RSB Show Live from the Health Freedom Expo! Jonathan Emord, Liam Scheff and Loads of Surprises!

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Hour 1

We kick off The Health Freedom Expo with the FDA Dragon Slayer, Jonathan Emord as we discuss Social Security and Medicare. He has two new articles involving detailed proposals on how to salvage and then transition beyond Social Security and Medicare. If the collapse is inevitable, what can we do to help those most dependent? Nothing is held back during the healing revolution! After Social Security: After Medicare: and and Books: and

Mike Richards joins me from Your Voice for Health. If you need to know to what’s going on in the legislative world regarding health freedom, this web site is an awesome clearinghouse!

Investigative journalist Liam Scheff returns to discuss the myths of science and the myth of the contagion, as well as the limits of the so-called open conspiracy media and an encounter with George Noory of Coast to Coast AM. and

Hour 2

Health freedom hero and physician Jonathan Wright joins me to discuss what medicine is really all about: patents.

Nutritional historian and not-a-doc  joins me to promote chromosomal integrity, reverse diabetes with GTF Chromium, cleaning the environment with Orange TKO. Why are Selenium and Iodine so critically important to one another?

Phil Wilson returns from Momentum98 to review far infrared healing light energy.

After the show today, RSB will be presenting one more time at the Health Freedom Expo!

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