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  1. Joe

    Mr. Bell,

    I have Hypothyroidism, I looked online for natural cures and found what seemed to be a natural way to reverse this condition. I am taking several vitamins (see below), however, I am still struggling to loose weight. I do have more energy, my mood has improved, but my weight continues to go up in spite of my increased exercise and improved diet.

    Taking for Thyroid:
    L-Tyrosine/L-Arginine/Selenium/Red Marine Algae/Zinc

    In addition to these I take:
    Vitamin C/Milk Thistle/ CoQ10/Sovereign Silver

    I was taking the Lobelia for my lungs but I was getting some weird reactions and have held off for the last few days. I would love to continue to take this but wanted to ask if there are any side effects I should be aware of or is my body simply reacting to this and I should continue taking the two drops daily?

    Thanks ahead of time, your guidance and insight is very much appreciated.



  2. Sondra

    Hi Robert! I have a question for you and I’ve been listening for a long time and have either not heard an answer or don’t remember.

    We live in a very damp area by the ocean in Southern California. On damp days, my friend and I have arthritis aches. Both of us do yoga, take tart cherry juice concentrate, stay away from aggravating foods, exercise, and take supplements but sometimes the dampness really gets to us.

    I was taking arnica montana with “OK” results, not great. Yesterday I heard you tell someone that arnica montana is for injuries, so I thought maybe that’s why it doesn’t work very well. Can you recommend anything for pain to take in the moment? I don’t want to take Aleve and all of those pain meds, and neither does she.

    Thank you. I continue to love and support your show.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Talked about your questions on the 1/20/15 edition of The RSB Show,

  3. Annab

    Good Morning,

    I was listening to a show this morning regarding military members and being able to refuse vaccines and I wondered if you have any information about the requirement of all employees in a hospital system to take the flu vaccine. The hospital I work at has a requirement and we’ve been told that we are not eligible for pay raises and could lose our jobs if we don’t get the annual flu vaccine. The only way to get around the vaccine is if you’ve had Guillain–Barré syndrome and a few other medical issues and for religious purposes. The vaccine is offered free of charge and they have stations with the “with preservative” all over campus and only offer the “preservative free” vaccine if you go to employee health.

    In the past, they’ve allowed the people who refuse to wear a mask during flu season, but as of last year, that is no longer an option. They are even giving the WITH preservative vaccine to pregnant workers!

    I have been working in healthcare for over 15 years and I have normally taken the vaccines but I have since come to my senses and I’m trying to explore any other options that might be out there. I love listening to your Medical Rewind show with Dr Buttar–always a wealth of information!


    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Talked about your questions on the 1/20/15 edition of The RSB Show,

  4. Mark Dillinger

    Hey Robert, good morning

    I have a friend with fibromyalgia. What would you or Dr. Buttar do to recover here from this? She said she has a lot of pain all the time, but in different places in here body. It seems to be random. I don’t know much about this disease, but I did direct her to get Dr. Kings Advanced Arnica for the pain. She said she has type one diabetes also, so i told her to start taking GTF Chromium. Can you guide me so I can help her to relieve here symptoms, if not cure her all together?

    Thanks so much for always giving truthful and highly useful information. It’s because of you that I have NOT had to take my family to the so called doctors with DUUUUUHgrees. lol

    Love ya man

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Dr. Buttar and I talked about Fibromyalgia reversal on the 1/19/15 edition of The RSB Show, Advanced Medicine edition.

  5. Asha

    Hi Dr. Bell, I wrote a comment and wanted to get an answer regarding my daughter’s auto immune condition(lupus). I am not sure it was answered. Will I get an email if it is answered? I want to know if lupus can be treated and reversed with integrative medicine?
    I really appreciate your answer. If yes, please let me know where I can start. My daughter is 20 now and she is really depressed about her condition and inability to be normal and do things like a normal person. She is also devastated with all the physical manifestations of this disease.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you,

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      I talked a bit more about Lupus on The RSB Show 1/19/15.

  6. Erika

    Hello Dr. Bell,

    What is your opinion about endometriosis?

    I am a 33 year old female, and I was was diagnosed with this condition through a laparoscopy ( preformed because of infertility issues).
    It shocked me that I had this condition, because I have not had any pain. I am also on a 95% organic diet, 80% raw. I take food based selenium, chromium, silica and organic multi vitamins. I have been taking really good care of my body for years (rejecting pretty much everything mainstream). I have Dr. Dittmann’s book on preconception, and I detox frequently ( I am getting ready to use Dr. Nuzum’s protocol). I have used Dr. Kings “scar free”, and many of his products.

    Despite all of my efforts to be healthy, I am apparently not. I need to take charge of this, especially since I have an eight year old daughter. I want to empower her as well. What can I do to keep endometriosis from growing?

  7. Steady Eddie

    Lisinopril – Xarelto Senior Citizen Candy…

    Hello Robert,
    Thank you for providing vital health information during your radio shows. Despite your programs time change we’ve been listening to your show on a local radio station Monday thru Friday mornings (8AM – 10AM).

    Sadly I had a dispute with my 79-year-old mom over her being prescribed Lisinopril by her doctor (Is there an alternative to Lisinopril for hypertension?). The Holidays can be overwhelming for any of us especially with what we eat along with the challenging family dynamics but running to the doctor is certainly NOT the cure. My mom insists on following her doctor’s advice with this prescription to resolve what she claims to be as hypertension. I’m reviewing this as an occasional bout of anxiety. A few months ago my mom was taken to the ER with high blood pressure/hyperventilation. Without any final test results the doctor began to describe that she had a heart murmur or a blood clot and prescribed Xarelto. I immediately stated, “For the record I object to your prescribed medication!” asking “…isn’t there a more conservative approach to treating her symptoms while waiting for her FINAL test results?” The doctor paused and then said “baby aspirin”. The final test results revealed no heart murmur, no blood clot – and stated that it was probable that she had suffered a panic attack.

    With this information I ordered the promoted CBD oil for my mom. Is there an alternative to Lisinopril for hypertension?

    Thank you,

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Doc Nuzum and I talked about your questions this evening.

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