Ron Paul Debate Highlights, Vaccine Contamination, Nuns on the Pill, Food Storage Raids, Chronic Pain in Kids, CDC Flu Deficiencies and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast for December 11, 2011, 1 PM – 3PM EST

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Hour 1 Ron Paul Debate highlights, vaccine contamination and nuns on the pill…

Ron Paul highlights from last night’s debate:

Everyone ‘to be research patient’, says David Cameron Every NHS patient should be a “research patient” with their medical details “opened up” to private healthcare firms, says David Cameron.

All the Vaccines Are Contaminated – Every Last One of Them ”The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination” – Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital…

Nuns should go on the pill for anti-cancer protection The birth-control pill protects against some forms of cancer, so should nuns be advised to take it, say medics. And papal doctrine will allow it, despite the fact hat birth control pills cause cancer…

Nasty Side Effects Make Breast Cancer Patients Quit Drugs Early More than one third of women taking a certain class of breast cancer drugs are so bothered by side effects that they stop taking the pills before their treatment is complete, according to a new study.

Breast cancer screening saves lives – but it causes harm, too A new review of 100,000 women age 50 and older suggests routine mammograms may be doing more harm than good. Ionizing radiation is not good for you or your mom.

Hour 2 – The Growth of Government like a Cancer on Freedom.

Federal agents raid Mormon food storage facility, demand list of customers storing emergency food As was the plan all along, the so-called “War on Terror” has officially devolved into a war on the American people. Where are Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman on this?

Snooping on people is making you fat Snooping has become the norm in today’s tech-advanced society, but snoops may be at risk of damaging their relationships — and harming their health.

Eating raw cookie dough can really make you sick If you’re one of the many who often sneak bites of cookie batter while forming little mounds of the sticky, sweet stuff for baking, government scientists have a message for you. Stop it now! Government scientists to the rescue!

Chronic Pain In Children And Adolescents Becoming More Common Children who suffer from persistent or recurring chronic pain may miss school, withdraw from social activities, and are at risk of developing internalizing symptoms such as anxiety, in response to their pain. Why are they not looking to the role of vaccination?

Youth football may increase stroke risk Young football players may be at elevated risk for stroke, U.S. researchers suggest. What, no mention of silicon deficiency?

CDC: U.S. influenza activity low Influenza activity is at low levels in the United States early in the flu season, federal health officials say. Is it because we haven’t gotten a flu shot yet?

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