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  1. Linda Moore

    Hi Robert, I watched you on the live symposium on the truth about cancer. You mentioned but did not go into detail something about how we could find knowledgeable doctors who share the same principles as the other doctors on the truth about cancer. Is there now a site we could go to, to find a doctor closer to where we live. I live in San Diego and have not been able to find a doctor who has knowledge on cancer and who uses natural remedies. Is there someone you can recommend that would be the closest. . Thanks Linda

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Thanks for your timely question. Here you go:

  2. Nicole Virgil

    Dear Dr. Bell,

    I was referred to you by Tom Woods. He thought you might have some information for me.

    The state of IL just enacted a law that requires me to obtain a signature from a third party (medical physician or nurse practitioner) in order to obtain an exemption from the state requirement to vaccinate/immunize my child (among other things.) My family’s religious practice does include healthy living practices, but we do not consult traditional Western doctors on a regular basis, nor do we wish to start now simply to get an exemption for school attendance, which, up until this year, I was able to obtain simply by writing a letter to the school indicating that for religious reasons, our family would not be doing X, Y or Z.

    I am trying to get the legislation changed back to how it was before.

    Can you advise me in any way as to some historical, practical, or moral reasons (aside from the obvious First Amendment reasoning) that would appeal to the liberal legislator who seems hell bent on protecting the public health before the fact, from the likelihood of an outbreak from a group of people who in over 100 years have presented no threat to the community?

    I am going to be meeting with them within the next couple of weeks. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.



    1. Robert Scott Bell


      2 suggestions: Neil Z Miller – Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers

      Alan Phillips: Vaccine Rights


      P.S. Say hi to Tom!

      1. Nicole Virgil

        Thank you for this. Thank you very much.

  3. Dr. Deborah Robertson

    Hi Dr. Bell
    I enjoyed listening to your talk this weekend at TTAC! It was a phenomenal weekend of information to take to our clinics on Monday, and change the world one patient at a time! You mentioned you will be at an upcoming event in Gainesville, Ga. I live and work close by and would be interested to hear you speak. Can you give me some more information on the event?

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Hi Dr. Robertson,

      Would love to see you there!


  4. Kathe Wood

    Where do i buy the silver you talked about in your seminar at The Truth About Cancer symposium?

    1. Robert Scott Bell or a local health food store that carries it.

  5. Julie Varn

    I am trying to figure out the aloe vera protocol with silver. I am very old and very sick. I have a leaky gut and a horrific skin condition as a result. Please please tell me which silver Is it the Argentin 23 or the sovereign silver that I use with the aloe vera juice you recommend.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      You can use either.

  6. Vickie

    Hi Dr RSB

    Watching you on truth about cancer seminar. Do you have an online store where I could get the silver to keep on hand? Some of my friends at work are getting sick and I don’t want to join them. Particularly one lady has had a very serious lung infection for two weeks with fever and horrible coughing and very bad infection coughing up stuff. Dr visits and antibiotics didn’t help much but I heard you say you can nebulize the silver for the lungs. Where do I get it?

  7. Sharon

    Hello again Robert and Super Don, and no it was not Steve, it’s Sharon with the Lady Bug Assisted comment. So the good organic pot varied from $20 to $18 per gram, and it may be because this particular pot shop had their own grow show. Oh and the kid at this store was sure to inform me that between 8 and 10 AM I could get a 15% discount. Being a 65 year old woman, he must have thought we old folks needed a kick start in the morning. I went to another rec shop and purchased non-organic pot which was $12 to $16 per gram, this store got their supplies from various producers, including food items, which I did not investigate. Both stores have extensive menus they present u with and will go through the list explaining each item. Here in Boulder, we have many recreational and medical pot stores. U still need a state permit and a doctor recommendation to use the MM, but I hear it is much cheaper than the recreational stores.

    And yes Super Don, I guess u could get 3 or 4 slim joints out of a gram, but vaporizing it makes it go further and is much better, u only get the vaporized THC. There are now compact pocket size vaporizers, that cost about $200, but it’s certainly worth it.

    At 65, I have been indulging in recreational pot since my late teens, and lol and behold, it has not been a gateway drug for me as I have never imbibed in any drug. I only use sativa, opposed to indica, sativa is more uplifting and for the mind. Indica has always laid me back to much, and I guess that kid in the store pegged me right, if I’m having a particularly lazy morning, a little sativa is the kick start I need to motivate me to hop on my bicycle or get out in the garden. Works every time.

    I am growing a plant for the first time ever, it’s been fascinating watching it do it’s thing, I think it’s almost ready to harvest. I have been picking the small new leaves and putting them in my salads, also, have tried juicing them with some kale, chard, and apple from my garden, there is no high when ingesting them this way.

  8. Chris Maddux

    How can I treat headaches and a dry socket

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      The most indicated remedy (homeopathic) for dry socket is Rhus tox. I talked about other options on last night’s broadcast. Headaches usually indicate liver congestion. Have you tried homeopathic Bryonia? If it goes into migraine territory, even though Super Don on’t do it, look into coffee enemas. Headaches have a broad range of possible causes. Do you have more details in your specific case to go on?

  9. Liberty

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you so much for you and Dr. Buttar going into detail about the types of chelation medications. I gave the info to my doctor.

    Also, here is a great thing to do for your Cannabis Update segment. I’m not sure if you’ve heard about it or not but the Essential Oils website has 3 informational videos, step-by-step on “Why Cannabis is Medicine” at this link. The email is below…

    See an exact step-by-step breakdown of how cannabis as medicine works and why it is so effective for so many different ailments.

    Don’t miss the online Cannabis As Medicine video series which is FREE until September 22nd!

    If you or someone in your family is dealing with any of the following ailments, you will definitely want to check this out:

    Menstrual cramps

    This video series will teach you all about:

    Why cannabis is such an effective treatment for so many different ailments.
    How to get the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without getting high.
    A recent scientific discovery that explains why it has been so difficult to address many of our society’s most challenging health issues (and why cannabis does).
    Addressing the fears and misconceptions about using cannabis as medicine.
    Who is actually using cannabis as medicine today (it is not what you think).
    How the 100s of different compounds in cannabis uniquely impact your mind and body.
    What cannabinoid therapy is and why many of the world’s top doctors, scientists, and thought leaders are so excited about cannabis as medicine.
    Why the unique aromas in cannabis have a strong influence on your personal experience.
    And much more!

    The Cannabis As Medicine video series is FREE to watch from September 16-22. Reserve your spot now to get in on this amazing online event! (click the same link above to register for the free videos)

    P.S. Our intention is to reach as many people as possible about the awesome healing power of nature. Please pass this information on to friends and loved ones.

    To your health,

    Member Services
    Discover Essential Oil Truths

    Your promotion to your vast listenership will greatly expand the success of this educational event.

    Blessings to you and RSB show community,

  10. Sharon

    Hi Robert and Super Don. Just a quick comment, I am resident of Colorado and thought it “high” time I checked out the recreational pot shops here. So, I go in and ask if they have any organic marijuana and the kid, although he must be 21 to be selling, says the Federal government owns the word “organic”, by way of the FDA and all, so they are not allowed to use that term, but they can say “ladybug assisted”. After I picked myself off the floor with laughter, I left with a gram of ladybug assisted smoke.

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