Z-pack Heart Attack, Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Gut Recovery, Non-HIV AIDS, Artifical Milk, D.C. Freedom Banned, Monsanto Not Hungary & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show March 13, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to listen now.

The FDA-approved Medical Monopoly strikes again! Last May, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine compared the risk of cardiovascular death in patients who took Zithromax with those who took several other antibiotics, including amoxicillin. It found that patients who took Zithromax, made by Pfizer, Inc, had higher rates of fatal heart rhythms.Why? RSB explains exactly why in ways that might cause your doctor serious injury. Seriously, if you want to know why, you really should tune in today, especially before you get your next Z-Pack prescription! What else is on tap today? There is a clear and present need to regain gastrointestinal integrity – especially in babies and children who are vaccine damaged! Important updates are on their way to you…

Ty Bollinger

It’s time for Outside the Box Wednesday with Ty Bollinger! If you or your children find the taste of pasteurized, homogenized, rBGH & antibiotic-infested cow milk kind of nasty, would you like the government to approve the addition of aspartame to it? How about if they don’t even label the additional artificial sweetener on the carton or jug? What happens if your kid brings cupcakes to school for a birthday celebration? Should he be chided for doing so if there is a toy soldier on top? More government school absurdity stimulated by a fear of the Second Amendment is coming your way! Last week, we spotlighted a country that intends to go 100% organic – this week, kudos goes to Hungary. Monsanto is not happy, but we are and we’ll reveal why. Have you figured out why the Vaccine Industrial Complex is desperate to keep the second most toxic substance on planet earth in children’s shots? We’ll spotlight, and then detoxify the mercury madness! Meanwhile, the cancer industry proposes more bathing for cancer patients. No, they are not proposing better hygiene. Don’t let their suggestion intoxicate you! Hey kids, gues where they banned the use of the word “freedom.” Can you say the District of Criminals (D.C.)? Would you like to get rid of fluoride? We’ll reveal a plant-based method to do just that!  Get ready for Ty and RSB as they go way Outside the Box! Ty’s websites include www.CancerTruth.net and www.SurvivalHerbs.com. Would you like to “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley at is on sale! Special thanks to Better Way Health and their Beta 1,3D Glucan for making this possible! They also have Krill Oil and the Samson single gear auger juicer! Call them at 1-800-746-7640!

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Question/Comment of the Day: I was once HIV+. I now remain HIV-. I still have AIDS (though I am ICD-coded “C.F.S.” since HIV+ is a prerequisite for an “AIDS” diagnosis in the USA). ‘NON HIV AIDS’ is the name of my illness. You can google it. My case goes up through the White House, NIH, CDC, WHO, to the United Nations. I recently testified on a federal-level in Washington, DC, and have been published 12 times on 4 continents.” ~ CFSBoston

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RSB and Vaishali hosting a seminar together? Yes! March 23 – 24, 2013 on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California! http://www.businessmuse.com/newsletters/Alive_Healthy.html

What else is in the news?

Z-packs prescribed like candy? Call your cardiologist! Actually, call a non-dietician nutritionist in order to prevent antibiotic-induced heart attacks!

What happens when autistic children become adults and have to go to the hospital? This disaster is just beginning.

What is the view of America from abroad? Americans are not gonna like it…

Bring cupcakes to school? Fine. Put toy soldiers on them? Big trouble.

Hooray for Hungary! They will not go hungry because they burned all the GMO corn crops!

Got cancer? This bath may be more toxic than you can take. But the cancer industry likes it.

Does your milk taste bad? The government want to add aspartame to it and not tell you!

Of all the words to ban on D.C. license plates, this one may be the most expected, considering the liberty-deficiency diseases spreading there.

Removing fluoride from your water by using herbs? How cool would that be!

Pinky and the Brain have got nothing on this! Scientists link Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin’s brain! Wait, maybe I have that wrong. Read the story and see what you think.

What is non-HIV AIDS? Really, there is such a thing. Actually, ALL AIDS is technically non-HIV.

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