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  1. Anne Temple

    Hi Robert. I have a friend who was just in hospital to have some very large kidney stones removed. They are now telling her that they think she has peri thyroid disease, as the calcium in her blood is not getting to where it should. I asked her if the doctors said anything to her about modifying her diet (reducing high-oxalate vegetables, etc), and she said they have not, but she was going to try all the natural healing methods before she had her thyroid removed.

    f course I thought of you. Any suggestions for my friend. She is in charge of a non-GMO group on FB and we would like to keep her as healthy as possible.

    Thanks so much, Anne Temple

  2. Kevin

    Hello Robert,

    I am new to listening to you and your show.

    My wife has been very sick for the last couple of months, she got klebsiella pneumoniae . She started with what she thought was a sinus infection because her ears were clogged constantly and her nose too, but no runny nose or anything. Her lymphnodes were swollen and she had headaches bad. She had the walk in clinic prescribe her Doxycycline because she had a know penicillin allergy and cipro allergy. She took Doxy for two days and her symptoms got worse so she went to a primary doctor who said that he didn’t know what was wrong with her and that a z pack would get rid of anything while they were waiting for the labs to come in. The labs came in and it was a complicated UTI. The z pack did nothing and her kidneys were starting to hurt as it progressed so they prescribed a second z pack due to her known allergy. She took it desperate to feel better. She then got secondary stomach issues. She ended up going into the ER because she felt like she was going to pass out. They prescribed her Bactrim, which they thought was a more fitting medicine that was sulfur based. This seemed to work. She was also introduced to Silver during this time and took that for a couple of days and seemed to progress. After getting tested and being sick for 4 weeks the Klebsiella was gone and she was excited. She felt good minus complaining that her ears were tight and pinching of and on. She put some peppermint extract in her drink and had a bad reaction and had to go to the ER to get a shot. She then started having GI issues. She had swollen intestines and esophagistis type syptoms. They did a stomach scope. It came back clean. They did a CT scan and she had a bad reaction to the Iodine contract , but they also said the CT scan came back great. Her blood work was great. She then progressed from pinched ears and GI issues to asthma symptoms. This was so confusing. She new she was allergic to previous meds and to walnuts, but it was like everyday, everything was throwing her into an asthma attack. She started noticing what things were bothering her and is now determined that it is an allergy to Salicytes and Sulfites. She is so stressed with what to eat.. she already was eating gluten free and healthy, but now she is so confused and scared to eat much, and can only drink specialty water.. The doctors want her on predisone and zyrtek and she does not want to be on meds..she is tired of them..not sure if she was allergic to silver…I want my wife back…HELP!

    Thank you so much,

  3. Anonymous

    I would love to have you express your opinion about preserved meats such as those containing sodium nitrate and nitrite. Is there any safe amount? Also MSG. I have a friend who thinks it’s not that big of a deal if
    It’s only a little every now and then. Which by the way is a daily thing for him. I read labels and would chose to lose the products which contain chemical preservatives. It’s a bit frustrating to talk to my friend about this because for one thing he comments on natural news all the time multiple times in a day. So he know how smart he is. He listens to your show daily too so of corse he is. But I feel like he puts on a double standard. Doesn’t really eat much vegetables though he talks about how anti cancer fighting organic produce can be. He also speaks against processed foods the evils of their consumption but buys white buns and eats them like their the best. Processed it tell him. But they are a good deal. Plus prefers white flour an white rice to whole grain. Omg!!!
    Anyways I know he values your opinion very much.
    I just would like him to hear from you that he should read ingredients and eliminate chemical preservatives and maybe
    Tell him why , though he does already know. spend money and time in feeding himself the best diet he can. He earns a good living by the way.

    1. Anonymous

      Hey Robert Scott…it’s me the anonymous commenter. I was just thinking that it would be bad if you do mention my comment on your show and mention that my friend is a commenter on natural news. Probably a dead give away. Also the fact that he loves white buns lol and salami. Hope fully you could just speak about the dangers of eating chemical preservatives processed flours etc. and perhaps talk about how you balance your time between having a living relationship with your wife and family and healthful eating practices and making a difference by sharing your knowledge to help educate your fellow man and woman kind. Also maybe share how it is that you don’t have a superiority complex with all your intelligence. I can’t imagine that you would ever talk down to your wife. Or forget that she is as smart as yourself.

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