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  1. harvey sid fisher

    Hello from Hollywood.
    Your interview on ‘The Truth About Cancer’ was much appreciated.
    Thank you

    Whistle Blower – the song

    V-WORD – the vaccine song #Vaccinesong

    gig poo: Have guitar – goes far

    Harvey’s interview

  2. Steve

    Hi Robert; with your busy travel schedule you may have missed some comments I submitted on your daily show notes page. They never posted; it just shows comment is awaiting moderation.

    This one was posted on your 3-1-2016 show ( on 3-2-2016:

    Regarding Kathy’s question about Manuka honey, listen to Richard Pearl interview Gavin Gear, founder of ManukaGuard which produces medical grade honey (as well as consumer dietary grade). It is 100% effective against staph infection, great for acid reflux, etc. Richard had Gavin on his show on 7-12-2014 and on 2-6-2016. After listening to those shows, you’ll be dripping with knowledge about Manuka honey! I’ve combined those podcasts here:

    Richard’s live “Pearls of Health” shows are Saturday, 12pm Central on, and you can find his show archives since 3-29-2015 at (redirects to

    I submitted this on 4-25-2016 around 6:35pm at

    On yesterday’s show, cassette and reel-to-reel tape using Ron called to ask for a quick and easy reference to show his doctor that flu vaccines don’t work. A couple of years ago I think you may have covered this “unintentional study” that reveals the abject failure of flu vaccines.

    In 2014 an influenza outbreak occurred on a Naval vessel; 25 of the 102 crew developed symptoms despite the fact that 24 of those afflicted had been vaccinated with the exact strain of influenza:
    Another article covering the story said the same thing happened in 2001 and 2009:

    In today’s show notes I see that Jeffrey is asking for a link to your Silver/Aloe Vera gut detox protocol. Here is an easy-to-remember link:

  3. Neeha

    Hello, I listen to your show quite often. I have a young child that has been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. Her lungs are constantly under assault from secretions and bile which comes up from her stomach (iatrogenic causes). Infection is often associated with this diagnosis and treated with IV antibiotics. She’s had IV antibiotics in the past through a PICC line. This caused two problems for her, 1) occluded veins and 2) hearing loss as quite a few of the antibiotics are ototoxic. I don’t know what decisions we’ll make for her in the future. I am strongly averse to any more interventions but also feel that I can’t say, ‘No’ outright. I would like to help her as much as I can at home. I don’t know if Bronchiectasis is reversible, but is there anything that can help with pus, inflammation, and possible bacterial infections in the lungs? Thank you in advance. I very much appreciate you, you’re team, and your guests.

  4. Jim

    Hello Mr. Bell,

    Great show!

    My question is: during your 3/31/16 show you and your guest shared that your listeners could go to and then go to show notes and then click on a link to watch the film “Evidence of Harm” for free. I am not seeing the show notes option at your website that would allow me to click on the link to watch this film. Could you please provide me with some assistance in accessing this film from your website; I’m very interested in watching It! I’d much appreciate it! Have a nice weekend!



  5. Liberty

    Hi Robert,

    I heard you mention the other day about Gatorade being an electrolyte but you didn’t use it because it’s unhealthy. Well, I created the perfect homemade Gatorade recipe completely by accident. At least it tastes just like it to me and it’s got some good stuff in it. Here is the recipe…

    18-20 oz of purified water without PFOAs or lead…lol
    1/2 Lime (this can vary depending on the size of the lime) – Juiced
    1/2 Tsp of Himalayan salt

    Now, people can stop spending their money on toxic Gatorade,

  6. valerie hamilton

    Hello RSB…my husband & I listen to your show every day. I have peripheral neuropathy in both feet…very painful…Also 3 herniated disks in my back and 6 bulging disks also..verified by mri. I don’t have diabetes. I was on narcotic pain meds for almost 20 years…started with lortabs…then oxycodone….then morphine sulfate …then oxycodone again…then methadone for 12 months.

    I finally stopped taking narcotics in December 2015. I have been using cannavest plus cbd oil gold. Also…taking your advice I got some Altamonte health products herbal organic silica with bioflavonoids. I tried to take the recommended loading dose of 3 tabs four times a day…but after a few days my skin began to itch all over….so I stopped and now only take them once or twice a day and only one pill each time. Is the itching normal…will it go away? I want to go back to loading but what about the itching…will it eventually stop? My husband says if I don’t use the silica in recommended dose to repair connective tissue that the cbd won’t work as well for me…but I cannot deal with the itching. I take silver every morning and elderberry syrup…I am on 2 different blood pressure meds…my thyroid is hypoactive..I take synthyroid in two pills..125 mcg and 137 mcg. I also take soy plant based estrogen due to a total hysterectomy at age 23 because of severe endometriosis. I am now 48. I also take effexor for depression and want to get off of it and go herbal but I have no idea how to go off an antidepressant safely and make the change. I had knee surgery on Dec 23 2015…and am still home recovering…I have been more depressed not used to not working. Thanks in advance for any advice or recommendation you may have for me. Also..we both eat an organic diet. Best wishes to you and super don..and Ty…we love you guys! ♡

  7. lori

    i give up! i cant access the show anywhere. are you still on the air? very frustrating. lori

    1. Morgen

      Hi there Lori, so sorry for your frustration, we are in the process of re-organizing some things, so you are not the only one! For right now, here are the best links to find the show. Thank you for being a loyal listener, and let us know if you have any more issues. Hope this helps!,, and the pod-casts and past shows are here:

  8. Tamela Etheridge

    Last summer I drank 3-6oz glasses of carrot,greens and apple juice, all freshly juiced, daily. I would sit in the sun for sometimes an hour and I never got burned. My skin was a nice golden color not to mention I felt great. Doing it again this year.

  9. Steve

    And here is a sci-fi title that Liam would appreciate; Eldorado is about survival in post Peak-Oil suburbia:

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