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  1. Nancy

    Dr. Bell
    I heard you on a show about Cancer, I also heard you say something about the intestinal system, I have Bateria Growth in my Small Intestines, which I believe came from an operation I had at the end of 2009, it started me having diarrhea, which has been off / on sence then. I have had about 3 Doctors which haven’t helped that much, I still have diarrhea and still taking meds.(Xifaxan) which is the last one I have been taking. I’ve been taking for 10 days, but I still take Imodium and a Powery med that is mixed with water or juice, they both do help my diarrhea some, but neither have stopped it. This condition keeps me a house person I spend Mose my time in the house because I can’t go out without knowing where a bathroom is located. I feel trapped in my own home.

    I was wondering if you could give me information I could use to help myself, thanks so much.

    Nancy Smith

  2. Krista DeBellis

    Hello RSB, love your show and all the useful info you provide.
    My question involves magnesium. My husband has heart “flutterings.” He has been to doctor, had a battery of tests and bloodwork. Everything is normal. He was diagnosed with premature ventricular contractions and sent home with no solutions other than to take a beta blocker which he isn’t going to do. He has a very physical job so we were thinking an electrolyte deficiency but nothing we’ve tried seems to work. Also In my own research I came across an article that said magnesium can help with these. Are magnesium supplements safe and could this help? Is there anything else we can try? We eat a very clean diet, don’t smoke and are active.
    Thank you.
    Madison, WI

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      I plan to cover your questions with naturopath Rosanne Lindsay this evening on the 4/16/15 broadcast. She happens to be in Madison, Wisconsin as well, so feel free to contact her at or by phone at 608-575-7573.
      Yours in Health Freedom,

      1. Krista

        I can’t thank you enough. I submitted my question to you on a whim not sure what to expect. Within hours of posting, my question was read on air and I got answers from someone locally. I contacted Roseanne Lindsay and she has already been a tremendous help. Thanks Again! Krista

  3. Lori

    Hello Everyone: My question today is regarding my Hep C. For 20 years it has been latent. It is starting to rear its ugly head. I went to a GI doctor who told me “By the time it really kicks in you’ll be in your 60′s, just how long do you want to live anyway?” Needless to say, I didn’t go back. Anyway, I do take selenium and milk thistle but my enzymes are rising. I try to eat organic non gmo as often as possible. Even though I know there is probably an answer. The truth is I am a little scared. My tumor marker is slightly elevated too which is going along with the elevated enzymes. Please suggest something that will bring the enzymes down quickly so as to take the edge off of the doubts in my head. I will definitely get the supplies for the coffee enemas because I already know you will suggest that and I am willing to try anything. Thank you so much for giving us hope. Lori

  4. Jen

    Hello RSB and Super Don!

    I’m so thankful for you guys and all you’re doing to help people like me learn to take care of ourselves and our families.

    I watched Quest for the Cures when a friend was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Little did I know that a couple of months later I would be diagnosed with breast cancer. I chose to have a lumpectomy (though they pushed for mastectomy) but refused to have anything to do with chemo, radiation and/or Tamoxifen. I’m currently working with a certified nutritionist who has had great success with cancer patients.

    I’m doing a bunch of liver cleansing and a full protocol to turn around the Estrogen train, pour in good nutrition, detoxify, build up my immune system and keep cancer at bay. BUT I had preexisting uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts that are still there – not getting bigger, but not dissolving. I really don’t want to do surgery and have been researching how to shrink uterine fibroids naturally. I’ve come across some info on using an enzyme called serrapeptase and also castor oil packs to shrink fibroids and cysts.

    I’d love to know your thoughts and recommendations on the best way to get rid of these fibroids and cysts sans surgery.

    Thank you!

    1. Jen

      Thanks for addressing my questions about uterine fibroids, RSB and TMB. Would you mind letting me know a good source of silica? I’ve read that horsetail is one, but don’t know how much to take and if there is a brand you recommend.

      Also, my functional med doc has been hesitant to have me do any iodine because he thinks I may have Hashimoto’s. I tested negative on the antibodies for it, but he still suspects I may have it and says that iodine can be a problem for people with Hashi’s.

      Any thoughts on that?

      Thanks again-

      1. Robert Scott Bell

        Hi Jen,
        I talked about this briefly on the 4/13/15 broadcast. Alta Silica is what I use and recommend.

        1. Jen

          Thanks RSB – You’ve been such a help! And please tell Super Don that you’re not the only Neil Diamond fan. Make him watch the Jazz Singer as penance for the ND digs!


  5. Sondra

    I have been watching Ty’s excellent series on “The Truth About Cancer”. Each segment is outstanding, but my friends and I have a question that we hope you can elaborate on.

    It was briefly discussed that Tamoxifin, given to women who have had breast cancer, actually causes cancer. Can you tell us where Ty/the doctor got this information? Where can we find this in written form?

    This is truly horrifying news, as every woman we know knows someone who has had breast cancer and has been told to take this medicine as a standard procedure. It is routinely prescribed to everyone.

    We would like to share this information with our friends, but I/we cannot seem to find anything that backs up this claim.

    Thank you.

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