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August 26th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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D.C.’s Dangerous and Divisive Vaccine Mandate While the attention was focused on Mar-a-Lago, Denmark made major news by banning the COVID-19 vaccine for children under age 18. You read that correctly: The Scandinavian nation, often heralded by pro-vaccine liberal politicians as a health model for the United States, issued a policy declaring it “no longer be possible” for young people to get vaccinated, citing the low risk posed by the virus. Meanwhile, back home, the Biden administration, whose inner circle includes secret consultants for Pfizer, is for the most part letting states move forward with a similar laissez-faire attitude toward vaccination requirements with one notable exception: Washington, D.C., which is requiring all students over the age of 12 receive a vaccine. The discrepancy between the treatment of children in our nation’s capital and the rest of the country reflects a deeper disconnect ripping our nation apart. It also undermines President Biden’s commitment to racial equity. On the campaign trail, Mr. Biden, who owes his 2020 victory to Black voters in South Carolina, turned heads by declaring, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t Black.” On Inauguration Day, he signed an executive order outlining his “comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all.”

Judge strikes down D.C.’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on police A D.C. judge ruled Thursday that a COVID-19 vaccine mandate imposed by Mayor Muriel Bowser is unlawful, siding with a police union that challenged the rules as unfair and damaging to recruitment. Superior Court Judge Maurice A. Ross said Ms. Bowser, a Democrat, lacked statutory authority to impose the requirement. “It is undisputed that the mayor has a strong interest in combating the spread of COVID-19,” the order reads. “However, our system does not permit the mayor to act unlawfully even in the pursuit of desirable ends.” The order says the mayor is permanently enjoined from imposing the mandate and that punished union members must be reimbursed for “any loss of benefits, pay, or rights and all related disciplinary proceedings to be expunged from their records.”

Special Guest Lauren Ameling DC, BCND

Lauren Ameling is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Acupuncturist, and educator. She graduated from Logan University in 2006 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. She has earned over 500 hours of postgraduate certification in topics such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pregnancy and Pediatric Care, and Kinesiology. Dr. Lauren and her husband, a fellow chiropractor, have a private practice focused on holistic healing. She embraces the fact that the translation of the word “Doctor” means “To Teach”. Her office interactions always center on patient education and in 2010 she began teaching for a local college. Throughout the years, Dr. Lauren has taught for five colleges and universities but her true passion is working with those who desire to understand all thatnatural healthcare has to offer. She is an awarded instructor who is regularly invited to speak for the American Medical Technologists. Dr. Lauren lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, Jason, and two amazing boys, Reece and Kieran.

Dr. Wendell Whitman was a tireless advocate for health freedom and a pioneer in the field of natural health. In 1991, recognizing the inadequacy of formal health education outside of the traditional medical field, he founded Trinity School of Natural Health.

Trinity School of Natural Health was founded for the purpose of presenting alternative natural health education to everyone. Today, the Trinity repertoire of programs and courses has evolved into a powerful, educational process that enables students to improve their own health, enhance the good health of their families, friends and communities, and their own professional practices.

Our philosophy is that we are intrinsically holistic and should therefore continually pursue true health through the development of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole person. Our vision is to become the global leader in natural health education by creating a community of individuals who are committed to sharing their knowledge of the power and purpose of holistic health. As we strive to create an exceptional student experience, we will treat each person who chooses Trinity with respect and dignity. Every decision made, every single day, will be focused solely on what is best for our students.


