Vitamin Love, Ty Bollinger’s backstory, listener questions, Jenny McCarthy on ABC, vaccines, Zimmerman trial aftermath, racial identity & more!

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The Hegelian Dialectic is being played for all it is worth in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial. There are people who profit off of racial divisiveness and violence. They include those who work in the mainstream corporate media and government, especially. Many of those who proclaim everyone a racist likely do not even know the definition of the word. If you do not like someone just because they have more skin pigment than you, that makes you an ass, not necessarily a racist. Racism is rooted in collectivism, because it defines you by your group membership and disregards your existence as an individual. This is the danger with medical collectivism as well. Pharmaceutical authorities insist that it is your responsibility to get vaccinated because of herd immunity, eschewing the fact that the vaccine could kill you, the individual. Who you are transcends your physical body, but authoritarians on planet earth, whether medical or racial, persist in trying to convince you that you are really an animal in the herd, or a color. Are you an eagle or a chicken? I’m going for a divine spark of God. How about you?

What else is on tap today?

  • Orthopedic doctor in Tennessee diagnoses “ghetto booty.” What is that?
  • Online Alzheimer’s tests called into question…
  • Coffee enemas for detoxification
  • Jenny McCarthy hired by ABC for The View controversy…
  • Vitamin L instead of anger and rage…
  • Stevie Wonder boycotts Florida….
  • Vaccinosis remedies and much more!

Questions/Comments of the Day: 1) Hi Robert. I was listening to your show with Leslie Manookian, writer/producer of The Greater Good. I was curious about Paul Offit (intentionally not calling him Dr.), so I visited his website. I felt anger creeping up my spine after 30 seconds of reading the total rubbish on his website. His books…gag! But you know, I quickly calmed the anger because all those things he says they do not exist in my world. I choose to not feed his lies with my anger. I choose to continue spreading “vitamin L” as you so creatively call it. People are smart, most will find their way. I know some will choose to exist in Offit’s nightmare of a reality. I love the saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Thank you for all that you do, your message is powerful, your guests are beyond fascinating, and you have given me knowledge that I otherwise would not know. ~ Michelle C.

2) I love your show. I read “Official Stories”, I had some prior knowledge about AIDS and vaccines, but there was more, and I am amazed. However, my question: My son, 26 years, received a tetanus and pertussis vaccine (2 in 1) about 4 months ago when he obtained a laceration at work and had to go to the emergency for sutures. Yesterday, he felt sick with body aching. When he first received the shot, I told him to take silver hydrosol, charcoal caps. Is there anything else you could suggest? Thanks, Rosel

3) Hello Robert & Co: I just wanted to thank you for all you do as I am beginning my new career as a nutritionist. You have answered my questions for years, and in answering others and in your talks in general, I have learned a great deal from you in terms of information I could not find anywhere else. I also subscribe to Mike’s newsletter. You’re doing such a good service! Love your show! Incidentally, my neighbor is going through chemo for her breast tumor and her oncologist is also giving her steroids to stimulate her appetite!! Perhaps this is a new protocol, but it seems worse to me… she says she is now craving pizzas and carbs because of the steroids. What will they think of next?? ~ Sondra

4) Hi Robert, I want to share a new component of my detox protocol with all the folks out in Health Freedomland. I’ve had a Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna from Phil Wilson @ Momentum 98 for the past year, which I enjoy several times a week. I recently started to take a dose of activated charcoal and a few sprays of KingBio Heavy Metal Detox just prior to going in the sauna. While in there, I listen to a Heavy Metal Detox frequency track on my mp3 player (no, NOT heavy metal music!) while visualizing sucking or vacuuming the heavy metals and all toxins out of my cells on the inhale, and blowing them out to the universe on the exhale for recycling back to their natural form. It feels really good! I’m sure there’s more I could add, any ideas? I love your show and haven’t missed one since you started broadcasting on Natural News Radio. I look forward to seeing you, Dr. Buttar, Liam and Ty next Sat. in Charlotte. It will be such a relief to be in the company of those who know the power to heal is ours. See all y’all then! ~ Suzy

Ty Bollinger & RSB

I know it’s not Wednesday yet, but I could not wait. The Advanced Medicine Seminar is coming up this weekend, so I asked Ty Bollinger To join me a little earlier than usual. We’ll discuss this upcoming event and go a little more into Ty’s backstory as to why he was motivated to actually put in writing the story of natural treatments or cancer. For goodness sake, he’s an accountant, not a writer! How did this happen? We may have time to discuss other controversies including ABC hiring Jenny McCarthy for The View. What about the protests surrounding the Zimmerman trial outcome? Is this another play by the powers that be in the old media to divide us all? Can we talk divisiveness in polite company and all get along – I mean really get along – even if we differ in many other areas? Are there any living examples? If there are, we’ll find them and reveal them! By the way, what is racism, really? It’s not what the old media would have you believe. Get ready to discuss the undiscussable, plus natural cancer cures this hour! Ty’s websites include and Also, “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley!

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2 thoughts on “Vitamin Love, Ty Bollinger’s backstory, listener questions, Jenny McCarthy on ABC, vaccines, Zimmerman trial aftermath, racial identity & more!

  • July 17, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Greetings Robert, just having few questions about Ty’s Moringa. I ordered it too quickly because I really learned to like Ty through you programming. Of course, it all starts with you Robert, listening to your shows all the time. I respect your position on all issues, except maybe there be two things that bother my ear. One is that you mention liberals too much, and I’m not sure who are liberals to you, nancy polosi? Obama? Democrats? Today it is hard to put people in groups especially when we are all getting hurt the same, call us democrats, conservatives, liberals, … Just adds more to the separation of all of us, is my opinion.
    Another thing is about Moringa, Ty’s product. I loved listening to Ty so much that I ordered the product too quickly, exactly what he recommended. Once I got the box I was shocked to see the ingredients, sugar, caffeine? Also it seems to be completely marketed as MLM. Another question would be about organic certification, who is the certified since it is MLM sold. I returned the product. I thought Moringa would be in a raw, bulk form. I would never purchase such an expensive, packaged product. I don’t think you would purchase it either Robert. Please tell me what are your beliefs about Ty’s product recommendation!!! Thank you, Branka.

    • July 18, 2013 at 9:07 am

      Thanks for sharing your concerns. I will talk to Ty about the Moringa and cover it on the air with him at a later date. As to your liberal concerns, give a listen to today’s (7/18/13) broadcast and I will address them directly. Thanks for helping me rock the health world!

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