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May 7th, 2020 3-5PM ET

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Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Barry Farber, conservative talk radio pioneer and author, passes away a day after his 90th birthday Barry Farber, an original pioneer of talk radio who shared his intelligent conservatism with untold millions of listeners during a career in broadcasting that spanned 60 years, has passed away.  One day after his 90th birthday on Tuesday, Farber died peacefully at home in New York City, with members of his family at his bedside.  On Tuesday, a live program celebrating Farber’s birthday was on in his time slot, featuring his younger brother Jerry, his two daughters Celia and Bibi, and his producer Dahlia Weinstein.  During the program, Barry Farber took the mic briefly and spoke his last words that would ever be broadcast.In 2009, Talkers Magazine placed Farber at number nine on its list of the most influential talk show hosts in American history.  In 2014, he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.  In 1960, 28 years prior to the arrival of Rush Limbaugh on national radio and more than three decades before the internet and the new media gave citizens a wide range of information choices, Farber began broadcasting his own radio talk show on WINS 1010 in New York City.  In the decades that followed, he and a small group of talented and innovative broadcasters brought alternative political insights to mainstream audiences on some of the biggest radio stations — and later, on major radio networks — in the country.

Executive orders are not laws COVID-19 has shined some important light on the tendency of government to do as Founding Fathers warned — stretch and reach and overreach, and tread into places it doesn’t belong. And as the executive orders come fast and furious from governors’ mansions around the nation, it’s high time for a reminder: Orders are not laws.They should be challenged by the people. They should be held to constitutional muster. They should be challenged and debated and fought over because they threaten the very foundation of America’s free society.America is not a kingdom but rather a system of limited government where rule of law, meaning, the Constitution, guides — not mob mentality, or worse, fear — and public servants are just that: beholden to the citizenry.Executive orders bypass that system. They are not duly passed laws by elected representatives of the people. They are not pieces of legislation that are openly debated and discussed and voted upon in ways that keep the elected accountable to the people.They don’t give the voter the chance to express yay or nay; they don’t allow the people to hold the ultimate power.

 COVID-19 threatens U.S. election integrity For the first time in months, Democrats are looking with anticipation and excitement to November’s presidential election — and it has nothing to do with their dismal candidate, Joe Biden.It’s because of COVID-19 and the chance to do some heavy Election Day damage.If at first you don’t succeed — right?Democrats have kept “Toppling America’s Electoral System” on their list of most-desired for years, with only the spottiest of successes to show for it. Oh, there have been some wins on open borders that have brought in bunches of desperate and dependent low-information voter types, the kind who came from socialist countries and now want America to adopt the same entitlement mindset and income redistribution plans that destroyed the nations they fled.But that’s proven a slow-going route to boosting Democrat numbers at the ballot boxes; hardly the stuff of radical overnight national change.There have been some wins at the state level that have seen leftists let illegals obtain drivers’ licenses and identification cards that in turn prove valuable platforms toward corrupting the present vote, as well as at laying the groundwork for scooping up scores of future loyal Democrat voters. But again, it’s slow-going.

COVID-19 ‘new normal’ of collectivism doesn’t belong in America Once upon a time, America was free. Then COVID-19 came, civil liberties left, and everywhere there started appearing headlines about the “new normal” Americans were supposed to suffer — a “new normal” of face mask wearing, 6-foot social distancing, speech curtailing, speech stifling regulatory controls that come by way of executive pinheads and medical bureaucrats.No. The standard in America is not and will not be this “new normal.” The standard in America is freedom, erring on the side of individual rights not government dictates.Fight the “new normal.”The “new normal” that’s being pitched is not America.It’s collectivism over individualism.“COVID-19: Will social distancing be the new normal? A Mayo Clinic expert discusses what the future might look like,” Mayo Clinic reported.The post went on to state, “[N]ew projections suggest social distancing may need to continue through 2022. Researchers predict that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, will return every winter, and that prolonged or intermittent social distancing strategies could limit the strain on health care systems.”

NY Times op-ed ‘I believe Tara Reade. I’m voting for Joe Biden anyway’ polarizes readers The New York Times published a polarizing op-ed on Wednesday by a feminist author who plans to vote for Joe Biden despite believing that he has committed sexual assault, all because she can’t stand President Trump.Author Linda Hirshman penned the piece headlined, “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway.” The author began by declaring she believes Tara Reade, who has accused presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden of sexual assault. Biden has denied any wrongdoing.“Let’s be clear: I believe Tara Reade. I believed Anita Hill, too,” Hirshman wrote before explaining that she once interviewed an adviser to Hill who told her that the Senate was a “boy’s club” back when Biden was the “bumbling” head of Judiciary Committee during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.“Democratic primary voters knew all about Mr. Biden’s membership in that boys’ club when there was still time to pick someone else. Alas,” Hirshman wrote. “So what’s a girl to do now?”

