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Robert Scott Bell endorses Jonathan Emord for the U.S. Senate From Virgina 2024

There is great news for the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Constitutional attorney Jonathan Emord is running for the United States Senate to Defeat Tim Kaine in 2024. For over 30 years, Jonathan has fought for individual liberty, health freedom and self-determination in a nation that has drifted far from the founding principles of limited government. Never before has the need for bodily autonomy brought Americans of all political perspectives together like now to save America.
I posit a simple question: Who do you want determining what you can or cannot do in defense of your own immune system? Jonathan Emord has decades of experience in defending your right to bodily autonomy whenever bureaucrats attempt to claim dominion over your body or that of your children. This is YOUR right.
Over the last 3 years of the Covid crisis, in particular, it is evident that our country needs principled servants in the United States Senate who will stand against the government takeover of our health by bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx and Rachelle Walensky. Those who supported government mandates against your medical and bodily autonomy, like Tim Kaine, got it so wrong because they believe that the bureaucracy is the only solution to an immunological crisis more appropriately responded to within the sacred doctor-patient relationship.
How often were we told that our God-given immune system was inferior to experimental injections or kidney-killing drugs? The heavy hand of government regulators captured by global pharmaceutical interests proved disastrous to the health of millions of Americans, many of whom would likely still be alive today if not coerced into becoming victims of a vast experiment profiting only the pharmaceutical industry and the government regulators it had captured.
It’s time to save America and the Commonwealth of Virginia by electing a true statesman; one who cannot be bought by special interests. Virginia has such an option in constitutional attorney and champion for our nation’s Constitution, Jonathan Emord. It is time for a new senator in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, one with decades of experience in defending the people from progressivist power-mad bureaucrats.
Read any of Jonathan’s many books on the erosion of freedom in America, from the Rise of Tyranny to The Authoritarians: Their Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution, and Free Enterprise from the 19th Century to the Present to see how grounded in real history he is. This is critical because those who do not know history have little real idea why things are the way they are, nor how to genuinely make course corrections for the restoration of the republic. Aren’t you tired of our politicians making the same mistakes over and over again and expecting a different result? With Jonathan Emord in the US Senate, we can and will do better, much better.
Other areas of concern for Virginians and all Americans include the corrupting of our school children by those pushing globalist ideologies teaching intolerance, hate and victim consciousness through various iterations of Critical Race Theory. Jonathan believes that our children should be taught that the greatest opportunities for progress and advancement come through freedom of thought and conscience, in addition to getting back to basics in science, math and reading. School curriculum should support the dreams of all children and their unique talents by encouraging excellence in all endeavors through freedom, not victimization and racial segregation.
And what of energy? In addition to Emord’s tireless defense of the Constitution and your freedom to live your best life, he recognizes that innovation in energy production does not come from the heavy hand of central government planners or globalists at the World Economic Forum. Energy independence is critical to a free and prosperous America for our children’s future.
“You will own nothing and be happy” is a mantra for those who would have your children living in squalor, trying to find scraps of paper to burn in order to stay warm in the winter. Open-pit mining for rare earth minerals for batteries in electric cars is proving to be an environmental disaster, resulting in rationing energy in places like California. The worst environmental disasters in history happen under central planning socialist/communist countries like the former Soviet Union and contemporary communist China. Only in freedom can the best of American innovation continue to improve the efficiency in acquiring and utilizing the abundance of energy that already exists within our borders, and do so cleanly. Emord is dedicated to fight for such abundance and innovation in defense of both energy independence and a clean environment.
And speaking of borders, Jonathan Emord supports those who wish to come to America legally to contribute to the greatness that is a nation rooted in liberty, not socialism. Strong national borders are not evidence of xenophobia, but a recognition of the need to defend the values of an American identity rooted in individual liberty, not collectivist suicide. A nation with no borders is no nation. Does Tim Kaine share your concern about the free flow of Fentanyl through our unsecure southern border? Jonathan Emord would do everything within his power to protect the nation and the people of Virginia by greatly strengthening our current porous vulnerability.
I have personally known Jonathan Emord for over 25 years; he is a man of great constitutional integrity. He has dedicated his life to stand up in defense of the little guy, Americans bullied by government bureaucrats, including representing those fighting for their very lives in need of “Right To Try” measures on both the state and federal levels. He supports medical and health freedom against the horrific overreach of the FDA that is responsible for approving drugs that are the 3rd leading cause of death in America. He believes in your freedom to decide what is right for your health along with the autonomy to work with the doctor of your choice, even when they disagree with the FDA, CDC, WHO and Anthony Fauci. We have seen predictions of future pandemics from the likes of the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates. Virginia needs a US Senator who will stand and defend the right of all Virginians to be secure in their freedom to determine their best and brightest future, now.
This is why I wholeheartedly and without reservation, endorse my friend and constitutional champion, Jonathan Emord for the United States Senate from Virginia in 2024. Let’s save America together!
– Robert Scott Bell