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  1. Rebecca

    Seriously!? Check out this link about about a drive through flu shot clinic. I heard it on the radio today and thought of you. …But free toxic donuts for everyone after!

  2. lori

    Hello again dear Dr. Bell and Don. I love the addition of Dr. Nuzzum to the family. He is excellent!!! I have a couple of unrelated questions today. First, what is your suggestion for bone strength as far as nutrients. I know weight bearing exercises are good but I cannot do them because I have had hemorrhoids cauterized twice and they said NOOOO weightlifting more then 10 lbs.

    Also what are your thoughts on more than 5,000 units of vitamin D being bad for liver.

    Can you also please ask Ty when his wife is putting out her cookbook. It seems to me like your wife should also because she is always making you delicous healthy cookies.

    Love you guys forever!!! Lori

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Other than the cookbook question, we talked about your other questions on the air this evening (9/18/14).

  3. Nathan

    Robert, My question to you is. If there is someone that has cancer and they was to try the Liposomal Vitamin C as a form of chemo treatment what kind of food does the person taking the vitamin C need to stay away from & how much would you recommend as a daily dose? Also one more thing… is the Liposomal Vitamin C better than the IV form?

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      TMB and I discussed your questions on the air this evening (9/17/14).

  4. Tom Elliott

    Hi, Robert -

    I recently came across your show via Epic Times. My name is Tom Elliott and I run a news clip site called Grabien.

    Grabien — which was designed specifically to make producing a radio show infinitely easier — scours the web and live TV for the best news clips 24/7, making them quickly & easily available for radio shows/blogs.

    With Grabien talk producers/hosts can:
    - Download pre-edited clips with the click of a button
    - Save time, as each clip comes w/ a transcript
    - Customize clips exactly as needed (if a clip is too long, you can cut it down/convert it to any other file type)
    - Grab made-to-order TV clips. If you saw something on TV and want to play it on air, just request it and we’ll grab it.

    Accounts are free. You only need to pay if you use tons of sound. Sorry for just hitting you up out of nowhere with a sales pitch, but it is a good product and I’d like to help other producers/hosts save time and make their jobs easier.

    Sorry for hitting you up out of the blue with what amounts to a sales pitch, but it’s a great service that saves a lot of time, so now I’m trying to spread the word to other producers and hosts.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or need any other info.

    Best, Tom

  5. Brandon

    Buying “all-natural” or “organic” pasture grazing grass-fed local beef that has been vaccinating. A problem or not?
    No all-natural or organic ranchers have an official statement on vaccinating cows. All I know is my local neighbor who basically raises all-natural hay fed cows admits to vaccinating them. Probably against hand-foot disease I’d guess. What’d you think?

  6. Steve

    Hello again Robert! I’m the same Steve that wrote you about a month ago and you answered my multifaceted question about cancer prevention with Dr. Buttar on 8/11. First of all, THANKS to you both for providing such great information in response to my question. I’ve re-listened to that show about six or seven times now and have been digesting the information for the past month and have gotten a great deal of value out of it.

    (Brevity is not exactly one of my strong points, so feel free to pick and choose any parts of this letter that you think your audience would find interesting..)

    During that show, you (RSB) brought up the fact that a lot of people proudly proclaim that they haven’t been sick in 20 years and think this is a good thing, when in reality it likely means that their immune system is suppressed (unless they truly are just ridiculously healthy). Dr. Buttar wholeheartedly agreed and estimated that more than 80% of the patients that he’s seen have also said they were so surprised they had cancer, considering that they hadn’t been sick in such a long time. I think this was a profound realization that you both made, and you wouldn’t believe how closely you hit the nail on the head, considering that my brother (who was diagnosed with colon cancer last year) has repeatedly expressed how surprised he is that he developed cancer, considering that he never gets a cold or the flu.

