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  1. Laura

    Hi Robert,

    I have a 21 month son who has chronic eczema and multiple food allergies/sensitivities. I would like to follow your gut healing protocol with the aloe and silver. Is he old enough do this protocol and if so what would be the ratio? Thank you.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      I talked about your question this evening (8/28/14) on The RSB Show broadcast with Dr. Nick Gonzalez.

  2. Christopher M Christia

    In Unlock The Power To Heal you mention Argentyn 23. It’s only sold to health care professionals, so how can we order it for our families?

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      I talked about this on the show today (8/27/14). You can consult with Dr. Frank Charles at Anova Health to see if you are able to access Argentyn 23.

  3. Chris

    Hey RSB and Super Don,

    I just wanted to say that the two of you have offended my personal beliefs on numerous occasions over the last year and for that I can’t thank you enough. It has been great to have the motivation to look into things for myself and then move on with the help provided through your show.

    My first question is something that I want to know for future purposes if needed. How much sovereign silver is safe to take per day while treating an acute integumentary infection or any other infection? I know that you should not do large doses for long periods of time, but I have yet to find an answer on the upper limits that should be taken short term.

    Another question I have is can you add Carnivora to a water bottle and drink a small amount of it throughout the day or is it degraded over time in the water?

    I am currently taking beta glucan, silica, and also on a short term silver aloe protocol to restore my gut flora, as well as taking Dr. Ohara’s probiotic at night. Is the beta glucan affected in any way by taking it in the morning with the silver and aloe before I eat?

    Through the RSB show I have learned so much beneficial knowledge that makes me feel more alive than ever. Thank you and keep up all the good work!


    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Thanks for being offended with such healing integrity!
      Yours in Health Freedom’RSB and Super Don (and Ty)

  4. Mark dillinger

    Robert, I’m going to try to heal my daughter of asthma. We have souverghn silver and I know that silver does amazing things elsewhere in the body, so I’m going to by a nebulizer and have her start breathing it on a normal basis. The reason I’m trying this is just an educated guess from what I’m learning from you, although I’ve never heard you talk about asthma cures. Am I going about this the right way. How often should I do this? How much should I use each time? Am I going about this the wrong way with the silver? How would you recommend me healing her if this is not the correct way?

    Thanks for sharing your gift to the world, your saving a lot if lives

    Super don, man up and do a coffee enema you will be amazed. I officially call you out to raise awarness for… Migraine head aches.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Mark, thanks for the questions and comments (especially the challenge to Super Don)!
      We talked about it this evening (8/26/14) on The RSB Show broadcast.

  5. Ann Crockett

    Hello Robert Bell,

    What brand of Aloe Vera would be the best to buy , to use along with Sovereign Silver ? George’s Aloe Vera drink , or another ? Thank you.


    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Stockton Aloe1

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