Tom Woods, Operation Grandma for Ron Paul, Debate Review, Dr. Frank King, Healing Revolution, PMS Relief, Uterine Fibroids, Infertility, Female Libido, Fake HIV Tests, Nudist Pirates for Gingrich and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 20, 2012

"Please keep fighting for my future!"

Are you ready for post-debate coverage like nowhere else in media? The blowhard political pundits at CNN, MSNBC and FOX are trying mightily to ignore Ron Paul, which means they are deathly afraid of the message of health freedom and genuine liberty. Fortunately, liberty is what we do best! We kick off the Healing Revolution today with Ron Paul highlights from last night’s debate in South Carolina. We’ll reveal how the tide is actually turning in favor of Constitutionally-limited government, though you would never know if you get your news elsewhere. Kick back and enjoy – the “political” healing revolution is underway!

Dr. Frank King returns with great news for all the ladies! The Healing Revolution brings you healing relief of menstrual cramps, irregularity, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids! While your allopathic doctor may tell you that the only option is birth control pills, the truth is much different (and safer)! We’ll also cover infertility, libido and the nervousness/irritability associated with PMS, all without increasing your risk of cancer. Urinary tract issues? All this and more, exclusively on the Healing Revolution! and Family Wellness Kit: Menstrual Cramps & Irregularities Download the PHA & PHH Mind-Body Appraisal forms below to help you identify issues that may be addressed with our homeopathic formulas

Superhero sidekick Liam Scheff joins me to discuss the fact that even Christian radio is acknowledging the fact that HIV does not cause AIDS. Plus, why is Walgreens targeting minorities and gays with free “fake” HIV tests every month? Also, what is with that newly-outed swinger Newt Gingrich? Will he find a whole group of new supporters among nudists and pirates? You never know where things may lead when Liam is in studio!

Tom Woods returns to The RSB Show to provide perspective on the political landscape in America, particularly as it relates to the chasm between youth and grandparents. What is that gap? Youth support for Ron Paul and the eldest generation’s penchant for getting duped by the political establishment. We’ll discuss Tom’s brilliant idea of Operation Grandma – and it has nothing to do with government-mandated surgery, just a love of liberty! We’ll also talk about the other presidential candidates in ways never covered by the old media! Interestingly, Tom and family have begun a more “primal” diet, so we can cover political nutrition as well! Operation Grandma: and

Anybody going to Philadelphia? Here’s a good excuse: “Nullify Now!” March 31, 2012 – both Tom Woods and RSB are scheduled to be there!

Here are some other stories we’ll be covering on the show today:

In addition to birth control, the medical profession treats “the pill” as a panacea for any girl with menstrual pain or irregularity. Dr. King and RSB reveal why this is both dangerous and unnecessary, while simultaneously providing you with real, safe and natural options for great female health!

Free “fake” HIV tests! Get your free “fake” HIV tests at Walgreens the last Thursday of every month! What is more dangerous – AIDS or the test propaganda that ensnares unsuspecting immune-deficient (or maybe not) medical consumers?

Even evangelical radio shows are starting to question the link between HIV and AIDS! Peter Duesberg, the rockstar of retrovirology, appears in an unusual media location to make more people to the real cause of immune deficiency.

Ron Paul Debate Highlights from January 19, 2012:

Did you miss yesterday’s discussion deconstructing neoconservative Bill Kristol-meth and the agenda for a new American century? Why is he afraid of Ron Paul?

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This Sunday on The RSB Show – I will reveal more behind the neurological mystery of 12 teenage girls in LeRoy, NY, – and the fact that it is not mass hysteria, much less the new term – mass psychogenic illness! In case you missed my broadcast from last Sunday (01/15/12) on GCN from this past Sunday, with Bill Faloon (co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation) on the medical monopoly, Pharmocracy and more, you can still listen to it here:

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  • January 21, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    Dear Ron Paul:
    Please file articles of impeachment against the SOB Barry Saetaro
    and then the trial for treason can start shortly afterwards.
    I am not being flippant this must be done if there is any justice
    left in the world.

  • January 20, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    I heard you guys on the daily paul and loved what you were saying about the debates. I will start being a listener of your show. It is good to see people like y’all on the radio.

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