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  1. Steve

    On last Monday’s show (3-23-2015) you opened the show with a story about Angela’s daughter who was diagnosed with a failure to thrive. Here is a short video summary of a girl who was similarly diagnosed with a failure to thrive, and was successfully treated with Human BioAcoustics as pioneered by Sharry Edwards (see By listening to the customized analog tones, within a few months the girl blossomed from a child into the teenager that she actually was:

  2. Robert Scott

    I thought you might want to see this concerning the NC vaccination bill:

  3. anita bondi

    dear rsb,
    three of us from our wellness center decided to do your protocol for healing with the aloe and silver hydrosol. thank you so much for that!
    we have been on for 21 days now and realize that we have no road map to know when to get off of it and what to do next?
    we have had symptoms of “die off” and have gone up and down between feeling lousy and ok.
    we are taking the selenium and good probiotic also. we have gotten the silica and l-glutamine you recommended but were not sure if taking that during the protocol was the best idea. the idea of killing off the good and bad bacteria and putting in things to heal the gut lining at the same time feels kind of counter intuitive but again, we realize we are without a guide so we are going with intuition but alas, that has not healed us in the past so… we found your work and are wanting to give this a try,
    we all suffer from some auto-immune conditions (not severe but we are in the wellness field and want to be role models and mentors). we eat organic and healthy with occasional moments of sugar and alcohol.
    can you give us a few more pointers please?
    thanks for all that you so selflessly do!
    blessings abounding,

  4. Lori

    Hi Dr. Bell and Super Don, I was curious as to your thoughts on frequency machines like the updated Rife machine. Do you or your colleagues endorse a particular brand? My husband is getting a disability settlement at some point this year and I wanted to invest in something that will help us and maybe others in our circle to heal in addition to takiing good supplements. One more question, even if diabetes is not an issue would you recommend Chromium for an ev eryday supplement? Would it be a must have? Thank you yet again for all of your help and good will towards all who want to heal the way God intended us to heal. Lori

  5. Dharm C

    Hello Robert and Super Don,

    A week ago I asked a question about my mother-in-law’s leg pain and her in-ability to move properly. Your insight and suggestions were very helpful. After listening to your suggestions I ordered a Homeopathic combination from Swanson to deal with her Sciatica and it worked like a charm. After after 2-3 days she switched from walker to a stick for walking. Thank you for your suggestions – Your Healing Ministry Rocks! If I had to take her to the urgent care or ER nothing would have helped because we had tried that in the past. As of January I own your book now.

    A Question along with my Thank you note. My own gut healing situation had improved as I mentioned earlier, but I can use some help. I would like to hear your thoughts on animal protein vs vegetarian protein. I have read and listened to Natasha Campbell on GAPS diet and according to her healing for vegetarians is very difficult because vegetables are cleansing and animal protein is more building. I have been eating meat but it is very difficult to digest with poor digestion, so I try to eat more veggies and rice. I have been taking Aloe1 Aloe Vera daily twice at least and I add 1-2 Tablespoon of silver (More Aloe less Silver) and all other things you suggest. My gut still needs more help.

    I would really appreciate if you are willing to spend some personal time when you will be at Chicago. I will drive to Chicago to meet you.

    Please provide your thoughts.

    Thanks much
    Dharm C

  6. Lisa Montgomery

    Please help my husband is in ICU in Memphis TN with a tumor on his lung that is hitting an artery, they have done radiation twice and I want to actually get rid of the cancer not kill my husband via the treatment. Who in the US does the sodium bicarbinate? He has already died once and God allowed him to come back, he is in a vent right now. His name is Ronnie Montgomery and is at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis,TN. in room 368 in ICU and the password is Samson to get info. Please pray for his healing and see if someone would help him before they kill him they have already given up. I was giving him baking soda and molasses and took a 10 day break and he got worse fast when doing it orally the symptoms of swelling and not being able to breathe would subside. I am so upset my heart is broken and shredded apart. PLEASE HELP it should not be illegal to heal!!!!

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Our prayers are with you and your husband.

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