Shattering Shingles, Mediating MS, Vaccine Taboos, Aggressive Smiles, Liam Scheff’s Oily Reduction, Thatcher, Beach Blanket Bye-bye & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show April 9, 2013

Know anyone suffering with Shingles? Viral infection may be real but is the virus actually the cause of shingles, or is it merely evidence of genetic escape from cells too polluted to continue any longer? There is still much to learn about the reality behind infectious disease. The medical establishment is often decades behind where the real healing is happening. In this case, centuries is a more apt description of the time frame. Who in allopathic medical school is teaching or learning anything about Antoine Béchamp and Claude Bernard? It’s still Louis Pasteur, Germ Theory or bust for modern medicine.

Are we doomed to live in an infectious state? Or is it a toxicological state? How about a radiological one? Infection is the result of a compromised terrain, milieu or environment, not its cause. Some call politics an infection, but that is only true insofar as they have no excretory function left. While it can be argued that politicians are crapping all over us, I would posit that by your participation you are trapped in their dysfunctional and diseased alimentary canal. K Street is merely a synonym for Washington, D.C.’s festering colon. That town needs more than an enema. What else shall we cover on The RSB Show today?

  • Silver solution for shingles!
  • RIP Annette Funicello
  • Cause and cure of MS
  • What to do about C. diff. infections…
  • Taboo topics like…vaccines?
  • CDC texting Vaccines to pregnant women?
  • Twitter predicting pandemics?
  • Smiles lowering aggression…
  • What can we learn from celebrity deaths?
  • Oil economy decline? What does the future hold?

What’s up in hour two? Oil! We’re talking Russia, Ronnie, Maggie, and world wars! Oil! You’re soaking in it! RSB welcomes conspiracy realist Liam Scheff to analyze the weekend’s events. Celebrities are dying all over the place, and we’ll ask if it was the disease or the treatment. And we’ll talk about the reality of Reaganomics and Thatcherism. We’ll also cover MS and Annette Funicello’s passing – what are the treatments that we don’t hear about? And is this really a “mystery disease” – or a toxicological problem? How do we heal? Is it a drug that we inject? What do our bodies tell us when we’re stressed, versus when we’re healthy? Are you ready for a healthy and potentially irreverent discussion, conspiracy realist degree in tow, about oil and civilization again? It surely looks like the bad guys are trying to kill a lot of us with pesticides, radiation and whatever-they’re-spraying. But why are they trying so hard when we may face, as a species, a reduction in numbers by virtue of the loss of easily available oil? It’s a question you’ll only hear debated — here on the Robert Scott Bell Show!

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Here is what else is in the news:

Is there a safe, natural solution to shingles? RSB says yes.

What could be more taboo to talk about in polite company? Sex? Politiccs? Religion? Nope. Vaccines.

Annette Funicello dies of complications due to MS. Can anything be done for others before it’s too late?

Can smiles really lower aggression? A new study says yes! Check out this Book of Smiles here and get happy…

What is C. diff and how can you get rid of it now that it is antibiotic resistant?

Remember the Google Flu? Now there is the Twitter Flu as the CDC tries to predict and track sneezing via social media…

The White House has given final approval for dramatically raising permissible radioactive levels in drinking water and soil following “radiological incidents,” such as nuclear power-plant accidents and dirty bombs.

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