ENCORE! The Independence Day Spectacular with Special Guest – Michael Badnarik! Hour 2 ENCORE – Dr. Scott Jensen, Censorship, Minnesota politics, Health Freedom, Individual liberty and MORE!

July 4th, 2021 1-3PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Hour 1 ENCORE – Special Guest Michael Badnarik

Who knows more about what it means to stand up for your rights and liberty than those who proudly, “Remember the Alamo!”

Michael has been studying and teaching the constitution for years, and always has something interesting to share. Look for him on all his new social media platforms!

Author of Good to Be King and Secrets to Sovereignty. You can download Chapter 2 on Rights vs. Privileges by clicking the hyperlink.

Michael Badnarik has created a constitutional primer that will edify and entertain schoolchildren and seasoned libertarians alike. Good to be King: The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom presents a thoroughly readable explanation of how our constitutional republic should work, and how the system became broken in the fi rst place. Mr. Badnarik starts with fundamentals, identifying the difference between rights and privileges. He discusses the critical and needed distinction between republican and democratic systems of government, arguing that freedom can survive in America only if we return to our republican roots. He also illustrates the forgotten tenets of federalism and states’ rights, arguing that federal usurpation of state power has accelerated the loss of our freedoms. The author then provides a detailed explication of the true meaning of major constitutional provisions and amendments. He does an excellent job of demystifying our founding document, demonstrating that ordinary Americans can and should understand the Constitution and how it applies to their lives. Anyone who believes in limited government—that is to say anyone who believes in liberty—will benefit from reading this book. If we wish to remain free, we must constantly question and challenge conventional views about the proper role of government in our society. Good to Be King will serve as needed ammunition for libertarians and constitutionalists committed to resisting tyranny in America. I commend Michael Badnarik for authoring a compelling text on the foundations of liberty in America. CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL, R-Texas

The Civil War wasn’t Dictionary.com defines civil war as “a war between political factions or regions within the same country”. That does not accurately describe the conflict that began here in 1861. The southern states seceded, which by definition is “to withdraw formally from an alliance, federation, or association, as from a political union”. The southern states did exactly that, thereby forming a new country called The Confederate States of America. Therefore, that conflict was actually an international conflict between two distinct countries. There is a significant difference between a national and a federal form of government. When the colonies declared their independence from England, they established a federal form of government under the Articles of Confederation. Each state was considered sovereign and independent, and merely a joint member under the Articles. Very similar to the way we imagine the United States to be a member of the United Nations, while retaining our independence and unique identity. One important distinction of a federal form of government is that states can make their own laws which differ significantly from the laws of other states. This explains why you can gamble in Nevada, but not in Utah. Originally, the federal United States was referred to in the plural, as in THESE United States. When the Constitution was ratified, the United States adopted a more national flavor with a stronger, more centralized government. Eventually this national aspect of government was considered predominate, and people now refer to THE United States. Singular. It is incorrectly assumed by most Americans that any federal law supersedes any state law. The Tenth Amendment clearly refutes this fallacy.

Restore America Plan Roger Ebert was my favorite movie reviewer because every movie Ebert liked, I didn’t, and every movie he didn’t like, I did. He was a very consistent indicator for my movie going. I use the government as my barometer of truth in the same way I used Roger Ebert for movies. (In case I’m being too subtle, I’ve decided that the government is lying more often than not.) The government (via CNN) has openly accused members of The Restore America Plan as “extremists”. “A domestic extremist group has sent letters to more than 30 U.S. governors demanding they resign, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI said in an intelligence note. The group behind the letters has a “Restore America Plan” that calls for the removal of any governor who fails to comply, the intelligence note said.” Barry Goldwater said “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue! Let’s examine for ourselves what these patriotic “extremists” want. You can find all of this on their website. Whereas we do not now, nor have we ever been possessed of a desire to relinquish any of our unalienable rights for the dubious benefits of limited liability or any other compelled revocable “privileges” of a subject-class citizenship of the United States, nor to relinquish every aspect of our lives to corporations posing as legitimate governments

Tree of Liberty “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I am fascinated by the reaction people seem to have when they hear or repeat this quote. I believe they stand taller, breathe deeper, and their pulse may quicken with a surge of adrenaline triggered by their spirit of liberty and their dreams of freedom. Hearing the words, they mentally celebrate a victory over an oppressive government. Unfortunately, their imagined emotional triumph comes before their impending struggle for political survival even begins. To his credit, most people know that Thomas Jefferson is the originator of this pithy quote. It is taken from a letter he wrote in 1787 to William S. Smith, John Adams’ secretary and future son-in-law. Jefferson complains that British newspapers and pamphlets are deliberately spreading rumors that the colonies have degraded into total anarchy. This was the British justification for using soldiers to reestablish law and order. Jefferson argues that Shay’s Rebellion is being propagandized out of proportion. Daniel Shays led an armed group of poor farmers who were suffering from excessive debt and taxes, many of whom were being placed in debtor’s prison, and having their property confiscated by the government. Jefferson writes, “the British ministry have so long hired their gazetteers to repeat and model into every form lies about our being in anarchy, that the world has at length believed them, the English nation has believed them, the ministers themselves have come to believe them, & what is more wonderful, we have believed them ourselves. yet where does this anarchy exist? where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusets? and can history produce an instance of a rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of it’s motives. they were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. god forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion.”

