Liberal Media Corrected: Ludicrously Sky High Mass Shooting Statistics Set Straight

Since the Umpqua Community College (UCC) shooting last Friday, cohorts of liberal media outlets have begun a new offensive on the 2nd Amendment. Among the bombastic rhetoric, incorrect statistics are being thrown around like bonafide ninja stars of truth, such as the actual numbers for the occurrences of mass shootings in America. The Washington Post led the false charge with their report that there had been one every calendar week since January 2013, while the Guardian galloped right behind with their assertion that 994 “mass shooting” incidents had occurred over the past 1,004 days.

When these references were actually fact checked, it was no surprise that both outlets had made the rookie mistake of solely relying on information from a shooting aggregate site called Shooting Tracker, which generated those incorrect numbers by craftily reclassifying the definition of a “mass shooting”, as any shooting incident where four people were wounded rather than the actual definition of four or more fatalities. This reclassification allowed every gang related shooting to be included in the overall statistic, basically artificially and exponentially inflating the true number.

When you use the actual definition, the numbers tell a completely different story. The study from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) showed a pattern of merely 4.4 mass public shooting events a year while the University of Alabama’s Adam Lankford study showed that over a 46-year time spam only 1.95 such shootings had occurred a year. Each of these shootings is a without a doubt a tragedy, but what would be an undoubtedly greater tragedy is if we allowed ourselves as a nation to irrationally succumb to emotional fervor and further relinquish our means for self defense. Americans must understand that while the threat is present, it is clearly not as prevalent as the liberal media is painting it out to be. Just as the spoon is not held entirely accountable for the epidemic of obesity, we must not hold American gun owners solely responsible for these admittedly RARE shootings.