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News and Notes from Super Don

Nov 13

Too Many Stories……Not Enough Time!!!! What To Do?

Every day we have so many stories in the news that we can’t get to on the air. For years I’ve always wondered what to do with them. We could probably do 4 hours a day and still not get to everything that’s going on…… I’ve toyed with the idea of posting the good ones …

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Nov 05

Election Day? Oh Boy….. A Giant Douche vs. A Turd Sandwich

Here we go again…. I have to say that of the last several presidential campaigns that I have had the privilege (and obligation due to the line of work I’m in) to witness. Being a part of the Ron Paul Revolution was inspiring not only to me but to many others in this country and …

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Oct 30

Wait…What? Hey! My Own Page????


Well look at that….I get to carve out my own little place on the website! Hmmm….what am I going to do on here?   Stay tuned for anything and everything from behind the scenes here at The Robert Scott Bell Show. If you have any questions or comment show related plese let me know. You …

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