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  1. lori

    i give up! i cant access the show anywhere. are you still on the air? very frustrating. lori

    1. Morgen

      Hi there Lori, so sorry for your frustration, we are in the process of re-organizing some things, so you are not the only one! For right now, here are the best links to find the show. Thank you for being a loyal listener, and let us know if you have any more issues. Hope this helps!,, and the pod-casts and past shows are here:

  2. Tamela Etheridge

    Last summer I drank 3-6oz glasses of carrot,greens and apple juice, all freshly juiced, daily. I would sit in the sun for sometimes an hour and I never got burned. My skin was a nice golden color not to mention I felt great. Doing it again this year.

  3. Steve

    And here is a sci-fi title that Liam would appreciate; Eldorado is about survival in post Peak-Oil suburbia:

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