“An Admission that Pro-Vaccinators Don’t Want to Make” by John Calvin Jones, PhD, JD

An Admission that Pro-Vaccinators Don’t Want to Make” by John Calvin Jones, PhD, JD

For those of us concerned about liberty, we know that there are number of problems with the growing Leviathan that is invasive government.  Gone are the protections of the 4th Amendment.  Airport travel offers us a choice between radiation and sexual assault.  Local police department are buying and testing drones – straight out of Terminator.  But while domestic drone attacks are yet to become a daily reality, there is a stealth weapon that maims and kills daily – vaccines.

Though billions of the people on the planet are ignorant of the harms, the evidence of the dangers of vaccines has been published, steadily from the 1800s up to the present.  Today, thanks to independent researchers, concerned parents, and a growing number of converts within allopathic medicine, we can learn the science, the facts, and truth about vaccines.  This post provides just a few snippets about some childhood vaccines and so-called vaccine-preventable diseases.  In conclusion, I offer evidence to show that, in particular, receiving a pertussis vaccine definitely increases the probability that you or your child will fall ill with pertussis (whooping cough).

If one dose is good, why not mix six and inject them all at once?

In 2003 the Paul Ehrlich Institute of Germany reported that from fall 2000 to spring 2003, five children died within 24 hours of receiving an injection of six-vaccines-at-once, one type called Hexavac, the other was Infanrix Hexa.[i]  Though Infarix Hexa was not pulled, by 2005, the European Medicine Agency (EMEA) announced that Hexavac was no longer an approved vaccine.[ii]

Rather than release a note of caution, without explanation, in October 2012 the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC)[iii] and Health Canada endorsed the risky Infanrix Hexa[iv] even though maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) issued a voluntary recall of a particular lot of Infanrix Hexa.

In fact, in reaction to the manufacturer recall, the BCCDC claimed that “There is no safety risk to anyone who received [the Infanrix Hexa] vaccine.”  But what was the basis of the statement made by the BCCDC?  On December 8, 2012, the Belgium-based Initiative Citoyenne revealed that GSK knew of data from October 2009 – October 2011 showing that 36 infants died due to  Infanrix Hexa – including 13 within 24 hours of injection![v]

Do vaccines cause disease and illness?

One can learn of the harms of vaccines – even in the United States – from the CDC itself.  At least some acute reactions, long-term injuries, and deaths caused by vaccines are published in the Weekly Mortality and Morbidity Report of the CDC.  As well, the injurious nature of vaccines are, on occasion, detailed by medical literature like the New England Journal of Medicine, Pediatrics, the Lancet, etc.

Again, the evidence showing that vaccines cause harm is not new.  Medical reports from 1838 found that smallpox vaccination caused smallpox outbreaks and the vaccinated were most likely to fall ill with tuberculosis.[vi]  Today rates of childhood leukemia, brain cancers, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma are highest in countries which administer the most vaccines – and do it early.[vii]  Why is it that since 1998, cancer has been the leading cause of disease-related death for American children ages 1-15.[viii]

What About Pertussis and Its Vaccines?

In 2010, California reported a 60-year record high number of pertussis cases – 7195 – which equaled a rate of 19.3 per 100,000 people.  At the same time, a team of PhDs, MD, and epidemiologists at the private medical provider, Kaiser-Permanente decided to investigate pertussis among its 100%-vaccinated 3.2 million enrollees.  Based on hospital visits, and positive tests, the research team found a pertussis illness rate of 25.7 per 100,000![ix]  Yes, you read it correctly, a group of Americans, with private health insurance, who are regularly and fully vaccinated showed pertussis illness more often than the general population which was suffering an epidemic.  Put in another way, the group with a less than 100% vaccination rate had a lower illness rate than the fully vaccinated group.  A statistical comparison shows that we are 99.999999997% certain that the folks paying for insurance and vaccines through Kaiser-Permanente hospitals and clinics had a significantly higher rate of the illness that the unwashed masses of California.

What is even more remarkable is that according to the team of researchers at Kaiser-Permanente, led by Nicola Klein, MD, PhD, nine years after receiving a DTaP or Tdap shot, a person no longer gets any benefit [sic] from the vaccine.[x]  But, although the general population of California had an effective vaccination rate of less than 20%, and suffered a massive outbreak of pertussis, the entire population of the State of California had a statistically significant lower rate of pertussis illness than a group of insured people who’d received all their shots.  Comparing these two populations, we are left to conclude that the odds that pertussis vaccines do not increase pertussis illness are about 1 in 330 million!

If pertussis infection rates of 19.3 per every 100,000 are at epidemic levels, how should we describe the rate of illness of 25.7?  What does it mean when that illness rate is found in those who are vaccinated, pay for private insurance, and have access to a doctor’s care at Kaiser-Permanente?

The numbers are clear, as vaccination increases so does disease and death.  When will medical professionals and politicians protecting the pharmaceutical companies admit that?

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Jones, John Calvin.  2013.  An Admission that Pro-Vaccinators Don’t Want to Make.  August 19, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Author John Calvin Jones has a JD and a PhD in political science, both earned at the University of Iowa.  Among other courses, he teaches statistics, research methods, and quantitative analysis.  He has been reading and researching vaccines, the claims of their efficacy, and reports of vaccine injury and toxicity since 2004.  His daughter is vaccine-free, has no allergies.  She did have German measles and chicken pox – naturally, and now has life-time immunity.  Jones believes that a human immune system free of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, SV-40, polysorbate 80, etc., is a beautiful thing.

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