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  1. Sondra

    I love your show and continually am able to help others because of your discussions. I am a nutritionist working with a client and her husband . He apparently has a very common (in the US at least) problem with ED (erectile dysfunction). He has been working with a doctor and not getting any improvement. He’s taking Cialis without total success – did you know they are $35 a pill??!! At this rate, they cannot afford any more pills.

    What recommendations do you have for a middle aged man to build up his hormones to function by himself? I have him on a good nutritional plan, but I know you and your other wonderful health professionals can help more than mainstream doctors. Apparently this is a growing problem in the US.

    Keep up the good work, Robert et al. I have a friend with uterine cancer and because of everything I learned on your show, I have urged her to take cannibus oil. I have sent her all of the information, links to You Tube, etc. and she is convinced. The even better thing is she is hearing about this from other people. So the word is getting out!!

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Hi Sondra,
      Just talked about your questions on the broadcast today (9/2/14).

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