RSB on Forgiveness, Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Prostate Testless, Biden Gun Control, Chicken Pox Shots, MS, Diabetes, Chemtrails & More!

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There are many levels to healing. While I may focus a lot of attention on physiological causes and cures, it is not meant to ignore the emotional causes and cures as well. One of the most misunderstood actions often needed for complete healing is the act of letting go. Scary, it can be. Surrender. No, not in defeat, but in triumph. The act of letting go would be the release of the obstacles that attempt to keep you from your goal. Very often, I am approached by someone who claims to want to be better but, when faced with the choice, is unwilling to do what is necessary to actually get well. Does letting go mean that you are the bad guy get away, in the case of an abuser? This is often the confusion that comes with forgiveness (a critical part of letting go). Is forgiveness for the evil-doer?  Actually no. It’s to free the one who genuinely wants to heal. More on The RSB Show today…

It’s time for Outside the Box Wednesday with Ty Bollinger! Why do men still get PSA tests? Despite mounting evidence that PSA tests are actually worthless as prognosticators for prostate cancer, the billion dollar industry does not want you to know what we will reveal on the air! Don’t turn your head and cough until you hear this! We’ll have more to say about the death of Annette Funicello and MS as well. What are those things up in the sky? Ty has discovered a new kind of cloud formation and given it a name. What will it be? It certainly won’t be Bloombergicus, as we render his perceived right to infringe on New Yorker’s beverage choice null and void. Can a water pistol (i.e, squirt gun) get your real firearms confiscated by the police? There is incredible news about a new level of gun grabbing we simply must cover. Do your kids belong to the government? We have plenty of examples to reveal that unfortunately, support MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry’s assertion. What can you do about it before they grab yours? Get ready for more taboo discussion about vaccines, too. Also, how about a Moment of Duh for the gravitationally-challenged? Diabetes cures, too? Yes. Get ready for Ty and RSB as they go way Outside the Box! Ty’s websites include and Would you like to “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley at is on sale! Special thanks to Better Way Health and their Beta 1,3D Glucan for making this possible! They also have Krill Oil and the Samson single gear auger juicer! Call them at 1-800-746-7640!

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