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  1. Christine Appleman

    I used to go to a wonderful Naturopath in Colorado but because of new laws she had to close her doors. She was the first Naturopath that got to the root of my problems. She hooked us up to some Bio____ computer thing (I cannot remember what it was called) which helped her diagnose what was going on internally. But most Naturopath’s seem to use the “doctor” system of just listening to your symptoms and then “guessing” what is wrong. We are up here in SE Montana and there is a sweet teenager in our tiny community that is baffling all the doctors. She has mini seizures frequently but they follow no pattern at all. Yesterday she was taken to the ER because she suffered 2 Grand Mauls. They figured out that it was because of a full blown UTI causing the the seizures. I have felt all along since this is not epilepsy that there must be something else in her system causing these mini seizures. But I have no idea who I should suggest she go to. There are Naturopaths all around us…Billings, MT; Buffalo, Wyoming; Blackhawk, SD…but I don’t want to send them to someone who is going to guess, because they have never used a Naturopath before and they need to go to someone who will be able to get right down to the root of the problem. I am reading your Unlock the Power to Heal book and thought maybe you would have some suggestions for me to give them?!! Thanks! Christine Appleman

  2. Jason

    OK what gives? I asked a question about arthritis and my question is gone now.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      I answered your questions about arthritis this evening 10/20/14 on The RSB Show.

      1. Jason

        Weird! It was totally gone! Thanks for answering! Much respect.

        1. Robert Scott Bell

          You got it! Thanks for reaching out.

  3. Russ

    Hello Robert,

    Enjoy your show very much. Its ashamed that the news segment injected into your archived show contain Rite Aid Commercials for getting your flu shot.

    This is the archived show on natural news which I listen to every day. Keep up the good work anyway.

    Get ready for the mass Ebola infection in Mexico City, and border towns. All will be at the same time.

  4. Jason

    Robert Robert I would like to hear your thoughts and wisdom regarding arthritis. I know that there are many different forms of arthritis and many different sources Or causes of it but I would really like to hear your insight on what you believe the causes to be whether it is truly genetic predisposition or lifestyle choice that leads to arthritis and how much of the disease that is present in our society is currently the result of personal choice or is possibly being taken advantage of by the pharmaceutical industrial complex as you would say.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Talked about your questions on today’s 10/20/14 RSB Show broadcast.

  5. Jim

    Robert and Don,

    First – thanks for what you do!

    I listen to your shows on iTunes and would like to send a link to yesterday’s show to my daughter. She is 30yrs old, recently married, and is preparing to have children. I have sent her a link to the Thinking Moms’ site. Also she has had a history of fibroids in the female organs and I’d like to send her a link to yesterday’s show (19 Oct 2014) 1st hour in which you discuss this issue. I am sending her a link to your web site – but it appears one cannot pull up past shows (unless I am missing it) from your web site. Please let me know the best way I can get her a link to yesterday’s show (19 Oct 2014).

    In Thanks and Appreciation,


    1. Robert Scott Bell

      The archives usually post 24 hours after airing, except for Friday broadcasts, which post on Monday. Here is the link to the Oct 19 Show.

  6. Erik


    In the past month, I have learned of an issue that could very well be the next Agent Orange as far as being linked to chronic illnesses in our troops. I am talking about the military burn pits that were used throughout Iraq and Afghanistan and (as I understand it) are still being used to this day. This issue is something that I was completely ignorant about until I started looking into it after a longtime friend of mine died last month at age 42 of advanced stage lung cancer. She was a health and fitness fanatic and never was a smoker. But her 6 tours of Iraq and Afghanistan were in areas that these open burn pits existed, and from what I understand she had a great deal of exposure to them. It is the only plausible explanation as to why she developed cancer.

    The question that I have is what would you recommend for Iraq/Afghanistan military veterans that have had exposure to these burn pits? What can they do to minimize the potential damage and prevent future health complications? The only advice I can think of is to recommend that they see Dr. Buttar for an evaluation and proper detoxification, but that may not be feasible for everyone. Any suggestions that you have would definitely be welcomed. Feel free to ask Dr. Buttar, Dr. Nuzum, or any of the other experts on your show for input as well. I think it is very likely that we will see many more cases of chronic illnesses from exposure to these open burn pits in the years ahead. I have attached a link to an article on this if you wish to discuss it on the show. Thanks again Robert for all that you do.

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