The Robert Scott Bell Show launches on nationwide radio with GCN, Natural News network Monday – Friday

(NaturalNews) Robert Scott Bell, the headline talent on Natural News Radio, hits the big time with a national radio show launching today. The “Robert Scott Bell Show” now broadcasts live, Monday through Friday, from 3 – 5pm Eastern (12 noon – 2pm Pacific) thanks to a joint partnership between the Genesis Communications Network ( and Natural News Radio ( This is in addition to his LIVE broadcast 1-3PM Eastern each Sunday.

You can catch his show on the ‘net at or listen for it on your favorite local AM station. (See instructions below for requesting the show on your local station if they don’t carry it.)

Buoyed by a rapid rise in popularity due to his dedication to health freedom and nutritional therapies, Robert Scott Bell is also scheduled to be the keynote speaker for the upcoming American Naturopathic Medical Association event ( in Las Vegas. Bell is well schooled in naturopathy, homeopathy, nutritional therapies, health freedom and many other crucial topics for our time.

To listen to the internet broadcast of the show, visit or

Help get the Robert Scott Bell Show carried in your local AM stations

To hear the Robert Scott Bell Show on your local AM station, simply call the station and request they carry the show.

Ask them to contact GCN by calling 877-996-4327 ext. 123 and asking for “John” who manages the affiliate broadcast relationships. John can get any local AM or FM radio station connected with the global feed so that they can carry the show.

Radio station managers, here’s how the Robert Scott Bell Show can help you!

The Robert Scott Bell Show will allow you to sell local ads to health food stores, chiropractic care centers, naturopathic health clinics, acupuncture professionals and many others in the natural health space. If you know of a product or service that could benefit by sponsoring at the national level, send an email to Robert’s producer Super Don at You can call into the show LIVE from 3-5PM Eastern by dialing 1-866-939-BELL (2355).

Mike Adams & RSB

There is huge growing interest in using food to prevent disease, avoiding GMOs, finding alternatives to deadly prescription drugs, reversing type-2 diabetes and many other topics in the natural health space. Listenership demand for the Robert Scott Bell Show is also substantially supported by, the No. 1 most trafficked natural health news site in the world, where we will be routinely announcing special guests on the show and encouraging people to tune in to their local radio stations to catch the show.

This is the first nationwide health radio show to enjoy broad-based support from the largest natural health news website in the world. It can be an instant hit for your programming lineup, and the production value of the show is consistently outstanding.

To carry the show, simply call the Genesis Communications Network at 877-996-4327 ext. 123 and ask for John.