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May 22

“If It Walks Like A Duck and Talks Like A Duck, Then…” – by Hoofnagle The Science Cat


May 22

“The S*** Skeptics Say” – Hoofnagle The Science Cat


Have you ever noticed the choice of words pseudoskeptics like to use to describe things they don’t agree with? Well ok, “disagree with” is an understatement. More like belittle, condemn, slam, scoff at… Pick your own synonym. I did some reading and watched a few lectures recently and it was really “interesting” to see these …

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Mar 08

Hoofnagle The Science Cat – Episode 2 “Cherry Picking”



Mar 06

Hoofnagle The Science Cat – “Denialist Expert” Episode 1

Feb 23

Happy Birthday to Robert Scott Bell!


Robert got a surprise today on the show with a birthday greeting from just a few of the many people that he has touched, inspired and empowered over the years. Yours truly is one of those lucky individuals who happened to cross paths with Robert and as a result, things haven’t been the same since. …

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Feb 21

Strange But True Photo Of The Day


Feb 18

Outside the Box Ty Bollinger, Super Don, mouse munchies, Kid Against Chemo, open carry, KKK Krispy Kreme, bug diet, Erin Elizabeth & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show February 17, 2015 Click here to download/listen now! Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST:  Ty Bollinger and Super Don take over as Robert is traveling today! What will they cover on today’s show? Would you believe police breaking down a door, physically assaulting the residents of the home …

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Feb 17

Did George Washington Use Medical Marijuana?


Before “Choom Gang” Obama or “I didn’t inhale” Clinton, the first president likely smoked pot. Presidential aspirants smoking pot, states growing hemp for industrial use—2015 sounds a lot like 1776. In fact, America’s first president may have been one of the nation’s original users of medicinal marijuana.

Feb 17

Say Hello To Big Pharma’s New Best Friend – Elizabeth Warren!

US Capitol For Sale (Washington, DC)

On January 29, 2015,  Warren unveiled new legislation called the Medical Innovation Act, which would substantially increase federal funding for the NIH by requiring blockbuster drug companies to pay a portion of their profits when they break the law and enter into settling agreements with the government. “It’s like a swear jar,” stated Warren. “Whenever a huge …

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Feb 16

Missouri Rep Ken Wilson Talks About “Isaiah’s Law” and Medical Kidnapping


Missouri State Representative Ken Wilson has drafted a measure to stop medical kidnapping in the State of Missouri. Rep Wilson’s bill,  HB 217, would be called “Isaiah’s Law” after Isaiah Rider, the Missouri teen put into foster care by the state of Missouri after his mother asked for a second opinion because she disagreed with doctors at Lurie Children’s Hospital. …

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