Soros money, Trump gets sued, GOP backs up sanctions, RAND vaccine dangers, Ulcerative Colitis, and safe salmon?

February 9th, 2017 7-9PM

Thursday on the Robert Scott Bell: Sacred Fire of Liberty!

Attorney Jonathon Emord and Author Cheryl Chumley join us to break down the breaking political news, with their intellectual insights!

35372President Donald Trump faces more than a dozen lawsuits over his executive order that keeps out travelers from seven terror hot spots around the world for a period of 90 days – and the common denominator of the legal challenges is this: They’re backed by George Soros and his billions of dollars.

Elizabeth Warren is silenced on the Senate floor while protesting Jeff Sessions because she read a scathing 30-year-old letter written about him by Coretta Scott King.

It’s been one week since President Donald Trump issued what has surely become the most controversial action of his presidency thus far: his executive action temporarily banning travel to the U.S. by people in seven countries in the Middle East.  The order bars people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from traveling to the U.S. for 90 days, raising serious questions from some on the Left as to whether the action is even constitutional. Already, more than a half-dozen lawsuits have been filed in opposition to the order, including challenges by the ACLU and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CNN reported.

Amid protests over President Trump’s executive order aiming to block federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities, Republican legislators across the country are moving to deny their own funding to cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration authorities. The Texas state Senate on Wednesday passed a measure to block state funding to cities in which law enforcement officials disregard federal immigration laws. The measure would require police agencies to hold anyone in custody until U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement is able to verify their immigration status, or risk losing state funding.

Hour 2 ~ The Healing Continues…

vaccineA team of researchers from  Yale  and Penn State College of Medicine have found a disturbing association between the timing of vaccines and the onset of certain brain disorders in a subset of children. Analyzing five years’ worth of private health insurance data on children ages 6-15, these scientists found that young people vaccinated in the previous three to 12 months were significantly more likely to be diagnosed with certain neuropsychiatric disorders than their non-vaccinated counterparts.

A House panel has advanced a bill that would require incoming college freshmen to document they have been vaccinated. The bill would require students to show they have been vaccinated against measles, rubella, mumps, meningitis and any other diseases as required by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. The bill would exempt students who object for religious reasons. But it does give the state authority to require vaccinations in the event of an epidemic.

A morning cup of coffee is a must-have for those who rely on caffeine to get their day going. However, many people also find their morning cup of coffee literally causes them to “go” to the bathroom and have a bowel movement. The same principle is applied by those who use coffee enemas to empty their bowels.


Dr.Mercola has stated that salmon should be eaten only if the packing says “Wild Alaskan Pure” my store sales person tells me his salmon says wild Alaskan the word pure is not there. Is salmon considered to be a good food to eat given all that we here about mercury in fish– if not is there any good substitute I would like to back to eating salmon again

Love your radio program
sincerely Bill

Hey Dr.Bell

Just want to say I just came across your show and I absolutely love it. So informative and I can’t wait to put your protocol to use. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 2 years ago and it’s been quite the battle. I’m in a pretty bad flare now and hoping to completely heal my leaky gut and enjoy life again. In addition to the silver and aloe Vera, is there a type of diet you recommend to follow in this time? I don’t digest leafy greens very well but I want to follow this as close as possible in hopes of healing/curing this disease. Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the great work with the show!


A small Oklahoma town is echoing the story line of ’80s movie “Footloose” by canceling a Valentine’s Day dance because of an arcane city ordinance enforcing a strict moral code. KTUL-TV reports that the organizer canceled the dance in Henryetta because it would have taken place 300 feet from a church, in violation of an ordinance that forbids dancing within 500 feet of a place of worship.

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  • February 9, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    Cheryl Chumley has to be the best journalist ever. She has her facts straight that is based on truth. Unlike about 90% of the media.

    • February 9, 2017 at 7:24 pm

      We are 100% in agreement. ~ RSB

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