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  1. Derek Brooks

    Hi Robert,

    I am the guy who went on holiday for 7 weeks. I want you to know that I am retired, so there is no problem getting the time off, and my wife and I own a caravan (I think you call them trailers) so we go off and explore France. I am trying to catch up with the shows that I missed so I record them to my MP3 player and listen while I do the jobs my wife tells me I should do. I was at the top of a ladder pruning the hedge when I heard my question and I have to tell you that you caused me to nearly fall off my ladder.

    Enough of that, I have a serious question this time. A friend of mine has mesothelioma and has been operated on but told the cancer WILL return. They would not do chemo as they said it would lesson his survival time as it would make the cancer more virulent. They have told him that he will live 3 years at the outside. Credit to the doctor for not doing the chemo but my friend is not expecting to be alive for much longer.

    I have sent him as much information as I can. Ty’s 2 video’s that are available, The forbidden Cures video + other snippets which hopefully show him that his potential for life is as good as anyone else’s if he changes his lifestyle.

    I heard you talking about nebulising the silver hydrosol and drinking lobelia extract which makes a lot of sense having seen Dr. Simoncini talking about cancer being a fungus, so killing the fungus with silver kills the cancer. In the UK where I live colloidal silver is easy to get, my wife and I use it all the time and it works great. Having to get the hydrosol from the US makes it much more expensive. Can the colloidal silver be nebulised or does it have to be the hydrosol?

    Your show is brilliant, the sincerity and humour shine through and it means when my wife gives me a really boring job I don’t mind at all.



    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Thanks Derek!
      I am not sure if we are officially approved by NHS as a treatment for boredom while doing what your wife tells you to do. However, we do acknowledge that your wife should be grateful for what a good husband you are! RSB approved! Answers to your questions were revealed on today’s 7/25/14 broadcast. Look for it on our rsbellmediachannel on YouTube as well.
      RSB and Super Don

  2. Donna

    Hi, I listen to your podcast everyday. Your info is very informative. I have a question regarding trying to find employment in a medical marijuana establishment. A new place opened where I live so close that I could drive my scooter there. I had an interview with them a few months ago and I have called several times. I have a B.S. in Chemistry as well as a Pharm Tech license. My age is in my mid forties. I don’t understand what else I can do to have these people hire me. I explained that I believe in holistic healing and at my interview months ago I mentioned your website for lots of great information. What else can you recommend that I do to get a job there. I feel like it could be my age being an obstacle. I live so close by and this is a very small town in northern AZ. Just wondering if you have any advice.

    Thanks for your time,
    Donna Duran

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Thanks Donna!
      We just talked about your questions with Doc Rob on today’s 7/27/14 broadcast.

  3. Ana

    Hello RSB,

    I love your show! You have helped so many people and I am hoping you can help us, too. My husband was diagnosed with prostatitis at least 6 months ago and was on antibiotics for almost a month and it didn’t help. He gets attacks about every 2 to 3 weeks and it is extremely painful and it takes quite a few days after to feel better. One urologist said this is something he may have to live with and there is in cure. It is awful to see him in such pain and I want to do what I can to help him. Do you have any suggestions of what he can do to help him get better? I am going to suggest trying a vegan, raw food diet to reboot his body or a cleanse. Do you have any suggestions for him? Thank you for whatever help you can give us. My husband isn’t on any medications, he eats mostly a plant based diet, and he is 48 years old.

    Thank you

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      TMB and I responded with some options on today’s 7/23/14 broadcast. Catch the archive in case you missed the LIVE broadcast.

  4. Heather loomis

    Hi RSB, i need some direction and advice. I have been suffering from painful endometriosis for many years. 10 years ago i had surgery to remove the endometriosis but is is back with a vengeance! I am considering seeing a surgeon about this issue again for treatment options but i will refuse to take hormone therapy or be bullied into cutting parts of my body out (uterus/ovaries). My naturopath tells me that the only way to get rid of endometriosis is to have surgery. Can you lead me to any information on natural effective cures for this problem? In the past 3 years i have studied and learned about my power to heal, and have changed my diet and supplementation regiment to effectively eliminate these problems; asthma, allergies, GI issues, joint pain, fibromyalgia and even healed up a labral tear in my hip with medical nutrition that the surgeon said would never heal. I a, considering contacting Dr. gonzales or Dr. buttar for help on this. Thanks for all you do!,heather, colorado

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      I plan on talking about your question during the Healing Revolution segments with Dr. Frank King on Friday’s 7/25/14 broadcast. BTW, the 20 double autographed books are on their way to you.
      Yours in Health Freedom,
      RSB and TMB

  5. Bill McNeilly

    I am on dialysis [PDI] due to extended period of high blood pressure. In addition to all the other drugs Lipitor is pushed at me. Is there another way to lower bad cholesterol. Also, on Jerry Doyle you mentioned a book about your early experience with alternative meds that helped you. Please give me the title so I can go to Amazon and purchase,

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      I answered your question on today’s 7/24/14 RSB Show broadcast. You can see the YouTube version here:

  6. Barak Sternberg

    I eat a high fiber diet, rarely eat flour, and dairy; I completely avoid white sugar, yet I cannot get rid of hemorrhoids. Is there a way to cure this ailment. Thank you for any response

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      I responded with some options on today’s 7/23/14 broadcast. Catch the archive in case you missed the LIVE broadcast.

  7. Sondra

    Several years ago I came down with Shingles. I had been under stress and had let my body become very acidic. I had three months of canker sores in my mouth before the event, but I didn’t pay attention. I had been to a health conference (Mike Adams was a speaker, along with Charlotte Gerson) and I got a horrible rash on my face and neck. I finally called the doctor and (long story short) two doctors told me it was too far along and there was nothing they could do. I was really a mess!
    I then called Life Extension, and they told me to take Cimetidine, which is contained in Tagamet. I did, and the lesions stopped erupting. I then contacted an Auyrevedic doctor, and he gave me bitter potions with turmeric and liver cleanses. He also told me to stop eating red foods, no coffee, etc.
    So, from a “Stage 4″ episode with purple lesions and dire warnings of terrible things that would happen to me from the conventional doctors, I was cured with no scars in a week and a half.
    I was told to keep my body alkaline, and I would not trigger this event again.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Thanks for sharing Sondra!

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