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Why is one of the chief architects and cheerleaders of Obamacare retiring from the Senate? Max Baucus has said he sees a “huge train-wreck coming down” with the implementation of Obama’s signature/legacy legislation. Perhaps he does not want to be around when the “disease management monopoly strengthener” fully kicks into broken gear in 2014. But there is a bigger problem, even if Obama-care were to be functional: There will not be enough doctors to implement it. The crumbling of the Medical Monopoly was inevitable since the Flexner Report of 1910 was published because the foundation on which allopathic medicine is built is unsustainable. There is no prevention, only disease causation and perpetual management. The only option remaining, whether my friends on the political left or right like it or not, is a free market for healing. You might ask, but isn’t that what the conservatives want? There is little to no evidence that they want to abandon the lobbyists that fill their coffers with pharmaceutical money, just as it is with the liberals. Help your friends to abandon the left-right Hegelian Dialectic before further propping up the leading cause of death in America – government-sanctioned modern medicine, imperils them even more. Keep listening to The RSB Show to learn how to out-create the artificially-imposed limitations of our not-so-wise drug-intoxicated overlords. RSB will even talk homeopathy and nosodes in ways the FDA does not want you to hear!

Why are we talking about “hoaxes?” Because the evidence isn’t adding up! Liam Scheff is back with RSB taking apart photo evidence and revisiting the events of last week, leading us to the overwhelming question: “At the biggest event in Boston (the Marathon), where is the video of ‘behind the fence’ where all the tragedy took place?” Surely you can help us find it so we can answer questions about biology, biomechanics and what we’re confused about in the Boston photos.

But beyond Boston is the history of manipulations and lies coming out of ‘law enforcement and media,’ who can’t keep a story straight or tell a tale that holds up to the slightest questioning. Case in point: Sandy Hook Elementary. Why do parents of the supposedly dead children seem so tear-free and happy in videos? What are “crisis actors” and have they invaded the news hour? Read Liam’s latest article about the Boston Marathon Official Story here. Also, check out the timeline for the Sandy Hook event to see how reality continues to evade the reporting of the mainstream media.

Are you growing food yet? It’s time for Outside the Box Wednesday with Ty Bollinger! He’s outside the normal studio today as he is transitioning back to the hill country in Texas! As you might expect, we have even more question to ask about the Boston event. What is up with that Saudi national who was a suspect then suddenly wasn’t? How is it that the FBI knew the Chechnya-brothers years before the event? Have you noticed additional attempts at Facebook and YouTube censorship with so many now questioning the ever-changing official story? If you buy Nestle cookies and chocolates, do you realize that you may be funding your own water shortage? We’ll discuss the deranged lunatic Nestle CEO and his desire to control your access to clean drinking water. Can voting change anything? It may be time to remind everyone that the debtor is slave to the lender, even when the lender really has nothing to lend! Can your kids go to school without getting the dangerous and absurd chicken pox vaccine? Not in Staten Island, evidently. Get ready for the vaccine update. Also, what are the Top Ten reasons that you should be shopping at local farmer’s markets? Would you like to lose weight? How about electric fork therapy? Is curing your own cancer crazy? We’ll talk cancer and Sloppy Joe’s for curing chronic disease! Get ready for Ty and RSB as they go way Outside the Box! Ty’s websites include www.CancerTruth.net and www.SurvivalHerbs.com. Would you like to “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley at is on sale! Special thanks to Better Way Health and their Beta 1,3D Glucan for making this possible! They also have Krill Oil and the Samson single gear auger juicer! Call them at 1-800-746-7640!

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