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  1. Danielle

    I recently bought your book. In it you talk about opening the detoxification pathways (liver, kidneys, colon, and lymph); however, I did not see a specific protocol for doing this. Is there something specific you recommend for doing this? Would you do anything different for someone with a hghly toxic/damaged liver?

    Also, are you on the radio (fm or am) in Colorado?
    Thanks, Danielle

  2. Jeff Grimshaw

    Hi Robert,

    Awesome show, I listen every morning while working out. I read your book… very insightful.

    I’m about to start the silver aloe protocol and am just wondering how long you suggest waiting after taking it before eating or drinking. I would like to do it as soon as I wake up and before dinner.

    Keep up the excellent work!!

    Thank you,


  3. Corinne Berkeley

    Robert and Super Don,

    I always appreciate what you guys do!!

    I wanted to get your suggestion on a situation I am facing at my local gym. This is a small private gym and the owners are always there and I approached them several times addressing that fact that the Lysol disinfectant spray the have sitting on the toilet for all the members to use is very toxic to inhale and everyone is using it as an air fresher. I gave them a number of alternatives such as providing disinfectant wipes and a natural air spray but their excuse is ” the members don’t use the wipes”, and I say ” only if they were told the Lysol is toxic to inhale I am sure they wouldn’t mind”. Anyway they are persistent on using a “spray” and I was hoping you had a suggestion to a 99% natural anti-bacterial killer liquid substance that would work? I am so beside myself that the owners said “we are only concerned about short term health consequences” and I couldn’t believe what I just heard.
    I appreciate you help and thank you for all that you do.
    Corinne Berkeley

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Get some Orange TKO

  4. Lee

    Help! I am having extreme “gut” issues, am a melanoma “survivor” and have suffered multiple issues brought on by chemical exposure through Asphalt research labs. I’d like to know more about your silver/aloe healing aids and also if you have a doctor that you trust to use your methods in the Baltimore, MD area.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Look for a physician through

  5. paparusty

    Is there a fm or am station in jacksonville fla. that carries robert scott bells show. Thank you,paparusty :-)

  6. John Vnuk

    Dear Robert,

    Over a year ago you were kind enough to interview Dr Robert Wickman DO of Ecuador on your show recorded at the Long Beach Convention center for the Health Freedom Expo Thank you We did receive 4 phone calls over the next few months on people interested in frequency medicine.

    Since that time we have been asked to help build a following for a most unique Naturapathic Doctor Daniel Nuzum of Boise Idaho. His site is DrNuzum,com

    He has a very interesting story on the toxicity of the body and the need for liver detoxification and that inflammation is the leading cause of so mony disorders.

    Would it be possible for you to talk with Dan Nuzum and see if he might the type of guest you would lie to interview on your radio show?

    Thank you for your time and consideration

    John Vnuk

  7. josette

    Hi RSB and Super Don,

    I’ve been dealing with severe eczema on my scalp (losing hair to boot), face and it’s moved to my legs and arms. It shows up every winter but it’s never been this bad.

    I’m taking superfoods from Steven Heur and Dr. Schulze, supps. from Garden of Life and Megafoods and herbs from Dr. Christopher (Bone, Flesh and Tissue) and MSM from Hesh. I use a colon cleanse from Dr, Group and drink herbal digestive teas that I mix.

    I eat organically and drink carrot juice 2x’s a day. The only processed food I consume is organic blue chips. We also grow some of our own food.

    I even bought a homeopathic remedy for eczema but it didn’t help.

    What gives? I try to do everything healthy and I’m not getting much better. Dr. Christopher’s products have helped with the itching and burning, though.

    Do you have any info that could help me?


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