Sayer Ji,, Stephen Heuer, Glutathione, Liver Detox, Vitamin L and more on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 11, 2011

Is it possible that the effectiveness of natural substances is really proven by science? It turns out that there is an abundance of scientific validity for using natural supplements. Are you ready for a database that reveals it all? Sayer Ji joins RSB for the first time to introduce, a brilliant searchable storehouse for all things science and supplements and more! You can even do an ailment search with crosslinks to appropriate natural substances. and and and

Stephen Heuer

Stephen Heuer returns to discuss low testosterone (Low T), enhancing glutathione levels within the body, liver health and more. Time permitting; I may have him chime in on how to be positive in the face of so many threats to liberty as well… and

Kansas returns health insurance exchange grant money back to the federal government – why? Could it be that states are beginning to reassert the Tenth Amendment? Nullify now!

Why would the USDA wait for Americans to die or be injured by contaminated Cargill meat before taking action? Why would the FDA attack a private buying club where no one was even mildly upset? Could there be a hidden agenda against health freedom in there somewhere?

The mayor of Santa Ana is encouraging all dentists within city limits to abandon the use of mercury fillings? Why can’t all mayors exhibit such common sense? and

How high did gold go yesterday? Or should we say, how low did the Federal Reserve Note sink?

Presidential campaign season kick into gear this evening as Ron Paul attempts to win the Iowa Straw Poll.

Is bad economic news taking a toll on your emotional state? Could there be anything besides drugs that the government says can help?

If there is a story about Vitamin L, you know that RSB wants to cover it. Could love boost your athletic performance?

The ghosts of 9/11 past? Ten years later, victims still suffer with PTSD. Could it be exacerbated by toxin exposure?

Have you ever listened to Tenth Amendment Center radio? RSB was asked to guest host last night.


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