Vaccinating Ape People, Liam Scheff on Jon Stewart’s Health Insurance Mandate Mash-up, Richard Pearl’s (Parental Advisory) Irreverence, Sinus Infection Remedies, Ron Paul on Impending Global Economic Collapse, Lead Detoxification and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show February 16, 2012

Parental Advisory Alert! Every once in a while we’ve got to let loose, which is why Liam Scheff and Richard Pearl are joining RSB in studio for today’s broadcast. Be forewarned, however, as the subject matter may be too much for sensitive ears. The left-right Hegelian dialectic is in full force on the issue of health insurance mandates and coverage for abortion, so we’re going to have to tackle the one issue that no one can agree upon. Other subjects on tap include:

  • Whitney Houston’s death by modern medicine
  • Hillary Clinton and the World Bank
  • Ron Paul on the impending economic collapse
  • Inner city drugs courtesy the CIA
  • Psychiatric screening for children
  • Supplemental cures for cancer and rigged science
  • Hospital dangers
  • USDA police and children’s lunches
  • Sinus infections
  • Stupid ringtones
  • Leaded lipstick and more!

Remember, today’s show is not for the hypersensitive, as it is very difficult to constrain Liam and Richard while in the same studio! Seatbelts everyone…

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Here are some of the stories we plan to cover on The RSB Show today:

Why is Liam Scheff upset with Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart? Watch how he mangles the contraception abortion debate as they relate to federal mandates for health insurance coverage and religious institutions:

Does anyone remain under the illusion that there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals? If anyone becomes president besides Ron Paul, it will be business as usual for the status quo. Did you know that “conservatives” used to be FOR the health insurance mandate before they were against it? Hypocrites.

Former FDA commissioner Andy von Eschenbach proposes that the “FDA should approve drugs based on safety and leave efficacy testing for post-market studies.” In other words, they would approve the drugs and then find out what they do. Is Nancy Pelosi in there somewhere?

Is Hillary Clinton looking to head the World Bank? Who cares about the presidency if you can rule the world by heading up the international banksters fiat scam?

Congressman Ron Paul does it again! He re-introduces a bill to prevent federal funding for childhood psychiatric screening. These screening tests are used primarily to corral children into the mind-altering drugs of Big (psychiatric) Pharma…

Not content to vaccinate every man, woman and child, now the vaccine industry is poised to go after apes and monkeys, too. Are all of us primate guinea pigs? Please stop playing Russian Roulette will life on planet earth, especially when each syringe is fully loaded! and

It’s finally here! Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! – with Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

Stop the presses! Someone has a heart attack at the heart attack grill! Was it the triple burger? Or was it what was in the triple burger with synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics?

A new study proves that Vitamin B and Fish Oil do not prevent cancer. Or does it? More pharmaceutically conflicted pseudo-studies to keep you from dietary supplements and on drugs!

Do you have a sinus infection? In most cases antibiotics will not work, because it is most likely viral. RSB shares what will work…

You can’t find leaded gasoline at the corner gas station but you sure can find leaded lipstick at your favorite cosmetic store! RSB will share what you can do to get the lead out, including the use of Plumbum metallicum!

Is Ron Paul secretly taking over the GOP?

Ron Paul interviewed on GoldSeek radio on the coming crash of fiat money:

Is your ringtone making you stupid?

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