    As fate would have it, I came down with a cold last week (my first in about two years), and rather than lamenting how bad it sucks that I got sick, I decided to celebrate the fact that my immune system is alive and well and is mounting a full scale assault on the poor unsuspecting virus that decided to drop in on my body.

    Getting back to another thing that Dr. Buttar mentioned. In regards to the genetic component of my question, he stated that your bodies ability to excrete certain metals might be one example of a genetic pathway that could contribute toward your body ultimately being more susceptible to cancer. In the case of my family, I’m now nearly certain that there’s some type of genetic pathway related to the liver that could be a culprit in my family’s rocky history with cancer. Prior to being diagnosed with colon cancer, my brother had a battery of tests run, including a HIDA scan which showed that his gallbladder was e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y congested and sluggish.

    A few months later I stumbled across an article by the well known herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze where he states “I have always said, that long before anyone develops cancer or any serious degenerative disease, their sick and constipated Liver stopped filtering all of the toxic carcinogenic chemicals out of their blood, which ended up causing their cells to mutate, and caused their cancer or disease. The bottom line, before any major disease begins in your body, your Liver was sick first.”

    After reading that, I had a major “AH-HAH!” moment. I’ve done a fair amount of colon/liver/kidney cleansing in my day, and without fail, I always feel like cleansing my liver produces the most noticeable improvements in health and energy for me. I will now show my liver even more love than before. My new best friend happens to be Super Don’s arch nemesis: Coffee Enemas! I’ve also had great success with the epsom salt/olive oil/grapefruit juice variety of liver flushing and will utilize that as well.

    Getting back to the show, the way that Dr. Buttar broke the cause of cancer into just two categories was also extremely helpful: Nutritional Deficiencies and Toxin Overloads (and as he put it, it’s almost always a combination of both).

    Though there are 100+ ways to address deficiencies and toxicities (as I alluded to in my original question), I think you both brought up a great point in stating that you don’t want to overburden and stress yourself out trying to live out an unobtainable health protocol. The reason that I initially stated that I would gladly do 100 more things to reduce my chances of CREATING (I replaced the word contracting with creating, thanks to your keen observation RSB) is because I’ve personally observed that most people don’t do nearly enough to protect their health, and act surprised when sporadically (eg. “when they feel like it”) taking a poor quality supplement doesn’t magically fix their symptoms. I tried overcompensating for that mentality and you both brought me back to planet earth, so thanks for that.

    I’ve purchased both “The 9 Steps Keep the Doctor Away” by Dr. Buttar and “Unlock the Power to Heal” by yourself and Ty Bollinger from and am excited to soak up the pages of both. I’ll also be watching the videos available on Dr. Buttar’s site

    Armed with the information that I plan to glean from these resources, I’ll solidify my cancer prevention strategy and will bare in mind that at a certain point you begin to get into the territory of diminishing returns, and that too much of even a good thing can become a bad thing (like the length of this letter for example.. Hi-ooo!).

    P.S. (since I just bought this letter some more time with my self-deprecation strategy) I’m the type of person that learns best by repackaging information into analogy form, and I came up with the following analogy based on the nutrition/toxicity paradigm:

    * Begin Analogy *

    Your body is similar to a lawn in many ways. When you take care of it, you have lush green grass that is full of life and health. But if you fail to feed the lawn with sufficient nutrients and minerals, it can develop weak spots where the grass isn’t as thick and lush, where weeds (cancer) have a better chance of taking root.

    Thankfully, your lawn has a gardener (your immune system) who can go and pluck out these weeds and tend to the overall health of the lawn. But sometimes the gardener isn’t fed and supported very well either and he can fall asleep on the grass, allowing the weeds to grow out of control.

    Or in other cases, the gardener’s tools can become rusty or worn and don’t work properly. For example, the tines of the gardener’s rake (the liver) can become clogged with debris (toxins and heavy metals) and when the gardener tries to rake up the garbage from the lawn, it only ends up getting recirculated and spread around since the rake can’t pick anything up.

