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Jul 02

EPIC FAIL Part 1 – Paul Offit Tries To Debunk Jim Carrey, Ends Up Getting Debunked By A Cat

Apparently someone accidentally lifted the rock that Paul Offit was under this morning and HuffPo decided to help him make an ass out of himself.  I had no intention of having anything to do with this knuckle-dragger today. I’ve been preoccupied lately with several other Skepducks making noise elsewhere. However, when I saw this article …

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Jun 30

SB277 Got Ya Down? Don’t Worry….Hoofnagle Has Your Back


Jun 29

TPP: Crossroads in the fight for the preservation of our nation


Ive seen a lot of debate over the last week, regarding the Confederate Flag, and the symbolism behind it. I was left wondering, does anyone actually know the background of the Confederate flag? What it actually means? My understanding was that the flag served as the battle standard of the Army of Northern Virginia, commanded …

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Jun 26

David Gorski Goes After TMR – Gets Demoted To Low Hanging Fruit Status by Hoofnagle The Science Cat


I tried. I really, really tried. David Gorski just can’t help himself. I must once again take advantage of another teachable moment for those of you who are new to the term I coined known as Narcisscientism. Narcisscientism blinds the true believer to their own logical fallacies. Don’t try to explain this to them though, because …

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Jun 25

The S*** Skepducks Say – Gorski vs Thinking Moms Revolution

Jun 21

“A Holocaust” and “The Holocaust” – Is There A Difference? – Hoofnagle


I’m going to tread into a territory that I know can be controversial, but I am genuinely interested in your input. To this day I am seeing people hammer RFK Jr for saying “They get the shot, that night they have a fever of a hundred and three, they go to sleep, and three months …

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Jun 05

What is Narcisscientism? Why Do You Need To Know? by Hoofnagle


NARCISSCIENTISMˈ [nahr-suh sahy-uhn tiz-uh m] 1. the dogmatic endorsement of scientific methodology and the reduction of all knowledge to only that which is measurable by a person who exhibits the behavior and traits of pathological narcissism  How to identify a believer in Narccisscientism or a Narcissiscientist They will use all or any combination of the following words: Quack, Quackery, Crank, …

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Jun 04



I promised a while back that I would keep an eye on who the biggest duck is over at the Skepduck pond…. and today we see our favorite duck is alive and well, quacking up a storm after someone got convicted for selling MMS. 14 impressions of a duck is commendable although it isn’t the …

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May 26

Release The Quacken? I think Zeus Got More Than He Bargained For


May 25

David Gorski Commits The Ultimate party Foul: Logical Fallacy


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