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The Robert Scott Bell Show February 12, 2013 Did you miss the show? Click here to download the mp3.

Do we live with a republican form of government or some sort of tyrannical kingdom? Did you ever think that your government would attempt to legally justify violating nearly all ten of the amendments listed in the Bill of Rights? Everything since the Magna Carta is decaying faster than a Hostess Twinkie with no preservatives. Are you a target? Are you an enemy of the state? What parameters are being used to determine such horrific considerations? Are you pro life? Do you support the 2nd Amendment? Are you a veteran? A libertarian? A constitutionalist? A journalist?


Tangerine Bolen

Tangerine Bolen returns from “Stop NDAA” http://stopndaa.org/ with updates on the case against the Obama Administration. Did you know that the NDAA allows the United States military to detain suspects indefinitely and without charge or trial — even American citizens? Did you know that reporters could be escorted away not only indefinitely, but also perpetually? Yes, “perpetual detention” is the new buzzword coming out of the latest court hearing! Does anybody know the government’s definition of perpetual?  Help us reverse this travesty of justice! Stop the NDAA! The NDAA’s indefinite detention provision is a real thorn in the side of the Obama Administration as a ragtag group of transpartisan freedom mercenaries uses the Federal Court system to overturn it. Why is Obama fighting FOR something he claims to be AGAINST? Special thanks to Revolution Truth (Tangerine), Bill of Rights Defense Committee (Shahid Buttar), Tenth Amendment Center (Michael Boldin) and StopNDAA.org for their efforts to roll back the government in a country where the government can imprison you indefinitely without charge. https://www.stopndaa.org/aboutUs and http://revolutiontruth.org/

Who else is coming to the Health Freedom Expo? There are trends between agriculture, food manufacturing, public health initiatives, advertising and shopping which result in alarming rates of health issues like cancers, neurological issues, childhood development, diabetes, obesity and psychological disturbances. You can change this. Find out how. Victoria Bloch has served as a local chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation for 13 years. She was arrested in 2011 on raw milk charges while volunteering for a local farm; the experience encouraged her to become even more actively engaged in issues relating to the politics of food and farming. She is currently enrolled in the Nutritional Consultant program at Hawthorn University, and is in the early stages of developing a new business (The Farm and The Fork) to prepare traditional, nourishing foods from ingredients sourced at local farmers’ markets. Victoria blogs about food, nutrition, cooking, and whatever else rivets her attention at forloveofood.com

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Come see RSB, Liam Scheff and many others at The Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, California March 1-3, 2013!

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