Americans Must Rekindle the Sacred Fire of Liberty This July 4 This year July 4 takes on added meaning, as it has every year since 1776 when individual liberty has been threatened by forces that would replace our constitutional republic with a dictatorial regime antithetical to rights to life, liberty, and property. Once again Americans are called upon to defend their individual liberties against threats, this time arising not from foreign enemies alone but from new domestic ones: those who riot, steal and destroy property, and commit acts of violence (BLM and Antifa activists) and those who support or condone that destruction and violence by not acting against it (the Democrats who control the legislative and executive branches). This July 4 we are at a critical juncture. We must decide whether we will allow those who run our country and our cities, who control mainstream media and online avenues of communication, and who educate our children to replace reverence for a Constitution of liberty (and of those who so brilliantly and courageously brought it about) with a condemnation of that higher law and those heroes to usher in state servitude, relinquishment of individual liberty in favor of the collective, official censorship, and government without limits. Let those of us who still remember and revere freedom act this very day against our new domestic enemies.  Let us do so civilly but vocally with an unrelenting will to ensure that governments return to their constitutional moorings and schools do not deny the next generation the magnificent truth of the American revolution and the promise of the Declaration of Independence.  We must not allow the new enemies of freedom to succeed in devolving a government instituted to protect the rights of the governed into a socialist dictatorship. In short, as part of that “full measure of devotion,” to which Lincoln spoke in remembering the Union dead at Gettysburg, let us “highly resolve that” those extraordinary Americans who died in defense of liberty did not do so “in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”


Special Guest – Dr. Scott Jensen

Fellow Minnesotans,

We have some serious issues to diagnose and treat if we want to be a state that truly thrives again. A pandemic ravaged our most vulnerable populations in congregative care and our Governor took no pinpointed actions to stop it. As our cities burned, our brave and capable State’s National Guard soldiers were forced to sit on the sidelines by our governor. As the science told us we could safely reopen small businesses and schools, our current administration sided against responsible business owners, parents, and children. Our kids were locked out their schools while children in our neighboring states and local private schools attended full time and in person. Within Minneapolis public schools our inequities have grown deeper.

But our diagnosis is far from hopeless. My vision is not just of a return to normal for Minnesota, but of leadership that trusts and respects the people. We can have real science guiding the decisions we make. We can trust parents and students to do what’s right for them and their unique situation and not be given one size fits all solutions by lifelong bureaucrats. We can cherish our small businesses, restaurants, and employers – not take them for granted. We cannot make policy using speculative models that aren’t peer reviewed and measured and updated with facts as time progresses. Our great State has suffered under unilateral control, partisan bickering, and political brinksmanship by the parties and politicians. Given our history and resources I truly believe Minnesota can be a beacon rather than a laggard in recovery and healing. We need a new vision, a new prescription. That is why I am running for Governor. It’s time for a new direction in Minnesota.

My relationship with my patients is based on mutual trust and decision making. Together Doctor and patients seeking facts and paths to recovery. That is who I will be as your governor. I will work with science and facts as I do every day as a medical professional. I will trust and empower you to make the best decisions for your family. We will reopen all of our business and schools safely. Instead of inefficient vaccine rollouts, unneeded morgue purchases, and standing by silently as our cities burn, my administration will pinpoint our areas of need and implement solutions where they are most essential and when called for meet the urgency of the moment.

I hope you will join me at this critical time for the State of Minnesota.

Please join us.


Dr. Scott Jensen

Health Freedom is Critical!

Justice Alito said it best when he said our response to COVID-19 has brought “previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty”.

The very thing this country was built on is now under threat by over-reaching government, which wants to maintain its power at the expense of its people. We stare down the proverbial barrel of vaccine passports, elimination of private health data, extensive restrictions which harm our children, and a total sacrifice of REAL science to the altar of POLITICAL science. The COVID-19 pandemic was not the real test of our courage. The real test starts right now, as some of the worst and most destructive policies are being conceived in real time.

This past weekend Dr. Scott Jensen received a standing ovation at the Minnesota Holistic Round Table Summit – where he discussed HEALTH FREEDOM as a way to continue to preserve the American way of life and protect our families. Dr. Jensen is the only candidate who has put himself at real risk to protect such promises, having had his medical license threatened numerous times just for asking hard questions and telling hard truths. We must support him to be the next Governor of Minnesota. Our children’s privacy, our individual rights, and the very fabric of the American way rely on it. Tim Walz has proven that he does not respect such rights, that he will enact policies indefinitely which harm Minnesotans.

Let us stand together and say “Health freedom and Health privacy are NOT negotiable!” Our next governor must prove that he or she is a FIGHTER for such rights. Dr. Scott Jensen has already proven that he’ll take on those hard conversations and decisions, even as his professional reputation is under siege. It’s time for a return to normalcy, but a return to normalcy will not happen unless we fight for it. Dr. Scott Jensen is that compassionate fighter.

The rights of you and your family are Dr. Jensen’s top concern. It’s time for a completely new direction in our state. Let’s heal Minnesota.

-Team Jensen

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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