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A Los Angeles Times op-ed asks questions about school safety in the era of children getting fewer vaccinations. While I agree that government schools are not safe; it’s not because of declining rates of vaccine compliance. The author, clearly a medical collectivist, even calls for “unvaccinated-free zones” in all public schools. Why are public schools really dangerous? They are dangerous because they shut down a child’s ability to think independently and question authority. The real concern is that the children of America become collectivist robot citizens praising the state for all things great and small, including drone strikes and vaccinations. We do not pledge allegiance to the germ theory, nor the state religion of modern medicine. Not here. Not now. Not ever.

(from NaturalNews) Robert Scott Bell, the headline talent on Natural News Radio, hits the big time with a national radio show launching today. The “Robert Scott Bell Show” now broadcasts live, Monday through Friday, from 3 – 5pm Eastern (12 noon – 2pm Pacific) thanks to a joint partnership between the Genesis Communications Network ( and Natural News Radio ( You can help get the Robert Scott Bell Show carried in your local talk stations! Just call the station and request they carry the show. Ask them to contact GCN by calling 877-996-4327 ext. 123 and asking for “John” who manages the affiliate broadcast relationships. John can get any local AM or FM radio station connected with the global feed so that they can carry the show.

What’s going on at Natural News this year? Major updates are revealed today with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as we kick off the combined broadcast with Natural News Radio and GCN. 1) – an incredible new research tool encompassing millions of scientific studies and categorizing concepts like vitamins, minerals, drug side effects, synthetic chemicals, herbs and more. 2) – a new massively multi-user content site where hundreds of bloggers have already joined to post articles, recipes, how-to guides, opinion pieces and more. Beyond these two projects, there’s a lot more happening right now and over the remainder of 2013. See the article below for details or listen to Mike’s 40-minute audio explanation here:

On this edition of Advanced Medicine Monday, Dr. Rashid Buttar will cover a stunning new JAMA article (yes, another one!), this time supporting the use of chelation therapy for cardiovascular health and diabetes. Dr. Buttar was one of a very few select doctors that were part of the TACT trial to determine chelation viability. Why was there a benefit for those with diabetes and who had previously had a heart attack? What are the criticisms of the study? One particular critic attacked the study design and claims that it was biased due to un-blinding. Is it true? Chelation was originally used to remove metals from acute exposure toxicity. The unintended side benefit was discovered to be enhanced vascular health. Coronary occlusions were diminished! The 20th century could have been rewritten with cardiovascular disease only a small contributor to annual mortality statistics. What happened? Why did modern medicine turn against this modality? Could the emerging field of cardio-thoracic surgery have anything to do with the all out attack on doctors who insisted on using chelation therapy for their patients? Another new scientific article confirms that oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage relate to neurodegenerative diseases. Has the cow jumped over the moon? We’ll discuss this mitochondrial damage and what to do about it. What are the seven toxicities and how are they related? Could consciousness finally have shifted enough to be open to the realities that include environmental causation of disease? Did you know about the FDA destroying supplement companies by claiming that their products are unapproved new drugs? Is there life after Trans-D Tropin? Click here to read a special message. How can you get an Advanced Medicine Seminar in your city? Just get 49 of your friends together and contact to learn the details. What kind of milk should you drink if you drink milk? More information will be pouring into this new A2A2 web site. Remember to pick up the international best seller “9 Steps To Keep the Doctor Away!” (if you buy the book, you can get a DVD for an incredible discount!) Facts on Toxicity. Call Dr. Buttar’s clinic if you would like to learn more (704) 895-WELL (9355). Archives can be found at For any health care providers who wish to set up their own private association, contact and let him know of your interest. Because you are a listener to The RSB Show, your price to do so is greatly reduced! Remember, The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away (if you buy the book, you can get a DVD for free!) and Facts on Toxicity

Question/Comment of the Day: Hi Robert,First, thank you for the advice for my pregnant friend with the thyroid issue a few weeks back. She says that she is feeling much better. I’m a holistic health coach, one of my clients was in the Navy for SEAL training. During Hell Week he suffered two episodes of heat stroke and was subsequently medically discharged. His body no longer regulates its temperature properly. Obviously the extreme physical, emotional and mental stress, dehydration and lack of sleep were huge contributors. Add in the massive number of vaccines he was subjected to and the lack of nutrition. He is a well-educated and experienced personal trainer, and within the next few weeks I’ll coach him through a whole-foods detox and additional nutrition coaching in preparation for a power lifting competition next year. I am looking for any guidance you can provide to help reinstate or at least alleviate the temp regulation issue. Thanks in advance! ~ Dana

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