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  1. dan arcotta

    Robert, Tried calling on the jerry doyle show ( my absolute favorite talk show ), I was too late. I’d like to order your book for my daughter. Her oldest daughter, Julia, 8, has skin allergies and can’t be around dogs or animal hair. Her youngest daughter, Natalie, 4, can’t be around peanuts. They both have epi pens and have been tested to the point that my kid is a wreck. I would like to order your book for her, the power to heal naturally, I forget the exact title. Give me a shout, email or phone 702-429-0498 Thank you, danny

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Hi Dan,
      You can order it directly from
      Yours in Health Freedom,

  2. Sherilyn


    I’m not sure where to turn and would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

    My son was diagnosed as severely depressed and recently attempted suicide. His therapist wants to refer him to a psychiatrist and start him on SSRIs. I lost my father to suicide due to the side effects of a well-known, widely prescribed SSRI. I do not want to lose my son. He is 18, plays basketball at a division II college and has been a vegetarian for 5 years. He’s been on St. Johns Wort, Rhodiola and ADHS for adrenal fatigue for the last year. None of this is helping. I also tried Dr. King’s remedies for 9 months and unfortunately they did not work. I have pushed for the therapist to try CBT but he still wants my son to see a psychiatrist and start SSRIs immediately.

    Many thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Lori

    Hi Dr. Bell: I have to ask you a couple of questions please tell SuperDon to cover his ears. Subject: COFFEE ENEMAS!!

    I am seriously thinking about taking the plunge so to speak but have read quite a few different methods and warnings. If you take too much , can you get too much of a caffeine rush and if your are sensitive to caffeine how do you prevent this? I read two tablespoons coffee to 2 cups water. Would you agree to this? And is there an optimal retention time… 5 minutes, 10 minutes. How do you know if it was effective and how often do you recommend taking them. What kind of reaction should I expect as far as detoxing. Thank you for all you. I have come to really rely on your opinion so much so that I don’t buy anything until I look up your site to see what your take is on the product. Thank you so much. Lori

  4. Concerned

    Does this mean what I think it means or are the words intentionally chosen to confuse?

    Obamacare no penalty and no requirement to participate? What does Jonathan Emord say about this?

    Go to page 142. It’s at the top of the page in section 1555

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Jonathan Emord tackled your questions on The RSB Show today (12/14/14).

  5. Dr Kate Keville

    Hi Robert, Dr Kate here, my son Kevil is doing another triathlon in Palm Springs this weekend, and another one in Boulder, Colorado in June, and then Los Cabos Iron Man in october. I am wondering if you would like to cover this on your show. Just a thought. Much love coming your way, thanks for all you do, Love, Dr Kate Keville

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Absolutely! Would love to cover his journey on the air!

  6. lloyd

    I have a problem with constant itching all over my body, I suffer with hay fever, allergy to cat, dogs, some house dust, and I am borderline lactose intolerant. I try to eat as healthy as I can , but this very difficult with a very small budget. I am diabetic, and starting to suffer with impaired liver and kidney function.
    Any cheap and cheerful ideas on to get rid of this itching would be helpful.

    lloyd (london)

    1. Healing

      lloyd – just start juicing! Carrot apple celery and ginger. Do it for a month then go to green smoothies. DO research. Eat raw foods. and take Vitamin D3 and a probiotic. Start down a new path of healing. The simple path. Start drinking advanced level of green smoothie’s (90 % veggie/greens 10% fruit) with high speed blender – Vitamix. your body is out of balance. Just start over with real live foods to feed the live cells of your body. Healing will start – I guarantee it. I have healed my eczema and more. it all has to do with your stomach and intestinal track and if you have had ANY vaccines. Do not give up!

  7. Michael Blank

    Robt. I have been battling something for about a week now, Pain in the top of my head. At first I was feeling like a flu like symtoms but they have subsided. Now just the pain in the top of my head. Cold compresses makes it feel better. My wife had the same symptoms last week but it only lasted 3 days. We were doing MMS, Oil of oregano, Silver ,Garlic ,my wife got a ‘Warrior essential oils ‘ from Heritage Essential Oils. we are controlling fever with 5 baby aspirin and cold compresses. any idea what this thing is how we we can get rid of it?

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      I plan to address your question on the air this evening.


    Dear Robert Scott Bell,

    I have your signed book “Unlock The Power To Heal” and I am very interested in your professional oppion about a few things I have going on right now. My wife is 9 weeks pregnant with out first baby, and you were the first person we thought of for advice about what to consume. Please let me know your opionion about “cbd and pregnancy.” We have been consuming CBD tincture for the previous year, but the doctor said to stop and only take prenatals that she prescribed. She also said have a flu shot, but we opted out. The doctor prescribed prenatal suppelements from a pharmacy, but we are going to get organic ones from Whole Foods. We would also like to speak about customized nutritution by a company called Foru International. ( or for more info). I will call in during tomorrow’s show at noon if I haven’t heard from you prior to the broadcast.

    Please give me call back at 818.414.0407 or email me at

    Thank you for your time and consideration!!!

    Lew Smith

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