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Special Guest – Dick Morris

Probably the most prominent American political consultant, Dick Morris is credited almost universally with piloting Bill Clinton to a stunning comeback re-election victory in 1996 after the president lost Congress to the Republicans two years before. Called “the most influential private citizen in America” by Time magazine, Morris also has handled the winning campaigns for more than 30 senators or governors. Morris makes more than 400 appearances each year and is well known for hard-hitting, nonpartisan commentary about the U.S. political scene. He writes a weekly column for the New York Post and the Hill Magazine in the United States and the National Post in Canada. In November 1999, Morris founded a Web site called Vote.com where people may log on to vote on the major issues of the day. Their opinions are e-mailed to their senators and members of Congress and to other significant decision makers Vote.com is rated by Media Metrics and PC Data as one of the most trafficked Web sites in the world. Morris has written many books, including his 1997 best-selling memoir of the Clinton administration, “Behind the Oval Office, Winning the Presidency in the Nineties.” His latest is “Power Grab: Obama’s Dangerous Plan foe a One Party Nation.”  In 1999, he wrote a guide to modern politics called “The New Prince: Machiavelli Updated for the 21st Century.” His book “Power Plays” sketches the careers of 20 of history’s leading figures and the strategies they used to gain political power. Other best-sellers to his credit include “Fleeced: How Barack Obama, Media Mockery of Terrorist Threats, Liberals Who Want to Kill Talk Radio, the Do-Nothing Congress, Companies That Help Iran, and Washington Lobbyists for Foreign Governments Are Scamming Us . . . and What to Do About It,” and his latest, “Catastrophe: How Obama, Congress, and the Special Interests Are Transforming a Slump into a Crash, Freedom Into Socialism, and a Disaster into a Catastrophe . . . and How to Fight Back.”  Morris lives in Connecticut and in New York City with his wife of 23 years, Eileen McGann, his frequent co-author.

Taking statins for cholesterol? It’s better for your heart if you stay on them for life If you’re thinking that your prescription for cholesterol-lowering statins is just a temporary situation, think again. A new study finds patients with heart problems who stop taking statins are putting themselves at greater risk for a heart attack or stroke. Researchers found that people in their 40s should start taking statins if they are at risk from heart problems. Anyone with existing heart disease, no matter what age, should also begin taking the cholesterol-lowering treatment. However, once patients start taking this medication, results show it’s more harmful to stop later on. The research team from Queen Mary University of London looked at the effects of treatment with a standard 40mg daily dose of statin. They estimated the effect of therapy versus no therapy in three scenarios: lifelong therapy, therapy which stopped when people turned 80, and therapy which began five years late among patients under 45. The team measured the benefit of statins in quality-adjusted life years (QALYs), which is the length of life adjusted by health to reflect quality of life. One QALY is equal to one year of life in perfect health.

Children of Parents Exposed to Pesticides More Likely to Develop Cancer A study published in Environmental Research suggests occupational (work-related) exposure to pesticides among nonpregnant women and men may increase childhood cancer risk for offspring. Already, studies find low levels of pesticide exposure during pregnancy or childhood cause adverse health effects from metabolic disorders to mental and physical disabilities. However, few assess parental exposure’s impact on childhood disease risk outside critical development periods (e.g., pregnancy). Although medical advancements in disease survival are more prominent nowadays, childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death from disease among children. Furthermore, childhood cancer survivors can suffer from chronic or long-term health complications that may be life-threatening. The etiology or cause of childhood cancer involves the interaction of multiple components like lifestyle and genetics. However, emerging evidence indicates that environmental contaminants like pesticides (e.g., occupational exposures, air pollution, solvents, diet, etc.) play a role in disease etiology. Pesticide contamination is widespread in all ecosystems, and chemical compounds can accumulate in human tissues resulting in chronic health effects. Children are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of pesticide exposure as their developing bodies cannot adequately combat exposure effects. Moreover, several studies demonstrate an association between environmental or occupational pesticide exposure and the risk of childhood cancer.

Missouri school district revives paddling to discipline students A school district in southwest Missouri is bringing back a measure it last resorted to over two decades ago to address disciplinary problems: spanking students. Classes started Monday for the 1,900 students in Cassville R-IV School District, about an hour west of Branson and some 15 miles from the Arkansas border. During open house, families were notified that the school board had adopted a policy in June allowing “use of physical force as a method of correcting student behavior.” Parents were handed forms to specify whether they authorize the school to use a paddle on their child, the Springfield News-Leader reported. Formally known as corporal punishment, the disciplinary measure usually involves striking students on the buttocks with a wooden paddle. In Cassville, staff members will employ “reasonable physical force” — without a “chance of bodily injury or harm” — in the presence of a witness, according to the new policy. A teacher or principal must also send a report to the superintendent explaining the reasoning behind the punishment. What exactly constitutes “reasonable physical force” is unclear. Superintendent Merlyn Johnson declined an interview request from The Washington Post, saying, “At this time we will focus on educating our students.” However, he told the News-Leader that younger students could receive one or two paddle swings, while older students could get up to three. Parents, Johnson said, had thanked the district for approving the practice that has mostly been in decline across the country.

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