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Feb 25, 2020 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Virus ‘literally knocking at the door’, WHO warns countries Italy has taken appropriate measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, with the focus on halting further person-to-person transmission, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday. Italy has seen the biggest outbreak of the disease in Europe, with more than 260 cases and seven deaths reported, most in the prosperous north of the country. A WHO team held talks with Italian officials in Rome on Tuesday about the response, WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier said. “WHO experts are providing support in the areas of clinical management, infection prevention and control, surveillance and risk communication. At this stage the focus is on limiting further human-to-human transmission,” the WHO said in a statement posted overnight.

Coronavirus live updates: US confirms 53 cases, CDC outlines pandemic planning The economic drag from the new coronavirus will turn out to be larger than SARS, according to Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles. Seroka was working in Shanghai during the 2002-2003 SARS outbreak. “At that time, we were all grounded,” he told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday. “This appears to be much worse because of the number of folks who were infected and the lack of productivity.” While estimates vary, economists believe SARS cost the global economy about $40 billion. — Belvedere

Did Coronavirus Originate in America? Chinese Media Pushes Conspiracy Since the beginning of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, which has now grown to infect 79,000 and kill over 2,000, Chinese authorities have attempted to deflect attention away from the crisis by comparing it to the American flu season. Some claim that influenza, which has killed over 16,000 people this year, is more deadly than the coronavirus. Now, new conspiracy theories claim that it may actually be the coronavirus. According to Chinese state-run media, some Chinese speculate that Americans who died of the flu may have unknowingly become infected with the deadly Covid-19 – which they claim is spreading undetected in the United States. Some even speculate that infected Americans brought the illness to China. This comes at a time when U.S. authorities have begun testing individuals with influenza-like symptoms for coronavirus. Currently, the United States has tested 414 people for Wuhan coronavirus with only 14 confirmed to be infected.

Special Guest LeeAnn Ducat

Public Health Committee Passes Bill to Remove Religious Exemptions For Vaccinations The General Assembly’s Public Health Committee approved a bill on Monday that would remove the religious exemptions for vaccinations for school-age children. Before it was passed three amendments were added to the bill, including grandfathering in the 7,800 children who already have a religious exemption. Hundreds of people who showed up at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford to show opposition to the bill expressed outrage after the vote. The vote followed a public hearing last week that lasted 22 hours and included hundreds of speakers both for and against the bill. Some who oppose the bill say the state should not be allowed to interfere with someone’s belief system. They say the constitution ensures religious freedom and say religious rights should be protected against vaccinations.

Special Guest Rita Palma

Rita Palma of My Kids, My Choice, while not a New York City resident, has firsthand experience with the arbitrary and capricious application of religious exemptions in New York State. She and her husband were subjected to questions about their food choices and vitamin usage, as well as questions about their religious faith, when they appealed their exemption denial multiple times. As a result of their horrid treatment at the hands of a board of education, including the district superintendent, the board president, and the commissioner of education, Rita vowed that she would change the way New York treats parents seeking exemptions. She began My Kids, My Choice in order to help other parents navigate their way through the system and is a tireless advocate for vaccine choice with the New York State legislature.

New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights is a 501c(3) organization that seeks to educate families and individuals about their vaccination rights and how to protect them through political action. The New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights is compromised of a variety of groups, organizations and individuals that stand united in opposition to bills within New York State legislature that threaten our constitutional rights and freedom to raise our families in accordance with our beliefs. The Alliance encompasses a diverse set of perspectives that share the common ground that vaccination is a decision that should be made by family and individuals.

Capitol police arrest woman amid protests during vaccine exemption bill debate Amid the protests at the state capitol on Monday where lawmakers were debating a vaccine exemption bill, a New York woman was placed under arrest. Police arrested 56-year-old Rita Palma, of Bluepoint, NY, and charged her with disorderly conduct and interfering with the General Assembly. Specific details of what led to her arrest were not released. Police said she was issued a misdemeanor summons and was released on a promise to appear. She’s due in court next month.

Unionport meeting centers on bills that would require vaccination without parent consent Parents gathered in Unionport Sunday to discuss bills currently under consideration by state lawmakers that would allow children under 18 to receive vaccines without parental consent. Although some of the parents now home-school their children after the religious exemption was removed, they say they are not promoting an anti-vaccine stance. Instead, they say they are working to inform other parents that the bills include language that removes parental consent. Organizer Sharen Medrano said many parents do not know about this and that the meeting at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is a form of service to bring the information to the community. “Parental consent is very important. I think any medication that a child receives, a parent should be aware of it,” Medrano emphasized.

To the Governor: Wisconsin Bill Would Set Stage to Expand Healthcare Freedom Yesterday, the Wisconsin Senate gave final approval to a bill that would facilitate healthcare freedom outside of government insurance regulatory schemes. Rep Joe Sanfelippo (R – New Berlin) and a large coalition of Republican cosponsors introduced Assembly Bill 26 (AB26) in February. The legislation specifies that direct primary care agreements (sometimes called medical retainer agreements) do not constitute insurance, thereby freeing doctors from the onerous requirements and regulations under the state insurance code. The bill also includes provisions defining direct primary care agreements and establishing modest requirements. On Feb. 20, the Senate approved AB26 by a 20-13 vote. The Assembly previously passed the measure by a 61-36 vote. It now goes to Gov. Tony Evers’ desk for his consideration. According to Michigan Capitol Confidential, by removing a third party payer from the equation, medical retainer agreements help both physicians and patients minimize costs. Jack Spencer writes:

“Under medical retainer agreements, patients make monthly payments to a physician who in return agrees to provide a menu of routine services at no extra charge. Because no insurance company stands between patient and doctor, the hassles and expense of bureaucratic red tape are eliminated, which have resulted in dramatic cost reductions. Routine primary care services (and the bureaucracy required to reimburse them) are estimated to consume 40 cents out of every dollar spent on insurance policies, so lower premiums for a given amount of coverage are another potential benefit.”

Vaxxed II Will Begin Streaming on February 25th on Roku Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth begins streaming today, February 25th, on AMC’s Roku Channel on Peeps TV and also on Advocates, don’t miss this opportunity to see Vaxxed II – AND share it with friends! Sign up for Roku is easy so be sure to do it ASAP. You can also purchase the DVD now; with shipping beginning February 26th. Vaxxed II should be seen by all. As many of us know, parents bear the unbelievably heavy load of their child’s vaccine injury. Parents who have gone through these experiences see Vaxxed II as a validation of their child’s injury. Those who don’t have a vaccine injured loved one, who perhaps were on the fence, say that the movie is mind-changing for them. And, we know their vaccine decisions will be life-altering for their children. Please help by spreading the message far and wide. CHD has also created some hand-outs to help.

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