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Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EDT: Mike Maharrey from the Tenth Amendment Center explains why voting the bums out is not the right remedy for unconstitutional acts of aggression against the people, but nullification is. Liam Scheff returns to fictionalize future fact! UTI remedies, too! Call 1-866-939-2355 with your questions or comments!  

Liam Scheff pops on the show to talk Oblivion and real oblivion! Do we hope for a solution to Fukushima? Or do we accept the reality of an irradiated world? What would you do if you knew radiation levels were going to be creeping up over the next 10 to 20 years? Japan officials seem to think that they can pass laws to outlaw whistleblowers (i.e. truth tellers).  It has never worked in the past and it will not work now as the facts about nuclear power are radiating to the surface faster than the Geiger counts them. How about the deluge in Colorado? Fracking is safe, unless it rains. It’s bad enough to have sewage overflow in floods, but now the people of Colorado have to be concerned about toxic chemicals in the runoff from fracking operations there. Maybe it’s time for another movie review? Are we headed for Oblivion? See further below for links to the full Liam review…

Mike Maharrey, Communications Director at Tenth Amendment Center is back to discuss Nullification as a rightful remedy to unconstitutional governance. Talk radio host Mark Levin is a bit confused about the 10th Amendment as spoke in a derogatory manner against Michael Boldin and the Tenth Amendment Center. Ironically, on Nullification Mark Levin sounds a lot like Rachel Maddow. When it comes to rolling back the size of intrusive government, both abroad and domestically, statists from both parties rally against the Founding Fathers and the framers of the Constitution. On The RSB Show we refer to them as nanny state leftists and rightists, because they both support a large and powerful centralized bureaucracy to rule over, rather than serve the people.

Oblivion – The Argument/Review by Liam Scheff

Note: This conversation may or may not have taken place, yesterday, soon or tomorrow. This “Argument Review” is a story in the Fragments series.

Jeff is stalling – still. Still waiting for me to say it for him.

“How is it possible that you can’t just say it? It…?”

Jeff looks at me and says nothing, just raises his eyebrows ever so slightly, knowing what’s coming. I lean into it more, “iiiitt!” Letting the “t” pop like a soda can at the end. “IT!”

“It didn’t — “

Suck,” we say at the same time.

He looks directly at me to let me know he’s aware of the joke and says, “If that’s what you want me to say.”

“You already said it. ‘Suck,’ you said. Just now.”

Jeff stops looking at me and feigns disinterest, leaning his head on his neck as if relaxing. “No,” he sighs, “I’m not going to play rhetorical games.”

“Oh, ‘rhetorical,’ he says! Impressive word.”

He perks back up and counters. “It didn’t suck. It was just not…”

“What? Good?”

“I was going to say, it was just not great.”

“Ah. Not great. Which part was not great? The part where they live in a billion-dollar plastic and glass New Mexico Frank Lloyd Wright clear-walled house on top of a 50-story flag pole jutting off the top of a…what, a mountain top? And they’re not being struck by freaking lightning every 15 seconds?”

“Look…” interrupts Jeff, with the voice of gentle correction – but I’m rolling.

Read the rest of the story-review at S74 Comics.

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Question/Comment of the Day: What is this? Insult everyone day/ I can’t believe what I am hearing!! You’re letting your side-kick insult everyone in organized religion. You’re letting him so that reflects poorly upon you. You also just called everyone who went to public school a liar. I went to public school and am NOT a liar. Keep this up Mr. Bell and I will have to turn you off. You need to publicly apologize to everyone you just insulted over the air. ~ Terri Potts

Bonus radio time today at 6PM Eastern! RSB guests on Jonathan Emord’s Truth Trial, a fast paced, edgy hour-long program that exposes government corruption and abuse of power in classic investigative journalism fashion. Hosted by one of the nation’s leading constitutional lawyers and litigators, a man who has defeated the FDA a remarkable 8 times in federal court, Jonathan Emord leaves no stone unturned as he and his guests dig deep into gross waste of tax dollars and misuse of public resources and trust. Jonathan’s guests include federal whistleblowers; heads of groups that are investigating waste, fraud, and abuse; concerned members of Congress; ex-government officials; and investigative journalists pursuing the stories dominating the nation’s headlines.

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