Sen. Rand Paul: Governments Use Pandemic to Seize Power In keeping Americans safe with coronavirus response efforts, Sen. Rand Paul questions whether some state and local authorities are capitalizing on a power grab. In an opinion piece for Fox News, the Republican Senator from Kentucky quotes C.S. Lewis: “Of all tyrannies,” C.S. Lewis once observed, “a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”He said some officials are using the coronavirus to take seize “unprecedented amounts of power” and they must be called out. “I actually support the concept of states taking the lead in responding to the pandemic, and I applaud President Donald Trump for following this approach as he focuses on broader federal efforts that no state could do on its own,” he said. “But it does not excuse abuse of authority. It does not require executives to ignore their legislatures or place unreasonable or unconstitutional burdens on Americans, and we should call those overreaches out when we see them.”As governments begin to reopen or decide to stay closed, he said it is important to keep an eye on what overreaches officials may be taking.

That Awkward Moment When a Toilet Flushes During Supreme Court Oral Arguments The sum of human history and technological advancement led to a point Wednesday where the sound of a flushing toilet could be heard while the highest court in America was listening to arguments over the phone during a global pandemic.The flushing toilet could be heard while attorney Roman Martinez was diligently arguing in Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants, Inc. over the question of whether the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991’s robocall ban is “an unconstitutional content-based restriction of speech, and if so whether the Fourth Circuit erred in addressing the constitutional violation by broadening the prohibition to abridge more speech.”Martinez was advocating for the position of the respondents, the American Association of Political Consultants.“The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) imposes liability of up to $1,500 for any call or text message made or sent without prior express consent to a cell phone using an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice,” the respondents’ brief said. “That broad prohibition on speech, however, is subject to a host of exceptions, including for calls made ‘to collect a debt owed to or guaranteed by the United States.’”

Special Guest – Dr. Michael Haley from Haley Nutrition!  

Aloe juice or aloe water—which can be found at health food stores—isn’t as goopy or neon green as the stuff from the drugstore, but it’s marketed as being equally magical. Proponents claim that drinking aloe juice speeds up metabolism, promotes proper digestion, and helps you burn extra fat and calories. (And that’s after it does wonders for your skin, according to Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow.)
Appearances do matter apparently – A survey of 255 patients found most people prefer their dermatologists to wear a white coat, and what their doctor wears may affect results.
A 12 year old “wiz-kid” posted a video that got 1M views in one day, claiming he had complied every piece of scientific data that confirms a link between vaccines and autism – and it’s none. 
Researchers explore the science of awe…what does the emotion of “being in awe” do for us?  Why has it been significant throughout history?

Question of The Day:

Mosquitos, I heard you mention them the other day. I get a LOT of bits. I do ALL sorts of mitigation to keep them away but I am fighting an uphill battle. That said what is a good itch stop or bit relief for mosquitos? I occasionally use Roman Chamomile and it helps but not well enough. Wasn’t sure if you knew of something I can try for the 100’s of bites I will inevitably getting this summer.

Hi guys,
My question is-how many washings can the pillow take before a new covering is needed?

Hey Robert, We are planning to take a long flight in a month or two and are concerned about doing all we can to avoid covid or other “viral” infection. I remember reading or perhaps hearing on your show some time ago that Sovereign Silver (by spraying in the throat and/or nasal spray) was one of the better “preventative” measures (next to having a healthy microbiome) one could take against covid and other viruses? What are your thoughts?

Churches warned that choirs create perfect coronavirus transmission chain Clusters of COVID-19 transmission from Washington state to Georgia have been traced to choir sessions, with singers who lead worship or entertain communities uniquely vulnerable to the deadly respiratory disease.Scientists say choir members forcefully emit droplets that other singers breathe in deeply before their cues, creating a perfect transmission chain.COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, ripped through a choir in Mount Vernon, Washington, after an early March practice. Within three weeks, 45 members had been infected and two died, even though members had avoided direct contact and no one seemed ill during rehearsal, according to local reports.One of Georgia’s earliest clusters of COVID-19 has been traced to a lengthy March 1 service for a retiring music minister in Cartersville. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that at least four people who attended the event or were close to someone who did later died.“It’s been broadcast to us specifically, ‘Please, don’t have any more choirs,’” Buford Church of God Pastor Joey Grizzle told The Washington Times.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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