Tom Mullen, FED Stealing for the 1%, Media Blackout on Ron Paul, Fluoride Pharmacies, Chemo for Kids, Pesticide Poisoning Detox, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Panache Desai Encore, Consciousness Shift 2012 and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 15, 2012

When you walk into a pharmacy, you take your life (or your child’s life) into your own hands. This is also true about going to the licensed pediatric doctor! Can you imagine a learned and degreed (read: duh-greed ) medical professional actually prescribing fluoride pills to innocent children? I mean, how smart do you have to be to that stupid? If you go to the pharmacy for fluoride pills (a toxic poison) don’t be surprised if you end up with cancer chemotherapy drugs! You can’t make this stuff up! Fluoride increases the uptake of heavy metals, including mercury, which by the way, the FDA finally admits is dangerous and in many cosmetic products! If all this is maddening, don’t worry, because the psychiatric bible (DSM) is dripping with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest to relieve you of your emotional burdens…

Columnist, Speaker and Author of “A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America,” Tom Mullen returns to The RSB Show to discussing his latest article about Ron Paul and the medial blackout, as well as the FED stealing for the 1%! What about Leon Panetta’s admission that the U.S. will go to war only if the U.N. says it’s OK, while ignoring the Constitutional obligation to go to Congress? Did you see that economist Massim Taleb has endorsed Ron Paul for the presidency no matter what his chances are? If everyone who said that they wanted to vote for Ron Paul actually did – he would win in a landslide! and and It’s time for some political and economic healing!

You’ve got to see this Libyian immigrant to America, economist and author of “The Black Swan” talk on CNBC about his support of the one candidate for president that actually understands what is really happening to the economy and how to fix it! “I don’t care about [Ron Paul’s] chances. I support him. We have no other solutions. It is my duty as a citizen and as a taxpayer who doesn’t want to be hoodwinked in the long term by bureaucrats.” — Nassim Taleb

Encore! RSB has to cut out early for some important health freedom strategy sessions, so here’s what we’ll do in hour 2:

What would you do if you were poisoned by pesticides? RSB takes a call on just such a situation. Could it be coffee enemas, selenium, and homeopathic detoxification ( Are you prepared to go it alone if you cannot afford or find a “natural” doctor? What if you can afford to pay for someone who can help you, but you have no access to such a healer? My dear friend Dr. Gloria Gilbere has a load of great insights and tips for anyone suffering with MCS as well ( Is there a way to achieve healing despite the many apparent obstacles to that healing? Absolutely.

What is possible for you in this year of consciousness? Panache Desai joins me to discuss the transformation that is occurring in 2012. Do we yet understand frequency and vibration as it relates to our experiences here on planet earth? Are we conditioned to conform to society as a replacement for genuine acceptance and love? Panache shares many pathways and specific techniques that you can use to achieve your life’s mission. Is it possible to achieve a state of neutrality in a seemingly un-neutral world? Get ready to dissolve fear, realize abundance and live from the fullness of your being!

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