“Catching Lightning in a Bottle” by Liam Scheff

“Catching Lightning in a Bottle” by Liam Scheff

The Big Bang is the religious notion that sits at the top of our sciences: “First there was nothing, which exploded.” The idea was given to us by a Roman Catholic priest in the 1920s, who was clear and explicit in his desire to combine his two great loves: blackboard math and Biblical Genesis. So, from the “First there was darkness on the face of the deep…” we’re given, “Big Bang,” which is a barely disguised re-telling of the old Hebrew creation myth, decorated with a little “theoretical” (ie, fake) math. Following down from this leads astronomers to misunderstand everything in the universe – from stars, which are not nuclear bombs in space (but are electrical anodes or gathering points), to weather, which is not controlled by farting cows (but by the Sun), all the way down to lightning. Here’s a look at that, in excerpt from Ch.9 of “Official Stories,” “The Big Electric Bang.”

The mainstream has a truly outstanding bit of official storiness to describe the one electrical process we see on Earth all the time.

Lightning. Here’s a natural for the electrical model of space. The Earth is a charged polar magnetic body moving through space. That space has its own electrical charge. They have to equalize their charges – so they spark, regularly. Voila – lightning.

It is planetary static electricity. The Earth sparks with space, space sparks with the Earth, because each carries a variable charge.

You do it yourself. You walk across a carpet generating a charge. You touch a metal doorknob – a conductor with a different charge – and sparks jump. Lightning.

And if this explanation makes too much sense, let’s look at the official story. The mainstream, who cannot look at space as an electrified medium, have come up with this beauty: lightning is currently believed to originate in clouds. No, it is not due to the electrical nature of space. It comes about when… ready? Ice crystals rub together. This is the official explanation. And they admit that it’s another “problem,” like the temperature of the Sun, the fluctuating nature of stars, sunspots, the tilt of the planets and many, many more.

As official stories go, it’s about ready to topple. Freezers around the world have not exploded with massive trillion-watt (that’s a-mighty big!) lightning discharges. So why do they offer something so deeply, profoundly, exquisitely moronic? (A trillion watts, by the way, or terawatt, is what the mainstream says the average stroke of lightning provides.)

The mainstream cannot allow that lightning occurs because of the electrical nature of space. If they did, they’d open the door to the rest of the electric universe model. Which puts university Ph.D. professors, who’ve spent decades writing defensive treatises on how the Big Bang might still have a little something to it, in the dog house. Not only out of work, but deeply humbled. And that is just not a color that upper-level academics wear.

The official estimate for energy use on the whole planet is about 15 terawatts per year. A half-second terawatt lightning bolt happens as a natural discharge from Earth to space and back over a million times each day. (The official estimate gets up to 8.6 million.) Maybe we should study the energy source that powers that? Or, do we want to keep mining for plutonium to boil water for “safe” nuclear power, so we can stick with the magic icicles story? (Can you imagine how hard NASA is working to NOT figure this out? Ice cubes? Really?)

Read more about the hidden religion at the core of science in “Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need.”

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