“Help us challenge dental mercury amalgam maker Dentsply” by Charlie Brown

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a chance to see Dr. Joseph Mercola’s latest article on mercury fillings: “With the ADA’s Power Over Amalgam Collapsing, We Celebrate Mercury-Free Dentistry Week.”  Parallel to our progress in thwarting the ADA, we are working to stop amalgam at its source: the manufacturers.

Many of you have been avidly following our campaign to persuade Dentsply – one of the largest amalgam manufacturers – to quit making this disastrous mercury product (and focus on its mercury-free products instead).  In fact, over 9,100 of you so far have signed onto the petition telling Dentsply that mercury does not belong in dentistry!

Now Dentsply is facing tough questions about its mercury use in its hometown of York, Pennsylvania. Late last month, Mary Lu Hale and Rich Burrill attended a presentation by Dentsply Vice President Steve Jenson, who no doubt expected to boost Dentsply’s image with his remarks. But the event took another turn, as Mary Lu – chair of South Central Pennsylvanians for a Mercury-Free Environment – reports:

“Mr. Jenson spoke of Dentsply’s commitment to the community of York. Glaringly absent, however, was any mention of Dentsply’s commitment to the environment. My question to Mr. Jenson…’I don’t see any mention of Dentsply’s commitment to the environment. Dentsply is the second largest manufacturer of mercury amalgams. It’s time to get rid of mercury. Can you tell us what Dentsply’s plan is to phase out its mercury products?’ He said, ‘We encourage dentists to use our newer products.’ I countered, ‘So you have no plan in place?’ Dentsply’s VP says, ‘No.’” 

Several prominent community members approached Mary Lu after the presentation, concerned about dental mercury.

The public spotlight on its mercury is shaking Dentsply here in the USA…and they should be embarrassed considering the rapid transition other dental manufacturers are making here and abroad.  For example, the manufacturers in Europe are already coming to terms with what they call the coming “demise of amalgam use.”  It was even the lead topic of a two-day conference the manufacturers sponsored just a few weeks ago.  There, amalgam was heavily criticized for not being a modern filling material and the added benefits of mercury-free alternatives – such as their ability to preserve more healthy tooth structure – were highlighted.

It’s time for Dentsply to catch up!  We don’t want their mercury here…and no one else wants it dumped in their country either.

In honor of Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, you can help stop Dentsply by signing the “No More Mercury Fillings” petition.*  Every time a signature is added, a Dentsply executive receives an email alerting him that one more person has joined the growing public outcry over dental mercury.

If you have already signed the petition, help us collect more signatures!  Here’s how:

• Share the petition with your friends and family via email.  Tell them why stopping mercury fillings is important to you.

• Post the link to the petition on your Facebook page (here is the full link: www.change.org/petitions/dentsply-stop-making-mercury-dental-fillings).

• If you are a health professional or run a business, ask your patients and customers to sign on in your next e-newsletter.

With fewer than a thousand signatures until we reach 10,000, every signature counts. Make sure Dentsply hears from you during Mercury-Free Dentistry Week!


19 September 2013

P.S.  Remember, Dr. Mercola is matching all contribution made to Consumers for Dental Choice during Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, dollar for dollar.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!


* The petition is also accessible via http://www.change.org/petitions/dentsply-stop-making-mercury-dental-fillings

 ** This page is also accessible via http://www.toxicteeth.org/donate.aspx

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