UK Measles Shot Attacks, Karen Kain Talks Vaccines, Autism One, Liam Scheff Boston Marathon Bombing Anomalies, Ron Paul Summer Camp & More!

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The medical authorities in the United Kingdom have their knickers in a bunch over the measles outbreak in South Wales. Instead of looking for the real cause, they are too busy trying to blame Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Why? It is so much easier to scapegoat a doctor who reports and publishes his observations honestly than to honestly admit that vaccines are dangerous and do not work. As we covered last week, Dr. Wakefield’s initial recommendations included increasing accessibility to the monovalent Measles vaccine instead of the combination MMR shot. Did the government embrace such logic? Despite 2 of 3 MMR varieties being pulled from the market due to serious adverse events, they tripled down on the danger. Now they are recommending re-vaccination of MMR for everyone in Wales, despite the known increased risk of anaphylaxis. Who is warning about the danger? Not the UK health authorities. Once again, it’s Andrew Wakefield to the rescue!  If you are concerned about adverse vaccine reactions, please consider King Bio’s homeopathic Vaccinoplex before disastrous reactions occur.

Karen Kain with daughter Lorrin

Are you planning to attend Autism One May 22-26, 2013? Karen Kain  – a parent of a medically fragile, vaccine-injured child named Lorrin for fifteen years – teaches parents how to enjoy their children no matter their abilities. She shares how she bridged the gap from special needs to mainstream experiences in all arenas of life: best friends, slumber parties, concerts, camping, beauty pageants, Girl Scouts, school dances, musicals and endless travels. Karen is committed to helping children who are living a unique life experience by supporting their parents. In 1994 Lorrin was severely vaccine injured and at that time Karen’s world fell apart.  Life as she knew it was put “on hold” as she tried everything that she could to “heal” Lorrin and give her the best life possible. Karen was forced to over come massive rejection and isolation as she hurdled obstacles and adapted her life to find success as a parent of a unique child. What Karen did not expect on this journey was that she herself would learn, grow and even heal from her experiences. Lorrin it turned out was always the teacher. She taught: life is full of magic, to love myself, not to pass judgment, to be present in the moment whether it be at the hospital or Disneyland, beauty comes from within, we are all one and each soul is important no matter their ability. Lorrin was totally comfortable with who she was, even though she was cortically blind, nonverbal, and a quadriplegic who lived with uncontrolled seizures for her entire life. When Lorrin was 3, Karen made a pivitol choice to embrace Lorrin’s uniqueness and enjoy all areas of life, living without rules and boundaries.  Karen overcame life’s massive roadblocks as she raised Lorrin. Together they held their heads high as they paved the way to giving all parents permission to explore and enjoy life.  Karen found that the solution to winning in this life of parenting a unique child started with being committed to having a great attitude and perspective regardless of their situation. Through her keynotes sessions and workshops, Karen shares the principals that made her parenting experience a success. Her message is simple:

“It is my mission to share our life story in hopes it will support other children and their families who are living a unique life experience. It is my goal to raise awareness of the power and importance of all unique souls. I believe that Lorrin was here to pave the way to a grander attitude of love and acceptance for all. It is my honor as her parent to help spread her life’s message of love and forgiveness.”

You can visit with Karen at the Abilities Expo NY/NJ  May 4th; and Autism One on Friday May 24th.

The Boston bombing is over – or has it only begun? Liam Scheff joins RSB to talk about the damning web of confusing stories and images streaming from the events in Boston. What does mind-control have to do with it? Why does the most brutally injured man in a crowd get attended to last? How does a man who should be dead from blood loss stay conscious for 30 minutes or more while people ignore him? Who is the man in the hood and sunglasses? And could it have all been a military drill? Read about the “Boston Marathon Bombing: A Pyramid Scheme” by Liam Scheff.

We’ll take a look at the gore and wounds – though it is terribly troubling – and ask that you follow along as we seek to find the answer to the riddle: Cui Bono? Here are some sites to review the emerging images:

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Question of the Day: On the video, you talk about the parallel between the increase in the vaccine schedule and the soaring increase in autism. In addition, you said that the increase in the number of vaccines was “based on politics and economics, and not on science at all.” What did you mean by this? ~ Anne

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RSB, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and many others will be at the Autism One conference in Chicago, Illinois, May 22-26, 2013. Hope to see you there!

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What else is on the news?

Ron Paul launches non-interventionist summer school! Cool!

Totally untrue facts about Andrew Wakefield You can read about a British newspaper humorist with a serious humor deficiency disease as he attacks Dr. Wakefield.

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