Shocking Fire Sale of California Children to Merck, April Boden Speaks Out, Liam Scheff Truth Decoder, Stephen Heuer Stands Up to FDA and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show October 11, 2011

California mom of a vaccine-injured child, April Boden, uncovers some frightening connections between the many bills recently signed by Governor Jerry Brown. Could this be Big Pharma’s final solution? Democrats in California think that it is the final solution to their debt problems as they sold out the children of their state to Merck this week. We reveal the shocking story today on the air!

Liam Scheff unveils a store-bought truth decoder that is able to translate the real meaning behind any commercial advertisement! Should we start with an FDA approved drug or fast food? This should be interesting!

Health Freedom Hero Stephen Heuer

Could the FDA target you? Stephen Heuer returns to reveal the backstory of his experience in dealing with federal regulators who speak out of both sides of their mouth and how that can result in jail time for you! Why is it a crime in America to provide safe, natural products that can actually help you, while government-sanctioned drugs kill thousands every year with nary a shrug from FDA? Please give a listen and Stephen shares his harrowing tail of facing the federal beast head on!

April Boden Uncovers Big Pharma’s Plan to Destroy California’s Children… and

California Governor Jerry Brown goes to the dogs as he grants vaccine exemption to canines but not to human children…

Gov. Brown mandates Gardasil for 12 year olds without parental consent while banning tanning beds for teens…

Whole Foods supporting “pinkwashing” groups who support pharmaceutical oncology?

Here are some other stories we may be covering on the show today:

Are you taking too many dietary supplements or are they taking you?

Drive-thru flu shots and other immunological flu absurdities…

Young people enthusiastic about the message of Ron Paul…

Maybe its time for some Food Security? Be Prepared, Not Scared!

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