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Could the Chicken Pox be bugging you? Herpes zoster varicella likes to hang around long after the chicken pox is done in childhood. The many manifestations include the painful shingles and a number of other persistent mysterious rash manifestations in adulthood. RSB will talk about what you can do if you ever find yourself suffering in this way. I will be talking about this and gastrointestinal health at Abby’s Health and Nutrition 9/6/12 (sneak preview coming up). What else might we do today?

  • Watch out for antibiotics from China! You’ll never guess where they are collecting the oily base!
  • Seven scary food additives that you might want to avoid, plus one!
  • McDonald’s is going vegetarian?
  • Ron Paul’s plans beyond 2012 – what next for the Liberty movement.
  • Why Democrats might be scarier than Republicans, (I said “might”) but you get to decide…

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Francisco Rodriguez, a supplement formulator and co-Founder of Liberty Takeover 2012, is excited to be a part of the RSB Show today! Our friendship was discovered in the Liberty Movement, but our connections of faith and health has allowed us to enjoy a friendship on many levels of life! Francisco commented on a Facebook post regarding comparisons of organic vs. conventional so it was a good time to keep the conversation going!

When looking at organic vs. conventional food comparisons there are many questions that must be asked, but the best thing to do is look at nature. Government certified Organic is completely different than what nature prescribes. Certified Organic has many big corporations shipping from all over the world, but our nutrition and health won’t benefit from food harvested early and artificially ripened. The food will be less nutrient dense because maturity is unnatural and leaves our bodies needing more.

We can transition to local food. Kids can grow it, see it, eat and experience it. The food will be harvested when it is naturally mature allow us to maximize the nutrients created by nature to benefit our health. In Florida, the Florida Food Policy council is working to make some of these ideas a reality Look for a Food Policy Council near you…and join it because they need Liberty-minded people to participate. There are two liberty-minded people on the Florida Food Policy council. The fastest way to make this transition to local food a reality is by spending our food budgets at local food producers so start small and start now!

Just like local food is important local Liberty is also a vital part of our next step in the Liberty movement. National movements are nice, but in order to sustain our Republic we can’t depend on those running for national offices only. Liberty Takeover 2012 was started to help Floridians restore Florida for Liberty at all levels of government ( and click on the Membership). You will learn how to Restore Your Precinct (Neighborhood) as the major step to Restoring the Republic!

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