Treating Cancer With Cannabis! Surprise guests! Stephane Offman McKeith, My Compassion, Cannabinoids killing cancer cells, Dr. Jack McCue, Cancer treatment costs, Sara Demick, Michigan for Vaccine Choice, Hodgkin’s lymphoma cured, The 411 on 420, Rona Alexander, Alive With Hemp, Sessions cannabis crackdown and MORE!

June 3, 2018 1-3PM ET

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Since their inception in 2009, My Compassion, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has continued to make tremendous advancements in communicating ways for the responsible use of cannabis.

My Compassion’s extensive educational and community outreach programs have earned us a prominent position and voice among patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

My Compassion is founded by patients who have witnessed the positive effects of cannabis on conditions such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and many other life impairing conditions.

My Compassion provides community outreach, education and research on the medical benefits of cannabis. It seeks to understand, educate, connect and energize the millions of people living with medical conditions, that are losing hope with current synthetic medicines. My Compassion believes everyone should have access to the most current and correct information when deciding on their treatment options and that no one considering the healing properties of cannabis should ever feel alone. Together we become stronger and have the power to generate positive change in ourselves and our community through education and a better understanding about cannabinoid therapeutics.


Special Guest Stephanie Offman McKeith!

I have always been committed to my fitness, but not always in the most healthful ways. I felt like I could out-work any bad food choice or drink  and I believed exercising excessively would make me stronger and more fit. I thought being a vegetarian meant eating pretzels and cheese with some lettuce on the side. I thought depriving myself of food to lose a few pounds was the way to shed inches. I thought going to the doctor when I was sick to get a good old anti-biotic was the thing to do (not so much). By the time my second child entered our lives, learning healthier alternatives began to become more important to me. I ventured to find every home remedy and kitchen cure-all in order to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office. I got really good at “managing” our health so it was quite the blow when my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and I didn’t have the “cure-all” at my fingertips. As I dug deeper into my research on what cancer REALLY is, the myths, what fuels it and what fixes it, our lives were drastically changed, forever. The information I found along my Dad’s way was life altering for my entire family. Frequently, I would find myself thinking – WHY is this information not mainstream? Why is it taking so much effort to find options and true paths to health and well-being? Cancer (and most dis-ease) is 85-95% environment and LIFESTYLE, leaving genetics only to contribute between 5-15%. A healthy life must be the result of a healthy lifestyle. It just didn’t seem logical that (only) incorporating drugs and radiation as his treatment plan were the answers to obtaining health, why weren’t integrative measures being offered? Why was it so hard to find information…answers…options? (Read More HERE)

Special Guest Dr. Jack McCue!

A graduate of Harvard University and Case Western Reserve University Schools of Medicine, Dr. McCue did his residency training at Johns Hopkins and Harvard in internal medicine and geriatrics. He has traveled the world and worked with patients and other medical professionals in a science-based blending of traditional medical treatment and appropriate use of cannabis.  As a distinguished and award-winning physician, Dr. McCue has written 14 books and over 300 articles, in addition to speaking internationally at conferences on many topics including the informed use of medical cannabis. Since 2014 Dr. McCue has listened to and learned from thousands of patients who have described their personal medical experiences with cannabis.  “My typical patient is 50+ year old man with pain.  More than 15% of my patients are over 70 years of age.  Nearly every one of them is trying to avoid or stop opiates or sleeping pills, and many have serious illnesses that have not responded well to traditional medical therapy.” He believes in the evidence-based use of phytocannabinoids for palliation and in some cases disease treatment, and emphasizes the compatibility of cannabis with modern medical treatments for most symptoms and many illnesses.

Special Guest Sara Demick!

Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC) is a state-wide organization that helps Michigan residents understand their vaccine rights and the current laws on vaccine waivers. We also provide access to a wide variety of vaccine-related resources published by the CDC, FDA, pharmaceutical companies, doctors and researchers. Michigan is one of only 17 states that continues to support the right of parents and individuals to make their own vaccination choices, though that right is threatened. As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, MVC is dependent upon the generous support of its members and volunteers. 100% of your donation goes directly toward the cause of educating Michigan citizens and defending their vaccine rights through a dedicated legal fund.

Special Guest Rona Alexander!


Alive With Hemp! It is my passion to help others lead long,healthy, satisfying lives! I truly believe that disease is not part of aging and that you can die YOUNG at an old age. It is all about was is #Healthier4You. We offer over 100 of formulations of Hemp and Hemp CBD. We have 2 websites. Be sure to shop on both. Our products are legal in all 50 states.



Special Guests Heidi and Mish Parikh!

Special Guests Sierra Riddle and Denise Pollicella!

