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Save Rico!

The Robert Scott Bell Show March 8, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to listen now.

What has Sen. Rand Paul accomplished? For a moment, anyway, he elevated the debate and political discourse beyond personality attack and phony partisanship. Through his filibuster, he showed that the Hegelian Dialectic could be dissolved by direct and eloquent defense of the principles upon which the republic was founded. You may disagree on some things, or even a lot of things, but those disagreements pale in comparison to a drone-delivered Hellfire missile at lunch. Thank Sen. McCain and Sen. Lindsey “Lohan” Graham for jumping the political shark in their counter-attack on Sen. Paul yesterday. Do you like perpetual warfare as much as John-boy (R-AZ) and Lindsey (R-SC) do? Could this be the start of something good and lasting?

Question of the Day: Hello my name is Adrienne, I have a three year old daughter Emily. Emily was damaged at birth by the antibiotic Gentimiacin, she was left with mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears. As a infant Emily had gut issues that seemed to resolve once she was off of formula. She began having upper respiratory issues and has been places on two daily pharmaceuticals to control the runny nose and cough. This alone is difficult for me to comply with and i was able to convince her doctors to let us only give her these meds when she has a virus or infection and shows symptoms of respiratory distress to get her by. My new concern is now we have been told Emily needs to see a neurologist so we can control her busy behavior. My question is can you recommend something I can give her to supplement her brain function. I’m a scared mom afraid of what the doctors will say and do to her. I need something please, if you can help in anyway, I would be very grateful. Thank you for your time, Adrienne

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Lindsey & Rico
John & Rico

Save Baby Rico! Lindsey Nagel’s baby boy is still in state custody, being drugged and poisoned because of the inevitable result of a cross-reactive non-specific antibody marker test that has no standards. Liam Scheff joins RSB today for a heart-wrenching interview with baby Rico’s Grandparents, Steve and Cheryl Nagel. We will review the history of Lindsey Nagel’s journey to recovery after abandoning AZT in the early 1990s thanks to the compassionate counsel of Professor Peter Duesberg. Is the AIDS establishment all the way up to the top of NIAID involved in this seemingly-orchestrated kidnapping and attack on baby Rico? Is this a fact is stranger than fiction real life story of revenge and retaliation? Don’t kid yourself, Lindsey Nagel is living proof that the HIV causation hypothesis of AIDS is unsubstantiated and unproven. More people than ever before are figuring it out, too. Can we save Rico? Steve, Cheryl, RSB and Liam will put out the plea for help today. What can you do to help? Pray. Get loud. Tell your friends. Alert the media. Let the hospital know that we are watching. Plan to come to the Mower County Courthouse April 1 and 2. More on the air today! Following is a message from Prof. Duesberg:

Dear all – dissident and non-dissident Americans,

This is “High Noon” for all of us to save a little baby.
We have only time for facts now – the facts of life and biology. The clock is ticking for a little baby on DNA chain-terminators including AZT, just as it was in High Noon. Here are some of those facts:

1) Life is 3 billion years old, and for all this time it depended on mothers to give birth to babies and to raise them – not on government-paid protection agencies. And it worked pretty well so far.

2) The now 3-month-old baby Rico has been taken away from his mother Lindsey Nagel, his father and his family to treat him with the DNA-chain terminator AZT against the AIDS virus, HIV. But its not even clear, whether Rico is infected by this virus at this time. He is only “positive” for antibodies against HIV – yes AGAINST HIV, nor for HIV – which he inherited from his mother. It takes many months after birth to determine, whether he has indeed infectious HIV, instead of just antibodies against it, and is able to make his own antibody against HIV. Ricco is now only suspected to carry HIV, but is treated with AZT as if he were infected.

3) DNA chain-terminators like AZT are inevitably toxic. They were designed in the 1960s by Jerry Horwitz, Gertrude Ellion and others, to kill human cancer cells making DNA, by terminating DNA synthesis. But since normal cells also make DNA, they also die as long as they make DNA. Therefore DNA chain-terminators were never designed for babies with antibodies against HIV or against any other virus for that matter, in whom DNA synthesis, and thus vulnerability, is at a record high for making the cells of their growing bodies.

4) HIV is naturally transmitted from mother to child, like all other retroviruses of its kind, again since millions of years. According to the World Health Organization , HIV is presumably transmitted by a third of all African mothers to their children . The African mothers and their children have, however, increased from 400,000 to 1.2 billion since the 1980s when AIDS presumably started in Africa. So HIV can’t be a reason for taking a baby away from his mother in a free country – but it is.

5) Where is the evidence from the Child Protection Agencies, who take babies away from their mothers, that AZT has ever cured an AIDS patient? Can they name just one such study?

In view of this and the American constitution shouldn’t mothers have the right to decide what’s best for their babies – in particular, if forced treatments with inevitably toxic drugs that have never cured an AIDS patient, are applied to their babies away from home?

Where is Gary Cooper or John Wayne to help a “damsel in distress and her baby” against our very own AIDS-Polizei?

Peter Duesberg

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  • March 9, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    Corporate ”HIV/AIDS” Ignorance – Dr. Nakawuka National Director – Uganda Cares NGO, AIDS ”Healthcare” Foundation

  • March 8, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    Usually I’m just pissed with the insanity dominating our lives, but today I just cried and cried, listening to the baby Rico story. I get crazy when I hear of a parent taking their baby for a “well baby check.” Whaaat? If the baby is well, what are you having it checked for? I was an R.N. for 23 years. I was one of the indoctrinated ones. I know where-of I speak. PLEASE, everyone, unless it’s an emergency, stay away from doctors, and when you do have to see one, give as little information as possible. Most of what they ask you, is none of their beeswax. The best sistuation, for you or your child, is not to have a chart anywhere. Stay off the radar. Let’s stay strong, & discard the bastard, control freaks, infesting our world. OUR WORLD!

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