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Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST: Do inner city overweight folks suffer from drug deficiencies or deficiencies of fresh fruits and vegetables? A few public hospitals in the NYC area are testing a Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program, or FVRx. Real food instead of drugs? A standing ovation may be in order. Could intermittent fasting really be good for you now that science says so? What about women entering into their wisdom years? RSB and nutripath Stephen Heuer discuss natural solutions for support of recovery from hot flashes and other uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause. We’ve got a Question of the Day about oral (gum and teeth) health from a listener who heard about homeopathic Calcarea fluorica. What does RSB think? What is the legacy of Jonas Salk? Besides polio vaccine contaminates with SV40 and other unmentionables. Super Don wants to know. Could it be oversight of drug manufacturing and testing? How’s that working out for you? Did you know that fatal overdoses from FDA approved narcotic painkillers have tripled over a decade? Why is it that the Federal government refuses to reschedule cannabis? Did you get a deal this last Black Friday? Hope you didn’t buy what this retailer was selling – literal poop!

There’s a radiation alert coming out of the Turkey Point nuclear power plant near Miami! Are you prepared? What’s on tap for the rest of the second hour? Adult grown-up content warning: we’ll be talking about sex and relationships in this hour with Liam Scheff. Why pay for cuddling? Liam is back to talk about the new move to capitalize on our need for love and affection. Why not just do what foraging societies do, and BE affectionate with each other? Cuddling produces those essential healing chemicals Dopamine, Oxytocin and Serotonin, and others – and we make them through love and affection – not just sex. Liam talks about how to safely open your life to more affection and create boundaries that help you feel comfortable in doing so. What’s a “Chakra?” We’ll discuss how sexuality affects our psychology, and how it opens us up and makes us feel so vulnerable. Get out your psychology textbooks, because we’re getting to the root of why sex makes us feel so ‘needy’ – and how to protect that feeling with awareness. Why do some cultures hit and beat women and children and others find it abhorrent? The difference may be found in our split inheritance, from the foraging (paleolithic) cultures that we all come from, to the herding (cattle-driving and killing) cultures that split off from them, we find the roots of our division. If you are offended by a frank discussion of love, relationships, communication and sex, do not listen to hour 2! Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

Question/Comments of the Day: 1) Hi Robert, I’m interested in learning more about Calcarea Fluorica in order to support the teeth/mouth. Have you used this remedy and found any success with it building up the bone of teeth? I recently listened to an interview of Dr. Curatola DDS and he said that using antimicrobials (tea tree oil, oregano etc) in the mouth to get rid of ‘bad’ bacteria actually disrupts the oral microbiome and you do more harm than good. He suggests oil pulling and using things such as Calcarea Fluorica to promote healthy teeth and a balanced mouth (re: bacteria).  I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject and which brand of Calcarea Fluorica you recommend. Thank you! ~ Lara

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