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Jul 27

SSRI shootings, Hinckley Jr., suing HPV vaccine, medical kidnapping updates, Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Frankincense cancer cure, TV clots

July 27, 2016 7-9pm, EST What’s up Wednesday on the Robert Scott Bell Show:  John Hinckley Jr., who wounded U.S. President Ronald Reagan and three other people in a 1981 assassination attempt prompted by his obsession with actress Jodie Foster, can be freed from a psychiatric hospital to live with his mother, a federal judge …

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Jul 26

Joni Abbott on postpartum support doulas, female zombie pediatrician vaccines, functional supplements, thyroid nodules, liberal sleepers?

joni abbot with baby

July 26, 2016 7-9PM EDT Tuesday on the Robert Scott Bell Show: Hope you’re feeling terrific! In a confusing op-ed piece, this pediatrician acknowledges all the reasons why we should be mis-trustful of vaccines, while at the same time, vilifying the “anti-vaxxers” and calling for mandatory vaccines across the board. “The roots of the anti-vaccination …

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Jul 26

Hemp growing again in the USA thanks to CV Sciences and Murray State University


CV Sciences, Inc. Continues Record of Investment in Kentucky’s Hemp Industry and Research Through Sponsorship of Murray State University’s Hemp Field Day on August 4, 2016 Open To Public, The Event Marks a Year of Exceptional Strides in Research and Gives Attendees the Rare Opportunity to View Hemp Research Plots First Hand

Jul 25

Advanced Medicine Monday with Dr. Buttar! Trump yes to cannabis, pain refugees from MT, CBD, THC for Alzheimer’s? Hope post vaccines!

school pic

July 25th, 2016 Monday on the Robert Scott Bell Show: Put up your dukes Dems! Outgoing Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed and jeered at a pre-convention delegation breakfast this morning in Philadelphia, a day after she announced she would resign from the post after the leak of embarrassing party emails. Amid ugly …

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Jul 24

Real food supplements, NPA MAHO, Carolyn Behrman, Plus CBD Oil, Stuart Tomc from CV Sciences! Freedom of speech, 10th Amendment!

gmo label

July 24, 2016, 1-3pm EDT Sunday on the Robert Scott Bell Show: In Vermont, the nation’s first state to require labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in foods, the state attorney general excluded dietary supplements from the required disclosures. The dietary supplement industry doesn’t expect the same outcome if President Obama signs into law a …

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Jul 22

Freshman Friday – shots or not? Doc of Detox, feel the love, new seminar, Diane Miller, Health Freedom Congress! Are you signed up for Aug. 13-14?

July 22, 2016 7-9pm EST Friday on the Robert Scott Bell show – Feel the love, skip the shots! We’re starting off the show with our Freshman Friday – Captain Morgen puts RSB through his paces, and gets him to explain the basics.  Today, we talk about the history of vaccines – we recently covered a …

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Jul 21

Emord, Cheryl and Norm! Ted Cruz, Melania Trump mess, Ingraham is no Nazi, Facebook faces lawsuit, cannabis, Twitter censors Ghostbusters!

July 21, 2016 Thursday on the Robert Scott Bell show – Sacred Fire of Liberty with Cheryl Chumley, Jonathon Emord, and Norm Singleton! Ted Cruz on Thursday strongly defended his refusal to endorse Donald Trump during his Republican National Convention speech, saying he’s not “in the habit” of backing politicians who attack his family. The …

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Jul 20

Zika in Florida? Chris Barr, diabetes drugs, HPV vaccine approved? Ty Bollinger, cancer news, GMO’s get free pass? Pence Eli Lilly link?

July 20th, 2016 7-9PM EDT Wednesday on the Robert Scott Bell Show: Cancer questions answered! Florida health officials said Tuesday they were investigating a possible case of Zika that wasn’t carried back by a traveler. If it’s confirmed, it would be the first evidence that Zika has spread to mosquitoes in the continental U.S. All cases …

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Jul 19

Time to Oil Up! Zika frika, Prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease – 3 biggest US killers, Crohn’s Q&A, Ian Clark of Activation, placebos work!

July 19th, 2016 Tuesday on the Robert Scott Bell Show: Time to Oil Up! The science behind the high-fat low-carb ketogenic diet has been around for years. It is a special diet originally developed  at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the 1920s as a cure for childhood epilepsy. A diet that is still used today, some children …

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Jul 18

Vaccines injuries, Japan takes legal action on HPV shots! Autism on the rise, gut health, Advanced Medicine with Dr. Buttar, Hep C fakeout?

July 18th, 2016 7-9 PM EDT Monday on the Robert Scott Bell Show: Every day, people in the United States are being injured and killed by vaccines, and those numbers are increasing. This is a fact that is not in dispute, as the Department of Justice’s quarterly report on vaccine injuries and deaths clearly demonstrates. And …

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