any further suggestions? Thank you! ~ KP

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