Trump: Blamed for next disease epidemic, Homeopathic meds for Babies, Stephen Heuer: The model of nutrition & everything wrong with it & more!

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Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT:
Are you sick and tired yet of how every time someone dares on a national level to associate vaccinations with anything but splendid miraculous reviews, they are chastised as being responsible for helping beckon in the next bubonic plague outbreak?  RSB & Super Don sure are, and they will address how the mainstream media is doing just that to Donald Trump, after he courageously defended his delayed vaccine schedule position during the 2nd national GOP debate and brought once again to the national stage the fact that there are clear and concealed links between vaccinations and the development of neurological disorders such as Autism.  Some may think that vaccinations aren’t open for debate, and anyone who brings the foregoing of them up is simply playing into the politicalization of an important children’s health issue. Here at The Robert Scott Bell Show we will tirelessly continue to virulently & unabashedly bring the truth about vaccinations to the forefront, and we will not rest until this barbaric practice is finally exposed for what it is, a worldwide eugenics experiment backed by voodoo science.

RSB will also break down the jubilant increase in families turning to complementary and alternative medicine such as homeopathy, as health conscious mothers search the globe for organic, non-GMO foods, & chemical-free baby products.  RSB will share his expertise on what homeopathic remedies to look for, and which are appropriate for children to use.  When were young, we all think we are going to live forever!  RSB will go over 21 of the most important reasons why you may or may not live longer than your peers, try not to rub it in!  Correlation doesn’t always mean causation, as shown in a new study review as daytime drowsiness and taking long naps during the day was associated with an increased prevalence of Type 2 diabetes.  Looks like Monsanto is on the march again, as a new report exposes the lottery amounts of money being dolled out by corporate food conglomerates to fight GMO labeling.  And to end the hour RSB & Super Don will discuss a new study which appears to confirm adult fears, that teens who spend more than the average amount of unsupervised time “hanging out” with peers have higher odds of smoking cigarettes and marijuana and drinking alcohol.

 In hour 2 RSB is joined by Stephan Heuer, the founder of Synergistic Nutrition & Inventor of One World Whey, to discuss the quintessential topic of everything that’s wrong with the current model of nutrition as applied today! What does it really Take Nutritionally to Have Maximum Energy and Feel Your Very Best? Why is the liver so important to every aspect of our health? What does the liver require for optimal function?  Why is both conventional and organically grown food failing to nourish our bodies today?  Trace mineral supplements have been on the market for years, people have taken these supplements for years and yet still suffer from disease. What’s missing in this picture?  How important is Calcium in soil health?  What are some of the roles that calcium plays in human health?  So will any calcium supplement do?  What about the concept that calcium in a contributor to calcium deposits in the joints and tissues?  How to people get started on taking the correct calcium’s/mineral colloids and vitamins based upon their pH readings?  Tune in to hear the answers to these wonderful questions! All this and more!

Question of the Day: 1) What advice can you give to someone on very limited income and Medicaid, who want to find a way to get better with homeopathy instead of prescription drugs they have had to take since at least 2001? ~Geni

As always, remember, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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