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  1. Janet

    I was wondering if you have any suggestions on what my issue is. Four years ago I woke up and started constant burping. It was so bad that I would lose my voice. If I would lay down, it would settle to almost nothing after a short spell. I sometimes wake up and start burping, other times it will start when I’m in the car. I have been to numerous gastroenterologists, have had many many tests, have tried acupuncture, a chiropractor, and now on my third homeopathic. I have tried cutting out certain foods, to no avail. From various tests it was discovered that I have a very large hemangioma in my liver. Could something be pressing on my lower sphincter or my stomach even? I just heard about you and read an article you had about bioactive silver hydrosol….think that would make this go away?

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Hi Janet,
      We talked a bit about your dilemma on the broadcast today (3/4/15).

  2. Jessica L Kral

    I purchased the ebook unlock the power to heal severeally days ago & still haven’t received any emails what so ever about my purchase or a link to download the book. Wasn’t able to find any other way to contact anyone about this except on this website. Thanks

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Did you purchase the book through Amazon ir directly from

  3. Lori

    Hello Dr. bell and super don: If you have talked about this in the recent past I must have missed it. Do you believe in the use of multi vitamins? I don’t hear you touting the benefits of them. I take selenium, milk thistle (for my liver) D3, and turmeric in addition to silver my husband makes with his silver generator. I try to eat as well as possible meaning organic non gmo. But I work in a hospital and sometimes the cafeteria is the only game in town. I take inflamma gone for my tendenitis and also most days a green super food powder. Do you take a multi vitamin daily? If not why not. If so which one do you recommend? Thank you as always. Lori

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Thanks for your questions. I discussed this on the air today (3/4/15).

  4. Opting Out

    Hi Robert,

    Just found this term that needs to be used more frequently. The job is called “Internet Outreach Specialist”. Doesn’t that sound exactly like paid pharma trolls? Harry Reid has one or more.

    “The embrace of the blogs has helped spawn a new kind a staffer on Capitol Hill: the Internet outreach specialist. In Reid�s office, Ari Rabin-Havt, 27, who worked for and on the Internet team for John Kerry�s presidential campaign, spends his entire day reading blogs, responding to hundreds of e-mails from bloggers and figuring out how to get stories favorable to Senate Democrats onto the blogs. The relationship is helpful for both sides; Rabin-Havt will feed documents on key issues to the bloggers, which they like because it helps them post faster, and the close contact helps politicians head off some negative stories before they surface on the blogs.”,8599,1191974,00.html

  5. Carol Engmann

    Hello! I am wondering if you can answer a question? Several months ago you were on a show talking about how you helped heal someone, I believe a family member, with COPD. I believe you said his lungs were healed. I can’t remember exactly what you said. I bought your book, Unlock the Power to Heal and can’t find anything specifically related to that. My brother has COPD and A fib. Can you give me some advice?
    Thank you,

  6. Jana Sikes

    My husband just feel while snowboarding on Monday. His elbow went into his side when he landed it cause a Level 3 laceration in his left kidney. The kidney has been bleeding, but is staying contained in the membrane, so he has not needed surgery. Today is Day 4 and he has been moved out of the ICU, is starting on solid food, and is hoping to be released from the hospital. Other than the iodine they put in him for the CT scan, he hasn’t taken any medications. He’s been in pain, but has chosen not to take any pain killers because he doesn’t like to take medication whenever he can avoid it. He is 40 years old and in great health otherwise. He had been on the Whole 30 plan for 24 days prior to his accident, so his body had been pumped full of healthy fats, grass-fed meats, and organic vegetables. We are both passionate about natural living. I was referred to you by a friend of mine. I have a food and supplement regimen ready to start him on when he returns home: mostly Whole 30 type of foods still, and the following supplements:

    Vitamin C
    Fish Oil
    Alpha GPC
    Bulletproof Glutathione
    Bulletproof Grass-Fed Collagen
    Bulletproof Grass-Fed Whey Protein
    Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

    Do you have any other suggestions for him to optimize a quick healing, or do you recommend that I omit any of the items above?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      I talked about your questions on this evening’s (2/26/15) broadcast.
      Yours in Health Freedom,

      1. Jana Sikes

        I just listened. Thank you so much for your helpful feedback! I’m glad I discovered you.

  7. D

    Dr. Bell & Team,

    There is a movie called ‘Bought’ on the Internet which covers vaccines, pharma and GMO foods. Bought can be viewed for free until 3/6, and I watched a good portion of this last night (about 90 minutes long). Here is the website to view the movie if you are interested.

    You mentioned that french fries from McDonalds has nineteen ingredients. I recently talked with a person who use to work at a facility that made french fries, and McDonalds was one of their customers. According to this person, they used formaldehyde in the process of making the french fries at the plant where they formerly worked. Is formaldehyde listed as one of the ingredients, or are they using the same ethics as pharma – not listed the items used in the ‘manufacturing process’ of the product?

  8. Diane

    I also listened to you speak on the healthy gut summit and my question is this….would the aloe and silver protocol cure c.diff? Or at least help and not make matters worse? Thank you.

    1. Robert Scott Bell

      Yes. Silver in its appropriate form, if delivered efficiently to the point of foci, eradicates C. diff. Yes.

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