“Trans fat BAN! FDA noble? Not so fast…” By Christopher Barr (NotADoc)

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Trans fat BAN!  FDA noble?  Not so fast …

This author has educated about and warned against hydrogenated fats (primary source of trans fat) since the 1970s based upon plethora of studies dating back to the middle of the 1950s.

So FDA “action” not so fast.

Is FDA motivation a noble sentiment or a cent$imental one?

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it is a popular maxim dating back to the 19th century.  So a little history follows.

Butter was said to be bad more than 50 years ago with the result of margarine overtaking butter in sales at that time.

What reason was given for butter being bad?  It was/is a “saturated” fat and that was said to cause heart disease (another alleged “fact” to be addressed later).

Margarine was/is promoted as “from unsaturated vegetable oils”.  So butter is “saturated” and margarine is not “saturated”?  Not so fast …

Just what is it that determines a fat to be “saturated” anyway?  Hydrogen — fat with more hydrogen is “saturated” as opposed to fat with less hydrogen.

Whip up milk fat (cream) and you get butter that is hardened though stable and spreadable.

Whip up vegetable oils and you get cloudier oils that are still liquid so neither stable or spreadable.

So how does margarine come about “from unsaturated vegetable oils”?  Hydrogenation.

So what is hydrogenation?  It is not a nation of hydroge.  It is an ation of hydrogen i.e. ‘ation’ is a suffix added to a word to indicate addition of that which precedes the suffix.

So hydrogenation is hydrogen added artificially and on purpose that makes “from unsaturated vegetable oils” margarines voila hardened though stable and spreadable S-A-T-U-R-A-T-E-D fats.

So America is a nation filled full of the fooled and all approved by the FDA!

So what is the harm in this FDA flim-flammery? Trans fat.

Hydrogenation produces trans fat that is not naturally occurring and so are referred to as artificial trans fats.

It is these artificial trans fats that have been specifically banned by the recent FDA announcement.  These have been widespread in the American dietary at the behest of the FDA for more than half a century.

Increased consumption of artificial trans fats have been repeatedly, strongly linked to increased heart disease.  That is on the FDA as well as their commercial cronies too numerous to mention.

(It should also be of more than passing interest that the consumption of naturally occurring saturated fats like butter have not been similarly linked in the scientific literature to increased heart disease.)

Another plant naturally high in trans fat is rapeseed.  Rapeseed is very bitter and until recent decades was not commonly consumed due to its bitterness.  Chemical, pressurized and heating process methods recently have eliminated this bitterness though increasing trans fat as a side effect.  These trans fats are not called artificial though they are not naturally occurring nor do they come about through natural processes.

Rapeseed is now common place throughout the American dietary with all its trans fats arrived at unnaturally though not officially called artificial because hydrogenation was not specifically used for its normal purposes.  It is therefore not part of the recent FDA ban.

You’re not familiar with rapeseed?  Well, rape anything doesn’t sound appealing.  So commercial marketing came up with another name.  Rapeseed was commercially predominant from Canada originally so rapeseed oil was/is marketed as Canadian oil with the new name Canola.

So the FDA has banned officially artificial trans fats formed through hydrogenation to harden fats but not banning the unofficially artificial trans fats formed through processes to deodorize and remove bitterness from Canola oil.

So Canola oil sales and dietary intake will grow and trans fat intake will be little if at all affected.

Canola is predominantly controlled by Monsanto.  The #2 in charge at the FDA is Michael Taylor who is officially in charge of food safety and has previously been employed in high positions at Monsanto.  Is that a cruel joke?

Monsanto and the FDA have been long time bed partners with a revolving door of employees between the two.  Monsanto has also been heavily involved with government influencing since long before there was an FDA more than 100 years ago.

Oh, and 90 per cent of commercial Canola is genetically modified (GMO) and almost 100 per cent Monsanto.

The FDA has primarily been a watch dog for the corporate against the consumer from its beginning.

Indeed, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The timing of this from the FDA on Veteran’s Day weekend is ironic.  Originally called Armistice Day to commend those who served in The Great War (World War I or WWI) that ended on this day in 1918.

Only a few years before, in 1915, a United States Supreme Court decision affirmed that bleached, refined, white flour was a violation of the Pure Food & Drug Act which is the root foundation of the FDA.  The import of this decision was lost in the shuffle with the outbreak of WWI.

After WWI there was an outbreak of the new invention of “sliced bread” though only that made from bleached, refined, white flour.

The primary delivery system for trans fats in America has been via bleached, refined, white flour that is actually — and affirmed by the highest court in the land to be — against the law the FDA is charged with upholding.

If the FDA bans bleached, refined, white flour products then there will be real cause for celebration.

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