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Jon Rappoport writes: “Sometimes cognitive dissonance, which used to be called contradiction, rings a gong so loud it knocks you off your chair. But if you’re an android in this marvelous world of synthetic reality, you get up, put a smile back on your face, and trudge on… Let’s see.  NSA is the most awesome spying agency ever devised in this world.  If you cross the street in Podunk, Anywhere, USA, to buy an ice cream soda, on a Tuesday afternoon in July, they know. They know if you sit at the counter and drink that soda or take it and move to the only table in the store.  They know if you lick the foam from the top of the glass with your tongue or pick the foam with your straw and then lick it. They know if you keep the receipt for the soda or leave it on the counter. They know whether you’re wearing shoes or sneakers.  They know the brand of your underwear.  They know your shaving cream, and precisely which container it came out of. But this agency, with all its vast power and its dollars…” Jon and RSB will discuss the ongoing CIA-NSA turf war and what’s really behind it. David Gregory can kiss our…

It’s time for Outside the Box Wednesday with Ty Bollinger! Do you know anyone who is stressed out? Chances are it’s a mom. Well, mothers in California have got this stress thing figured out. What do they do? We’ll reveal it! Did you ever notice that Americans are a bit slow at figuring out that the quality of food matters to their health? How slow? 80% of the boxed, prepared foods available in the U.S. is banned by other countries! Maybe we need some assistance in fighting flatulence? Hold your nose, but we shall reveal a few options, just in case! Did you hear about the GMO sugar beet crop burned by activists in Oregon? Why is it not front-page news everywhere? Could it have anything to do with a Monsanto executive receiving the World Food Prize? They gave Obama a Nobel Peace Prize, so it must be in a similar category. We’ll discuss a marketing scheme to get sales people pumped up to sell orphan drugs that do not work. No, not to orphans, but Big Pharma minions would probably try if they thought they could get away with it. We need to explore the physics of a car blowing up and throwing its engine far away. What happened to investigative journalist Michael Hastings? The most dangerous men on the planet are those that cannot be bought. We’ll also revisit the cell phone radiation link to cancer and the bee colony collapse disorder as it related to EPA regulated pesticides. Finally, how about a Moment of Duh related to silver and antibiotics? Get ready for Ty and RSB as they go way Outside the Box! Ty’s websites include www.CancerTruth.net and www.SurvivalHerbs.com. Would you like to “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley at is on sale! Special thanks to Moringa Magic Team for their support of Outside the Box Wednesday!

Question of the Day: Hi Robert, We have been slammed by rain in the last month to more than 15″ of rain. We lost power today for a while and when the power came back on, I checked Accuweather. I saw an air quality alert that scares people into staying indoors because of high levels of the POLLUTANT OZONE. Is this the same ozone Mr. Oxygen has been talking about? Should we actually go outside and do some exercise and breathe as much as we can? Loving the oxygen info. Trying to heal my chickens with it. ~ Liberty

Mr. Oxygen answers: Medical Ozone and the so-called pollutant ozone are very different things. Medical ozone is pure active oxygen, and pollutant ozone is tons of heavy carcinogenic hydrocarbon pollutants and the oxygen in smog is almost non-existent. The authorities wanted a way to scare you away from ozone & active oxygen therapy so they found it convenient to vilify ground level ozone trying to clean up the pollution because their monitors could not measure only ozone, but have been measuring green, gray, tan, and black hydrocarbon smog as well. We do not recommend that you try to use smog as therapy because there is so little oxygen in smog. You will only make things worse. What you could do is put 85ppm peroxide in your livestock water, and low levels of pure ozone in their air.

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