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Jun 16

The Weeds You Need for Survival (before and) After the Economic Reset

Taraxacum - Dandelion for liver & kidney detoxification

by Robert S. Bell, D.A. Hom. Copyright 2011 RSBell Media In the old, artificial economy, industries were spawned to poison and eradicate weeds. Weeds were considered a nuisance in the days of our irrational and dysfunctional belief that a nice green lawn was worth any price, even intoxicating the planet and the people on it. …

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Aug 23

Vaccines Are On The Rise!

New U.S. Pandemic Plan Aims to Speed Products “At a moment when the greatest danger we face may be a virus we have never seen before … we don’t have the flexibility to adapt,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said at a news briefing.” RSB Comments: Forget flexibility, Sebelius and the Feds do …

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Jul 26

5 Tips to Survive Food Fascism

Raids are increasing on farms and private food-supply clubs

Jul 19

RSB on Savage – 7/19/10

Avandia Raises Heart Risk But Should Stay on Market, FDA Panel Finds “What’s a little heart attack among doctors and patients?” If Avandia falls, which diabetes meds fill the gap?

Jul 12

New U.K. Government Bans Michael Savage


The new Conservative Party-led government of Prime Minister David Cameron informed Michael Savage it will continue the ban on the top-rated talk-radio host’s entry to the United Kingdom unless he repudiates statements made on his broadcasts that were deemed a threat to public security. The U.K. Border Agency told Savage through a letter from the …

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Jul 06

Nullification: A Necessary Power for State Sovereignty

There has been plenty of chatter in the past year about

Jul 06

Did you know that states don

Virginia, Utah, Idaho, and other states are fighting the federal healthcare law. Arizona is protecting its borders. Washington State, Oklahoma, and Tennessee are fighting cap-and-trade legislation. Eight states are standing up for gun rights. Twenty-five states have effectively blocked the 2005 Real ID Act

Jul 06

Successful Use of Homeopathy In Over 2.5 Million People Reported From Cuba

A remarkable successful use of homeopathic prophylaxis was reported from a Cuban conference. Of course, the exact numbers and results are still to be published. Cuba has its own vaccine production and instead of using a conventional medical vaccine homeopathic remedies were distributed to prevent the usual Leptospirosis outbreak after tropical flooding. The results were …

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Jul 02

Recent, Upcoming FDA Efforts Address Rare, ‘Neglected’ Diseases

The FDA’s new rare disease review group will hold its first public hearing on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss how to expand efforts to develop treatments for rare diseases that affect fewer than 200,000 people,