Ty Bollinger Outside the Box Wednesday, Cancer Chemo-Collapse, Superstorm Entitlement Looting, Halloween Hypoglycemia and More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show October 31, 2012

It’s time for Outside the Box Wednesday with Ty Bollinger! In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, do we have anything that we can learn from looters? What happens when millions of people believe that they are entitled to your property the other 364 days of the year? RSB may delve into some politically incorrect, ill-timed social commentary. Is it possible to offend your way to a higher state of consciousness? Maybe we can blame global warming? Wait, it’s Halloween! Hide the kids from the candy! What happens if they sneak some? RSB has got some remedies just in the nick of hypoglycemic time! Plus, remedies to make you smarter, counteract migraine pain and deal with hyperthyroidism as well!

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Are you ready to go Outside the Box? Ty Bollinger is back for more powerful healing with the science to back it up! Do you know that oncologists are still duping millions of Americans about the benefits of chemotherapy? False hope is what the cancer docs are selling and we ain’t buying. Iatrogenic (doctor caused) deaths may even surpass cancer as a terminal exit path from life! Ty explains how not to take it. Are you aware that your child’s pediatrician, if he holds to the tenets of the American Academy of Pediatrics, believes that there is no proven benefit to feeding your children organic food? Could I have some more pesticides with that? What more do you need to know about the Pink Ribbon Fraud and Komen’s Race for GE, Dupont and Monsanto? How about parabens and breast cancer? Do you know about the Budwig Diet? Ty and RSB have an angle on it that just may make it even simpler! Let’s go outside the box! http://www.cancertruth.net/buy-now/ Ty’s websites include www.CancerTruth.net and www.SurvivalHerbs.com. Would you like to “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley at http://medicaldreamteam.com/ is on sale! Special thanks to Better Way Health and their Beta 1,3D Glucan for making this possible! http://betterwayhealth.com/

Listener questions of the day: “Hi Robert, Any suggestions for natural remedy for a hyperthyroid? It would be nice to get off the rx for it. Also what do you think would cause the thyroid to go into hyper mode in the first place? Thank you.” ~ Rose

“I thought of a question for the great guy Mr. Ty Bollinger. I heard Stephen from One World Whey say that instead of using cottage cheese for the Budwig diet people can use One World Whey. Would this work, because I rather use flax oil with one world whey since I don’t like using cottage cheese.” ~ Kevin

More stories:

Superstorm Sandy aftermath – power out for millions, death toll rises…

Be on the look out for looters, even if the mainstream media will not report it in the  aftermath of Superstorm Sandy…

Let’s check in with non-meteorologist earth muffin Al Gore for his report on the big storm: “It’s Global Warming!” C’mon Al, have you never read the story about the boy who cried wolf?

Can Omega-3 supplements boost memory in young adults? We should all be fat heads like that.

Can you say corporatism? Whether Bush did it or Obama does it, it’s still theft.

How about a Halloween Moment of Duh? Kids who have these do worse in school. If you had one, you’d be challenged to do much of anything…

The American Chemical Society does not want the government to study the carcinogenic impact of its member company’s products…

Plant compounds link to LESS stomach cancer in women! Did we really need a study to tell us that eating a diet rich with plant flavonoids is good for us?

Chemo cures what? Not cancer; but it is a leading cause of death in its treatment. Do you think that oncologists are communicating this to their patients?

If you do this, you’ll be healthier and have better cognitive abilities. Moment of Duh, Part Deux?

Just in time for Halloween – Is sugar really bad for you?

The War on Breast Cancer exploits the innocence and ignorance of children, especially when it comes to the pink washing month of October. Enough with Komen’s Race to suppress the cure. Even the NFL is duped…

Today is the day! Dress up in a scary GMO costume for Halloween and send the picture here to The RSB Show at askrsb@gmail.com and we will find some way to send great goblins, er, no, gobs of gratitude for the best one! Get creative and wake up your neighbors to the real threat of GMOs!

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