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  1. Eric


    I’m trying to help a dear one who has Crohns. Will you please tell me how to administer your silver-aloe protocol?



    1. Robert Scott Bell

      The full protocol is available in Unlock the Power To Heal. The quick version? One ounce of silver hydrosol with one ounce or more of Aloe vera juice, 3x a day on an empty stomach with probiotic replenishment every evening. Reassess every 2 weeks, but most likely, look for a 4 week duration.

      1. Eric

        I was able to get the book here:
        Thank you RSB! Blessings.

  2. Lori

    Hi Everyone- I am the same Lori that asked the question about if you could only have 3 supplements what would they be. I absolutely loved how it was handled and appreciated the answers – all of them!! But please tell Super Don that the company HEMP USA makes a “hemp coffee” that is 75% arabica coffee and 25% hemp.It is delicious. Very rich and doesn’t give you any acidity problems. I too am a coffee “DRINKER” but will someday take the giant leap into using coffee Dr. Bell’s favorite way. Love to all- Lori

  3. Louise

    I tried Gluco-Gel (Youngevity) for knee pain and my blood pressure went up. I have read that taking glucosamine can cause in increase in blood pressure.

    Do you have a comment or a recommendation about this? Thank you.

  4. Christine


    Keep up the great and necessary work…keep the truth coming!

    With the legalization of Medical Marijuana, what are the chances the government will create GMO hemp crops and/or put “other” items in the mix for the CBD or THC varieties thus wreaking havoc in an area they have thus far not controlled? I’m using CBD from HempMedsPX, and think I am safe from any manipulation, but just wondering.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Hi Christine,
      Just talked about this on the show this evening. We share your concerns, but so far, we are doing HempMedsPX as well.

  5. william huntly

    how do you nebulize silver? do you just put one teaspoon in a nebulizer…is that enough liquid to nebulize or do i mix silver with water to get enough liquid…plz advise,,,,also what nebulizer would you recommend..there are so many options…thanks very much..
    p.s. you and super don have a wonderful show!

  6. Dharm C

    Hello Robert,
    Thanks for answering my question on November 3rd. I loved the way you answered my question. Your guess is correct – I am from India. When I mentioned that I went broke – I really meant that I physically went broke. I live in Minnesota. By the grace of god I am doing fine financially. Still feeling very raw when it comes to intestines, sometime it feels like it will explode.

    I have ordered all the King Bio remedies you suggested and Silver and for now I am working with Lilly of Desert Aloe juice, ALTA silica, enzymes, probiotics etc. I wanted to ask you about One World Whey. My body does not like dairy at all – what should I do about my protein intake as it is important for healing. I am hoping that I will come out of this. Thanks for your support.

    Dharm C

  7. Dallas

    How would you recommend treating and eye stie?
    Can I put the Sovern Silver in my eye?

    Dallas H.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Yes, that is what I would do. Plus homeopathic Hepar Sul 15x.

  8. Lori

    Greetings Dr. Bell and Super Don: Can I just say how you and the “family” have changed my life? I bought Ty’s book before I discovered your program, I was already a fan of Mike Adams. I listened to John B Wells on his former program. And what a bonus to have been introduced to Dr.Buttar and Dr. Nuzum who by the way has helped my husband tremendously with his INFLAMMAGONE product and on and on with the quality of people you bring to the table. I clicked on your program and BAM FOREVER SECURE that I have found people I can truly trust . It is kind of synchronicity that you all “associate” with one another to get the truth out to the world. I can’t ask for you guys to be blessed enough. I do have a question which you probably get asked 20 times a week but here goes: If you were only allowed to purchase 3 products to keep you and your family healthy what would they be? Lori

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Hi Lori,
      TMB put a twist on the answer, but we did discuss your question this evening on the broadcast.

  9. Mary


    I would like to get an answer from Dr. Buttar.

    Many doctors including GI, pediatrician are saying that MIRALAX is the safest remedy for constipation and magnesium can cause death.
    Please comment.

    Thank You for your show.

  10. 1 88 89 90 

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