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  1. Suzanne

    I have been using colloidal silver very successfully for almost 2 and a half years after over a decade of antibiotics twice a year after repeated infections in urinary tract, but I have now found that it is no longer working and Im so confused as to what has gone wrong, I havent changed suppliers or anything and am at a loss as to know what to do as I am at the end of the road with antibiotics and dont really know where to turn now or what to do.
    Please, any help or advice you could give me would be so much appreciated as I need a solution, I have been poorly for neary 2 weeks now
    Many thanks

  2. Janet S.

    Dr. Buttar,

    Once in a while, I hear people describe how we are all being experimented upon when referring to gmos, toxic vaccines, geoengineering, toxic pharma drugs, fluoride, etc. But are they really? My take is that they are no longer experiments but more like deployments of weapons. They would not experiment on a massive global scale, experiments are small and have been completed decades ago. No one in their right mind would invest millions, billions or trillions on ideas that might fail, including those who decide how to waste our tax dollars. Massive depop operations are cold and calculated, it doesn’t seem like “they” leave anything up to chance, as in an experiment.


  3. Janet S.

    Captain Morgen,

    The RSB show is not on iTunes. Correction, it is, but only for about a week or so, then gets deleted, or becomes inaccessible to the public. I understand that the show is syndicated in multiple places, but none of them are easily downloadable and played on mobile or tablets for offline playback. Their apps are sometimes incompatlble with the Apple and other devices and are not the optimal audio player. For example if I download the show on a non Apple audio app in an Apple device, the audio will stop when I shut off the screen. iTunes is the most accessed, easiest and most popular downloader and player for podcasts on iphones, ipads, etc. When the RSB show was carried by the Natural News network, the Health Ranger did a great job at making sure each show got uploaded with show notes and stayed uploaded on iTunes. Since around January of 2016, this stopped being the case, and I think that your show is not easily accessed by 1000’s maybe more.

    Also, I wanted to let the producers know that iTunes is actively shadow banning RSB, (aka low key or hidden censorship). Try typing Robert Scott Bell under search, the search box will recommend everything and everyone but RSB. It is only when you hit search that he shows up.

    Much love,


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