    While driving by your lawn, a chemical company (“modern” medicine) takes notice of all the weeds growing out of control and suggests that the only solution is to go through with a machete, to dump a truck load of toxic weed killer on the entire lawn (even on the green grass), and to use a flame thrower on any stubborn areas. When asked how the gardener will fare in the face of all these harsh lawn “treatments” the chemical company simply shrugs its shoulders and asks for the home owner’s check book.

    Sure enough, the chemical company manages to kill many of the weeds, but all that’s left of the lawn is a barren landscape with hardly any green grass left to compete for space against the future weeds; and with no gardener left to tend to it. In a matter of months or years, the weeds often end up coming back (now growing easier than they did before) and the chemical company shrugs its shoulders once again.

    Thankfully, some home owners realize that the chemical company’s approach might not be the most qualified approach to take when caring for their lawns. They instead shower their grass with every good nutrient and mineral imaginable and provide it with plenty of fresh, clean water. The grass becomes so thick and strong that weeds have an extremely difficult time finding a place to squeeze in and lay down roots.

    In the rare cases where the weeds are able to nudge their way into the lawn, the well loved and nourished gardener springs into action like the fierce weed snatching machine that he is. “Hasta La Vista Baby”.

    The home owner also makes it a habit to regularly care for their lawn tools (like the rake) by cleaning them regularly so that they can function optimally. The lawn, the gardener, and the home owner are all very happy and life is good.

    * End of Analogy *

    P.P.S. My brother would love to visit Dr. Buttar someday to rebuild his terrain and to try and prevent his cancer from coming back (especially after having his lawn “cared for” by the chemical company). In fact, while we were watching The Quest for the Cures together, immediately after Ty was done interviewing Dr. Buttar, my brother looked me in the eye and stated that “If my cancer comes back, I’m going straight to Dr. Buttar this time.” His gut instinct just knows that this is what he needs. If we can get my brother to Dr. Buttar BEFORE my brother’s cancer comes back, all the better.

    We’re going to try and do a fundraiser for him to get enough funds to pay for care from the Center for Advanced Medicine. As far is is possible in addressing a radio audience, would Dr. Buttar be able to give a rough estimate for how long an individual typically needs to be in North Carolina to attend the clinic, as well as a very rough ballpark figure of how much treatment costs, and whether or not any of his services are typically covered by medical insurance? I’m betting that many listeners who are considering visiting Dr. Buttar would benefit from having some ball park figures as well, but I completely understand if it’s just not practical or possible to provide such information on the air.

    Thanks again for all that you, Dr. Buttar, and all your other stellar guests do in promoting the message of true health. You’ve got a dedicated listener in me and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more questions to toss your way as time goes on. God Bless! – Steve

  7. Gary Fillweber

    I saw somewhere that there is an event in Ft Lauderdale Sunday 9/14. It did not say where or when. Can you send me the info please.

    Thank you

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      The Unlock the Power to Heal workshop.

  8. Sondra

    I love your show and continually am able to help others because of your discussions. I am a nutritionist working with a client and her husband . He apparently has a very common (in the US at least) problem with ED (erectile dysfunction). He has been working with a doctor and not getting any improvement. He’s taking Cialis without total success – did you know they are $35 a pill??!! At this rate, they cannot afford any more pills.

    What recommendations do you have for a middle aged man to build up his hormones to function by himself? I have him on a good nutritional plan, but I know you and your other wonderful health professionals can help more than mainstream doctors. Apparently this is a growing problem in the US.

    Keep up the good work, Robert et al. I have a friend with uterine cancer and because of everything I learned on your show, I have urged her to take cannibus oil. I have sent her all of the information, links to You Tube, etc. and she is convinced. The even better thing is she is hearing about this from other people. So the word is getting out!!

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Hi Sondra,
      Just talked about your questions on the broadcast today (9/2/14).

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