Tim Bolen, CDC Knows Vaccine Danger, Sane Vax Defending Science, FDA Defends Contaminated Gardasil, African AIDS Racism, Savage Agrees with Ron Paul and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show October 5, 2011

Tim Bolen, from The Bolen Report, returns to discuss his latest blockbuster revelation, “The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are – And Has Covered It Up… (Part One)” Yes, you read that right! The CDC is complicit in suppressing vital information as to the danger of vaccines. Could this bring the CDC down? http://www.bolenreport.com/Geier/foiasuit1.htm

Why are they attacking the scientist? Norma Erickson, President of Sane Vax, joins RSB to discuss the curious case of Dr. Lee, the researcher who proved that Gardasil was contaminated with HPV DNA, bound to the aluminum adjuvant. It is the belief of the SANE Vax team that Dr. Lee has come under fire because of his association with and support for the SANE Vax mission. Therefore, the SANE Vax Board of Directors is beginning a campaign to let those in charge of deciding Dr. Lee’s fate know that we, along with medical consumers around the world, support Dr. Lee.

Without the information provided by Dr. Lee and his ongoing research, we feel medical consumers around the world will be deprived of information that is vital to their ability to exercise their right to informed consent when it comes to HPV vaccinations.

Please, take a few minutes and show those in charge of deciding Dr. Lee’s fate that you support his efforts to do what is best for medical consumers: http://sanevax.org/dr-sin-hang-lee-a-case-study-in-ethics-don’t-pay/

Liam Scheff, The Conspiracy Realist, drops by for another elevated discussion of a very delicate series of topics. A putative AIDS researcher dispenses some shocking truths about the purpose of the AIDS program in Africa. Is his work life-saving, or life-ending. What is the purpose of the HIV/AIDS program? Following the interview, Liam Scheff joins Robert for conversation about history, ethnicity and skin color. Are Robert and Liam off the beam? Are they racist, or deconstructing the inherent racism of AIDS? Then, onto politics. Is the left-right divide a problem, or a problem worth celebrating? Popping the myth of the ‘political compromise,’ only on the Robert Scott Bell show! http://liamscheff.com/ and http://reducetheburden.org/

How can they claim contraceptive use in Africa is doubling HIV rates? Someone claiming to be “Charles Morrison,” drops by to inadvertently elaborate on the internal workings of the minds of medical academia and their perspectives on the African people. This may be an uncomfortable interview, but the disturbing worldview of these “colonial” doctors must be revealed! http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/04/health/04hiv.html?pagewanted=2&_r=2&emc=eta1

What is Medicaid? Can you say “pharmaceutical slush fund” for AIDS drugs? When will defenders of government medical “charity” realize that they are intoxicating poor people while simultaneously enriching the pharmaceutical industrial complex? Do they even care- or is it better to remain medicated and pretend that they are helping the less fortunate with other people’s money and FDA approved death pills? http://thinkprogress.org/health/2011/10/03/334471/medicaid-is-the-largest-source-of-coverage-for-people-with-hiv/

Even compliant parents are now questioning vaccine safety! It’s about time! The more that is revealed about the internal machinations of vaccine mysticism, the more amazing it is that any parent would knowingly subject heir children to such cruel and unusual medical experimentation… http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/03/health/parents-doubt-vaccine-safety/index.html?eref=rss_health&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rss%2Fcnn_health+%28RSS%3A+Health%29

Michael Savage reverses course and agrees with Ron Paul on the issue of summarily executing U.S. citizens without a trial. Kudos to Savage for his integrity on such an emotionally-charged topic – especially one for which most conservatives (and Obama pseudo-liberals) turn a blind eye to the Constitution. If the Executive Branch (no matter which party is in power) can target American citizens for assassination, what’s to stop them when they come for you? http://www.dailypaul.com/181389/michael-savage-agrees-with-ron-paul and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XDxON6xXtg

Maybe its time for some Food Security? Be Prepared, Not Scared! http://premium.naturalnews.tv/Be_Prepared_Food_Security.htm

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