Latest review study confirms that cannabinoids kill cancer cells In a recent study conducted by the United States National Cancer Institute, scientists have confirmed that cannabis kills cancer cells and significantly helps with treatment. A recent study conducted by the US National Cancer Insititute indicates that cannabis may prove to be a rather effective way of battling cancer. Most people that have somewhat been connected to the medical side of cannabis already know that there are several compounds in the cannabis plant that may be very helpful to humans. Two of the main cannabinoids that have been tested for medical effects are 9-delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Same cancer, worse results and twice the cost in the US Americans paid twice as much as Canadians for health care, but they didn’t get twice the benefit, according to a new study of patients with advanced colorectal cancer who lived, in some cases, mere miles from each other. The patients had similar diagnoses, levels of education, financial situations and other demographics that commonly affect health outcomes and mortality. Some of their ages were different, but the biggest difference between them is on which side of the border they live. The research was presented Friday at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting in Chicago. Using data from hospitals, Dr. Todd Yezefski of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Washington found that a total of about $12,345 was spent a month on the cancer patients in his study who lived in western Washington, whereas the monthly spending for British Columbia patients was $6,195.

Cannabis oil helped me to beat terminal cancer says rugby star’s wife Tiffany Youngs, 32, was told last year that the Hodgkin’s lymphoma she had been battling since 2013 was incurable and she could die within a month. She was diagnosed shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Maisie. Tiffany and Tom, Leicester Tigers’ captain and a former England hooker, were told that the outlook was hopeful and that the disease, which affects the lymphatic system, was one of the most curable forms of cancer. Tiffany embarked on a regime of conventional treatment, including a stem cell transplant.  But in 2017 she was told that there was no hope. She recalled the agonising moment she had to break the news to her daughter. “I said Mummy has been very poorly, and that Mummy would be going to Heaven. “She started crying. It’s the worst thing I have ever had to do and I don’t wish it on anyone.” Tom’s brother, Leicester and England scrum-half Ben Youngs, pulled out of the British and Irish Lions squad to tour New Zealand to support them.

Parents face charge after giving teen marijuana to treat alleged seizures A Georgia family has been torn apart after authorities placed a 15-year-old teen in a group home following a tip from his therapist that his parents gave him marijuana in an effort to control his seizures. David Brill, whose parents Suzeanna and Matthew spent six days in jail after their arrest, allegedly suffers from near-constant seizures. The couple maintains that marijuana kept him seizure-free for 71 days, until Twiggs County sheriff’s deputies knocked on their door and told them to stop. The couple said they obliged, only for Brill’s seizures to return just hours later. “Within 14 hours of complying we were rushing our son to the hospital,” Suzeanna Brill told The New York Times. “And it was one of the most horrific seizures I’ve ever seen.” In April, Brill was taken into custody by the state Department of Family and Children Services following an order from a juvenile court judge. He has been separated from his service dog, and is only allowed to communicate with his parents through phone calls and short visits, reported

Cancer Doctors Need the 411 on 420, Stat! When people don’t want to talk to their doctor about using cannabis, it’s often because they fear being judged and lectured on their choices, and offered prescription medications instead. You know, medications that may have serious side effects such as spontaneous blindness, fatal stroke, or EPS (exploding penis syndrome). But a new study published in everyone’s favorite beach-read, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, reveals that cancer doctors may not have an actual aversion to recommending cannabis, but rather, may simply not know as much about it as they would like. In the Denver Post‘s report on the study, it’s revealed that all 29 states with medical cannabis programs allow doctors to recommend cannabis to cancer patients. But the lack of comprehensive research leaves many doctors making recommendations for cannabis based solely on comparison to existing prescription drugs. The study showed that the majority of the time, it’s the patients who bring up cannabis as an option, and not the doctors themselves.

The Jeff Sessions Cannabis Crackdown Has Arrived—And It’s Awesome This isn’t the cannabis crackdown Jeff Sessions envisioned. Back in the early days of 2017, when the newly ensconced attorney general had the cannabis industry popping Xanax and praying twice on Sunday, Sessions loved to talk smack about legal marijuana. “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” he once declared. “We have too much of a tolerance for drug use,” he told an audience of cops last year. “We need to say, as Nancy Reagan said, ‘Just say no.’ There’s no excuse for this, it’s not recreational. Lives are at stake, and we’re not going to worry about being fashionable.” With Obama gone, he assured us, things would change. No more hippies smoking doobies in church. The rule of law was returning to America. So here we are, almost 18 months later, and the Department of Justice is finally laying the wood to the marijuana growers. They’re cracking down hard. People are going to jail. And the legal, regulated cannabis industry is benefitting.

Cannabis Gave These Cancer Patients Their Lives Back Cancer patients are sharing their stories to push back on the stigma surrounding the use of cannabis as an adjunct treatment. Many patients and experts believe that clinical trials on the efficacy of medical marijuana as an adjunct cancer treatment need to move faster. Patients are suffering in the interim. When Jonno Boyer-Dry was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2014, he says it felt like he was the first patient to ever be diagnosed with cancer. He’d had a severe cough for four months, waking up in bed to feel like he was “drowning” as he gasped for air. His doctor gave him antibiotics and told him he had nothing to worry about—that he could, as planned, fly across the country to propose to his soon-to-be-wife on a mountaintop in the Adirondacks. He was wrong. Boyer-Dry, 28 at the time, got back from his trip, ready to start his new life: he and his girlfriend had just graduated UPenn Law and moved across the country to Los Angeles for new jobs. But his cough persisted. He soon found out he had Stage 4 cancer, after another misdiagnosis in which a pulmonologist told him he did, in fact, have cancer but it was definitely “early stage.”

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