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Featuring "The Briar Patch" by Liam Scheff

Sep 26

“The Monogamy Trap” by Liam Scheff


Love and marriage. Goes together like a…cultural trap? Anti-freedom top-down control gambit? A witch hunt? Too abrupt? Let me start over. Let me offer a point of view from an alien perspective: imagine that what I’m saying comes from the pen of an anthropologist from the future; better yet, from another planet, who’s been studying human …

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Oct 02

“News Room” by Liam Scheff
 5 of 15×15


by Liam Scheff  5 of 15×15 (Warning: adult language) “And why won’t you write it?” “Because it’s not true!” She says it with unintended force from air that pummels its way out of her lungs and guts and makes the words throaty and heavy. Joe paces the length of the long, open desk. Rob and …

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Oct 21

New!!! Robert Scott Bell Show Postcards! Special Thanks to Liam Scheff!!! Copy, Paste, Post!!!

RSB new card 1

Sep 25

“Wherever You Are, Wherever You Live…Grow Plants.” by Liam Scheff

Grow Plants Death Star Liam Scheff 2012 md-1

Jun 15

Ron Paul or Bust!

Ron Paul or Bust 2012 by Liam Scheff

Jun 15

Briar Patch – Apples

Briar Patch episode 5 by Liam Scheff

Mar 19

Briar Patch Episode 4 by Liam Scheff via the Robert Scott Bell Show – No Dangerous Raw Milk Cafes in New York City

Briar Patch 4 by Liam Scheff via the Robert Scott Bell Show - New York City, Raw Milk is Dangerous

Mar 07

The Briar Patch – Episode 3 – Sean Stone on Iran, Israel and Genies – by Liam Scheff

Briar Patch 3 by Liam Scheff (c) 2012

Mar 07

“The Briar Patch” Episode 2 – by Liam Scheff

The Briar Patch ep 2

Feb 27

Welcome to “The Briar Patch” – a New Comic Series by Liam Scheff for The Robert Scott Bell Show

The Briar Patch ep 1